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    Tuesday, July 10, 2018

    #ThemeSongTuesday: White Lily Liar

    Happy Theme Song Tuesday, mga ka-Smarkada! My apologies for missing out on last week's column. Things got a bit busy (thanks, Gilas!) and I just ran out of time altogether for what should've been last week's article. I did promise on social media that my next feature would be a song used in a local promotion, and with less than two weeks to go before PWR Live: Way of the Champion, it's only fitting that we put the spotlight on the reigning Kampeon ng Pilipinas, Ralph Imabayashi.

    The PWR Champion uses a royalty-free Japanese rock song called "Utsuki Shirayuri," which translates to "White Lily Liar." The theme made its debut as Imabayashi's entrance song on the third day of PWR's run at last year's Asiapop Comicon. According to the champ, he liked this song because not a lot of male wrestlers use theme songs by female vocalists anymore. You can argue Johnny Wrestling all you want, but other than him, the next male wrestler who comes to mind is Christian, who used Waterproof Blonde's "Just Close Your Eyes" during the early 2000s.

    Imabayashi cites Christian and his theme as his inspiration behind the use of "White Lily Liar." Listening to the original theme and the "PWR edit," it's not hard to see the similarities musically. The way the drums, guitars, bass, and keyboards come together, along with the vocals of Sasara Satou and GUMI, do make it sound like an anime/video game theme song.

    What really makes the song interesting are its lyrics, so let's take a look first at the lyrics we hear at PWR shows when Ralph Imabayashi makes his entrance.

    Yasashiku senaka wo oshite-kureta kimi no sonzai
    Anata tono kyori ga chikaku-naru sonna kanji
    Todoki-masu you ni


    Hakanai omoi hiki-saku you ni
    Kyozetsu wo shite toozakaru
    Houkai no hajimari

    Now, I don't speak Japanese, which is why I turned to someone in the Smark Henry Offices who does. The mysterious and enigmatic KP, who helped us cover last year's Mae Young Classic stepped in with the translation you'll find below.

    It was your presence that gave me a gentle push
    The distance between us feels narrower
    So I reached out to you

    "I love you."

    My fleeting love was torn to shreds
    You grew distant with your refusal
    The beginning of my collapse

    Okay, so we have a love song on our hands. And, yes, "Daisuki" does translate to "I love you." So the next time you're all singing that one word during Imabayashi's entrance, you now know what it is you're actually belting out. On a positive note, it seems we've found the local equivalent to Minoru Suzuki's "Kaze ni Nare."

    And based on these limited lyrics, it sounds like unrequited love. The persona confessed their feelings to their beloved, who backed off because they didn't reciprocate that love, breaking the persona in the process. HMMM. Sounds pretty familiar, given what we all saw and heard after the PWR Champion's last match at RE5PETO

    See, here is where the rest of the song gets better.

    That's the full version of the song, as uploaded by the producer on their website. You'll notice some audio watermarks/breakers on the song because the entire song is actually for sale. If you're willing to mute those watermarks in your head just so you can listen to the song, then feel free to play the video above. Or, you know, buy the track. As Jameson Blake found out last weekend, man shall not live by shout-outs alone.

    Anyway, you can find the full lyrics below in Japanese and English. Go read through 'em. I'll wait.




    「 大好き 」




    「 ごめんね 」

    惨めね 許さない


    「 うそつき 」



    「Utsuki Shirayuri」

    Anata ni omoi yosete tooku kara nagamete ru
    Kanawa-nai kimochi oshi-yosete nagasareru

    Yasashiku senaka wo oshite-kureta kimi no sonzai
    Anata tono kyori ga chikaku-naru sonna kanji
    Todoki-masu you ni

    " Daisuki "

    Hakanai omoi hiki-saku you ni
    Kyozetsu wo shite toozakaru
    Houkai no hajimari

    Ma-sshiro no kokoro nani mo kamo toori-nukete
    Aka-shingou no naka tobi-dashi-chaou ka nante ukabu

    Hitori de aruku kaeri-michi ga totemo samishiku te
    Mukai gawa de warau anata to kimi ga utsuru
    Futari te wo tsunagu

    " Gomen ne "

    Shiawase sou ni toori-sugite ku futari no se wo mi-oku-tta
    Mijime ne yurusa-nai

    Naite naite naki-tsukarete mo mada nodo ni tsumaru
    Mizu no naka de iki ga dekinai sonna kanji
    Putsuri kireru ito

    " Usotsuki "

    Oku ni nemuru akuma no mezame
    Karada wo utsu kodou ga
    Sa kimi ni shiroi yuri wo kazarou
    Mushinkei na egao ni
    Kubi kara moge-ochiru


    Now, let me walk you through the English translation of the lyrics.

    「White Lily Liar」

    I fell in love with you while watching from afar
    I can't bear the feeling that it won't come true

    It was your presence that gave me a gentle push
    The distance between us feels narrower
    So I reached out to you

    "I love you."

    My fleeting love was torn to shreds
    You grew distant with your refusal
    The beginning of my collapse

    Nothing can get through my pure white heart
    I thought about jumping out at a red light

    So you have a persona who fell in love with someone from afar. They crushed on their beloved so hard, thinking there was no way they'd ever get together. But being around their crush emboldened the persona to confess, so they did. But (gasp!) they were rejected! The persona's world fell apart and they even thought of committing suicide out of despair.

    If you thought that was some pretty dark shit, it gets... darker.

    I felt so lonely walking home alone
    Then I saw you across the street, smiling with someone
    Holding hands with another

    "I'm sorry."

    I watched you two happily walk until you were out of sight
    I will not forgive you for making me miserable

    I cried and cried until my throat clogged up
    I couldn't breath, I felt like I was underwater
    Then, suddenly, a string snapped

    "You liar."

    The demon sleeping inside me awakened
    Struck your body until it throbbed
    Come now, I'll decorate your body with white lily
    With a callous smile,
    Ripped from the neck, it falls down

    So, it turns out that the persona's crush was seeing someone else. They were all HHWW—that's "holding hands while walking," kids—and the persona saw this. All the crush could do was say they were sorry. The persona couldn't bear the thought of their beloved being with someone else and the anger ate them up. (Man, does this sound familiar or what?)

    After crying and crying, something snapped and the persona called their crush a liar. Consumed by hate and rage, the persona went ahead and killed their crush.


    It's also worth noting that the use of the white lily in both the title and lyrics alludes to the flower's significance in Japanese culture. White lilies are typically associated with death and funerals; so if you know your Japanese culture, that should've been a dead giveaway.

    Plus, if it weren't obvious by now, the song's entire story sounds a lot like Ralph Imabayashi's unrequited love for Nina. The fact that they were best friends, and then as the Champ himself would tell you, he got "abandoned for [another] international wrestler," filled Ralph with rage. And now he wants to "unleash all his anger and hatred" out on Koto Hiro at Way of the Champion. And he said all the blood would be on Nina's hands???

    Man, is there even another wrestling song today that accurately tells the story of the wrestler who uses it as their entrance?! I can't even.

    Now that we've done that much of a deep dive into the song, the illustration of a girl hiding a dagger behind her back is apropos.

    And whether Ralph Imabayashi was fully aware of it or not, he could not have picked a more fitting song as his entrance theme.

    What do you think of the PWR Champion's current theme? Is there a darker song being used in the local wrestling scene today? Let us know in the comments section!

    Header image from "Heartbreaker" Hub Pacheco
    Album art from Tandess.com


    Stan Sy (@_StanSy) is the Editor at Large of Smark Henry, and is also a radio DJ on Wave 89.1, an events host, a freelance writer, and one of the hosts of The Smark Gilas-Pilipinas Podcast. He also used to be one of the hosts and writers of The Wrestling Gods on FOX. He enjoys watching WWE, NXTLucha Underground, and the occasional New Japan match. You can ask him questions about wrestling, Survivor (yes, the reality show), or whatever you like on his CuriousCat account.

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