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    Monday, July 2, 2018

    #SGQ: From Hellfire and Brimstone

    Before we get into this article, how about I introduce myself first? It’s The Migz here, part of the new talent influx at the Smark Henry offices, your new awesome-sauce contributor, lifelong wrestling fan and your local *cue Breezango music* fashion police. What I’m about to bring today is your dosage of #SGQ wherein we tackle the visual aspects and fashion choices of the wrestling kingdom.

    Now moving forward, if you watched this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, you might have seen the return of none other than the devil's favorite demon, Kane. Watching this episode made me realize how much I missed the big guy. From his initial sleeve-wearing days, to his most recent fashion choices *cough* wigged mask *cough*, Kane has seen a lot of changes visually, and through this article, how about we go down memory lane and look back at some of the best (and worst) attires he had?

    For references of this article, I’ll be naming the looks but I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean when I mention them. Also, I won’t be mentioning one-offs, minor design changes, small color switches and that darn awful Luke Gallows Kane.

    Sleeved Kane aka Debut Kane

    Ahhh, the original Kane from October 1997’s In Your House: Badd Blood. This is probably my favorite one since it evokes feelings of fear from my childhood. The reds with touches of black. The full mask. The single glove. That pipe organ music. I feel that they got the right mix of elements for Kane with this set. You had that feeling of dread and despair from seeing this Kane and hellfire and brimstone were indeed present on this green earth. Paul Bearer is a plus factor to this Kane making the character feel more sinister.

    Tanktop Kane aka The See-Through Kane

    I don’t see why WWE had the idea of exposing Kane’s parts with his see-through tanktops. Was it supposed to illustrate that Kane had nipples? Was the sleeved attire too hot? You came from hellfire and brimstone, man! This made him look like some dominatrix who likes to do unmentionable things (and not in a scary monster way). I feel the tank tops were already silly and the sheer parts made it even sillier. He mostly wore this during his run with The Undertaker as the Brothers of Destruction. I hated this. So. Much. I absolutely have nothing more to say. Next!

    Open Masked Kane, aka Slow Chemical Kane

    In my opinion, This was the most humanized version of Kane, which made the character counter-productive. (You’re supposed to be a monster!) Talking. Tag-Teaming. Spin-a-roonying. You get the point. The only good thing to have come from this is that rockin’ entrance theme "Slow Chemical" by Finger Eleven (Which I still hope they bring back). Sporting a half-mask with that darn awful tanktop, I feel they broke Kane with this one. As I said previously, the tanktop is NOT menacing, people. The mask variations were kind of awesome though.

    Unmasked Kane, aka Psycho Kane

    Just look at this picture and tell me what you think, will you? Disregarding the initial unmasked run where he tried to sport fake burn marks and the unkempt balding curly hair, I feel this Kane gave the most in-depth look at Kane character-wise and refreshed any down time he might have had. His barbed-wire and/or stitches-inspired tights and his psychotic look brought an unpredictability to him. Bonus points for the contact lenses. Is he crazy? Is he still a demon? Is he mad? The only thing you’re ever sure of with Unmasked Kane is that he’s going to hurt you. I’m just glad he doesn’t go nuts during May 19th anymore. Note that this run also produced his best world championship run in his career by far.

    Corporate Kane, aka Slacks Kane

    Corporate Kane was basically unmasked Kane in a suit. He had worn his hair short (and a weird growth shape at that), so it was sort of hard to take this one seriously. He was somewhat a comedy character at this point often being involved with J&J Security and Seth Rollins. His slacks and the elbow pads made me feel he was a sort-of throwaway character in a WWE game.Very generic-looking and not menacing. Again, what is up with his hair?

    Team Hell No Kane, aka Rosary Kane

    I’m merging this one with Welder Mask-wearing Kane since they had minor variations visually. This also refers to most recent Kane. He’s been wearing this ever since, switching between this one and Corporate Kane during the past few years. I know I said I hated the tanktop attires, but I’ve come to accept the fact that Glenn Jacobs, the man that portrays Kane, has put on some weight due to his age and the tops protect his look a little (yes, only a little). At least, this one is a sleeveless top rather than a sando. On a side note, why does his attire look like a onesie?

    Bonus Content:

    Wedding Kane

    I know I promised no one-offs, but hey, what the hell?

    And that concludes our trip to memory lane. Which one’s your favorite Kane attire? Did I miss any of the attires? What did you guys think? Let us know in the comments section below!

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