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    Wednesday, July 4, 2018

    The Five Things To Look Out For At MWF 3: Republika

    Mabuhay, mga #KapaFED! In case you haven't noticed, the Manila Wrestling Federation has been picking up tons of steam since its much-applauded relaunch earlier this year. This July's show, MWF 3: Republika, promises to be a true watershed moment in local wrestling history, if the company's hype is to be believed.

    "MWF's third major presentation celebrates Filipino courage, dignity and integrity through its larger-than-life, colorful characters, and culturally relevant stories," says MWF Commissioner Mike Shannon, when asked what to expect from Republika.

    And what's not to believe? With a small but talented roster, some crazy—but compelling!—storytelling, and top-notch production values that set it apart from the rest of the scene, they've certainly got all the tools they need to be a smashing box office success.

    Here's a preview of the five main things we're looking forward to this Sunday, July 8, at the UP Bahay ng Alumni in Diliman, Quezon City.

    1. Can Robin Sane finally soar to world-class heights?

    Thanks to the Hong Kong connections of MWF Creative Director William Manzano, former WWE talent Ho Ho Lun will be setting foot in a local wrestling ring for a third time. The opponent? His long-time Filipino nemesis, the high-flying Robin Sane, who's dying to prove that not only does his deserve his slot in the second round of the year-long MWF Championship Tournament, he's got what it takes to hang with a world-class pro wrestler in the ring.

    MWF fans know the history between the two, with Ho Ho first defeating Sane at last year's MWF Noche Buena, then eventually walking out on him in their tag team match at MWF 1: Kasaysayan after laying him out with a brutal beatdown. Sane has all the motivation he needs to show he's no patsy, and that the cocky, arrogant Ho Ho Lun is in for a taste of his own medicine.

    2. What's Next For Gigz Stryker, Action Hero?

    Gigz Stryker may not have had the best outing at MWF 2: Maki-Wrestling 'Wag Matakot, after losing his tag team with Fabio Makisig against the super-intriguing Bahay ng Liwanag pairing of Brother Jomar and company newcomer Jorelle—our recent Smark Henry winner for Rookie of the Midyear—but there's one huge thing we're looking forward to: the next installment of his riotous Pinoy film noir series, Sagot Kita.

    The first two installments were fantastic pieces of storytelling—heck, they won our award for best promo of 2018 so far—and show off why this dude has got to be the real centerpiece of MWF's promise of being the first and only live aksyonovela in the country today. This Sunday, we'll be seeing the third part of this series in the form of Sagot Kita 3: Basta Stryker, Sweet Lover. 

    Will Gigz finally be able to resolve his Maria-Menudo dilemma? What's the real deal between him and Fabio? And what's the end-game for all this? We can't wait to find out.

    3. Can Mr. Lucha resolve his crisis of confidence?

    Believe it or not, MWF's main man and company frontman Mr. Lucha isn't actually feeling all that good about himself after slipping up against Robin Sane in the MWF Tournament to find himself the odd man out in a tournament he was the odds-on favorite to win.

    His mentoring of Kyle Sison and Ashura has so far failed to shape the two young stars to his liking, and now he finds himself facing a personal failure of his own. How is he going to deal with this soul-crushing stretch of despair? And more importantly, what sort of path is the enigmatic Ninja Ryujin leading him on?

    4. Can Coach Gus Queens bounce back from his maroon-colored embarrassment?

    Oliver Queen-inspired gear aside, the brash "Life Coach" Gus Queens' mouth finally wrote a cheque his ass couldn't cash, failing to defend his DLSU Green Archers' pride against the heroics of UP's very own RG in his MWF in-ring debut.

    If there's one thing we know about Queens, it's that he's an endless fount of self-belief. How he picks up the pieces after his crushing defeat is going to be interesting to watch; after all, his ward "Danger" Rex Lawin has got to be still beaming after his resounding win against Philippine Wrestling Revolution main eventer SANDATA.

    5. Who will advance in the MWF Championship Tournament?

    MWF is promising one hell of a build-up to its year-long Championship Tournament to crown the first ever king of the Manilaverse, and if last show's first round matchup between Robin Sane and Mr. Lucha was any indication, then we're going to be in for some truly entertaining action.

    We've gotten into an in-depth look of the brackets and given our predictions here, so all that's left to do is to see how the cards fall, and who will be the stars taking one step closer to Philippine gold.


    Are you excited for MWF 3: Republika this Sunday, mga #KapaFED? Who do you think will make it through to the next round of the MWF Championship Tournament? What's next for Gigz Stryker? And can Robin Sane finally get the monkey off his back and humble Ho Ho Lun for real? Let us know your thoughts, and we'll see you at the show!


    You can now get your advance online tickets to MWF 3: Republika at Ticket2Me! For inquiries and ticket reservations, please send a message to the Manila Wrestling Federation’s official Facebook page or contact +63 9178431194. Gates open at 5PM at the UP Bahay ng Alumni, and show starts at 6PM.

    Manila Wrestling Federation is a Manila-based sports-entertainment group, specializing in professional wrestling. The MWF offers a colorful cast of wrestlers and exciting, competitive in-ring action the whole family can enjoy!

    Disclosure: Smark Henry is independently run and managed by a group of local pro wrestling fans, but includes members affiliated with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.

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