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    Sunday, July 8, 2018

    [FULL RESULTS] MWF 3: Republika

    There's a storm coming, alright—a storm of quality pro wrestling from the Manila Wrestling Federation!

    Exploding live from the UP Bahay ng Alumni in Diliman, Quezon City, MWF 3: Republika promised to deliver some red-hot sports entertainment to the #KapaFED community.

    In case you couldn't make it, we've got live results from our on-ground correspondents.

    Match #1—MWF Championship Tournament Eliminations: Fabio Makisig vs. Jorelle

    Makisig's mystery opponent was revealed to be none other than his nemesis from the past two shows, the Alagad ng Kamatayan from the Bahay ng Liwanag stable, Jorelle.

    Makisig defeated Jorelle via countout to advance to the second round of the MWF Championship Tournament, and preserve his singles undefeated streak.

    Winner: Fabio Makisig via countout

    Match #2—MWF Championship Tournament Eliminations: Gigz Stryker vs. Jomar Liwanag

    With Jorelle eliminated from championship contention, it was up to Brother Jomar to help his house regain some pride. He was up against a major challenge however against the massively-popular "90s Action Star" Gigz Stryker.

    Liwanag gamely pulled off the upset after destroying Stryker with a beautiful Pieta backbreaker.

    Winner: Brother Jomar via pinfall

    Match #3—MWF Championship Tournament Eliminations: Frankie Thurteen vs. Ashura

    Frankie Thurteen may still be nursing lingering aftereffects from his arm injury, but that was by no means going to hold him back from gaining ground for MWF gold.

    The "Grunge Grappler" held on against the hard-fighting Ashura with a vicious Helluva Kick to the back of her head as she was slumped against the turnbuckles, followed by a soaring Angel Bullet to advance.

    Winner: Frankie Thurteen via pinfall

    Kyle Sison comes out with PWR's KakaiBros (Kh3Ndrick and Mh4rckie) and proceeds to run down his mentor, Mr. Lucha, calling him a pig in the process.

    Match #4—MWF Championship Tournament Eliminations: Ninja Ryujin vs. Hanzello Shilva

    Ryujin tried to continue his recent hot streak in this clash against the talented Hanzello Shilva of the Bae-Wolves tag team.

    A standing Asai DDT was all it took to garner the three-count for the silent assassin.

    Winner: Ninja Ryujin via pinfall

    Match #5—MWF Championship Tournament Eliminations: Kyle Khayl Sison (with The KakaiBros) vs. Aldrin Richards

    MWF's resident hypebeast got the full KakaiBros experience, inclusive of a full tarp that has the audience laughing appreciatively.

    This was a back-and-forth match said to be the best of the show so far, with Richards securing his way into the next round with a thudding Brainbuster on the fast-improving Sison.

    Winner: Aldrin Richards via pinfall

    Match #6—MWF Championship Tournament: Rex Lawin vs. Martivo

    PWR's resident Rainbow Warrior was a surprise entrant in the MWF Championship Tournament, taking on "Danger" Rex Lawin, who just a month ago took down another PWR star in the form of SANDATA.

    Martivo put up his usual sound challenge, only to fall short after a devastating Rex Trigger ripcord superkick.

    Lawin lays out Martivo and his Punk Dolls beshie Robynn after the match with another Rex Trigger barrage.

    Winner: Rex Lawin via pinfall

    Match #7—MWF Championship Tournament: Morgan Vaughn vs. RG

    After getting the USB containing his thesis hacked earlier in the evening by "The Glitch" Morgan Vaughn, RG sought to get some revenge in the final match of the MWF Championship Tournament first round.

    Unfortunately, a reverse STO by Vaughn was all it took to down the valiant UP hometown hero.

    Winner: Morgan Vaughn via pinfall

    The second round brackets are now complete.

    Main Event: Robin Sane vs. Ho Ho Lun

    This was an expectedly fine match between the two long-time rivals, with Robin Sane finally evening the score against his Hong Kong-based foe with a surprise small package.

    It was the post-match drama that stole the show, however.

    An incensed Ho Ho Lun absolutely snapped against MWF officials, laying waste to officials and top brass alike—even Commissioner Mike Shannon wasn't spared. It wasn't until he was about to desecrate the Philippine flag that the whole locker room raced out as one united front led by Mr. Lucha, causing him to pause and try to escape, before grabbing a groggy Sane as hostage.

    The MWF roster eventually managed to run off Ho Ho, only for a massive plot twist: Mr. Lucha turned on his own comrade Robin Sane, dropping him with a massive DVD-X to end the show with a monster shock.

    Republika ends with an invitation to catch the next show on September 8, where the Manilaverse tries to deal with the aftermath of the betrayal by the man who's been the face of the company for the past year.


    What did you think of MWF 3: Republika, mga ka-smarkada? Are you happy with how the MWF Championship Tournament first round played oit? And what do you think of Mr. Lucha's descent to the dark side?

    Let us know your thoughts, and we'll see you at the next show!


    Disclosure: Smark Henry is independently owned and managed by a group of Filipino pro wrestling fans, but includes members affiliated with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.
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