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    Saturday, March 10, 2018

    #FlavorTheMoment: A Bad Man As King

    It's easy to associate Mike Madrigal with the term "kupal." It's true, because he is. However, aside from his well-earned reputation, what lies behind his massive ego and black heart is an underappreciated worker. Yes, folks, we're giving him props. It feels weird for me too.

    What Mike Madrigal has had to face constantly, more than any other member of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution roster, is uncertainty. He's had to face the shroud of mystery on both ends, be it a surprise opponent or an unknown tag team partner. Nevertheless, he's persevered through it all and is heading into Path of Gold as the PHX Champion. And lo and behold, he's facing off against another mystery opponent.

    It would only seem natural for "The Walking Death" to feel a certain type of resentment against the man he blames for all of this, Mr. Sy.

    Ti-neam-up niya ko kay Keivan Skull sa first match ko sa Wrevolution X okay? I think that speaks for itself. Idagdag pa natin na ako na ata ang pinakamaraming mystery partner/opponent sa PWR. That shit just doesn’t happen by accident.
    But such are the pains when he decided to carry the entire PHX division on his back. He's made it a mission of sorts to elevate the status of the title as more than just a perceived midcard belt. The division has proven it will not watch from the shadows He knows that there are a lot of other wrestlers waiting to take his throne at the top, wrestlers of good quality. He sees them all. He recognizes their worth.

    Tingin ko naging masaya na ulit siya panuorin. Di sa minamaliit ko past champions pero Main Maxx was the last guy who defended the belt na competitive ang matches. Chino Guinto barely defended it dahil nainjure siya, na sobrang sayang kasi alam ko ga'no siya kagaling.
    Pero since winning the tournament at APCC, my goal was to make the PHX division exciting again and I think it is. Atsaka dahil nabibigyan ng bigger stage yung mga tulad nila Zayden Truedeau at Dax Xaviera na masisipag magtrabaho. Believe me umpisa palang yan, may mga umaangat pa tulad nila Quatro. Wait 'til I get to push that guy to his limits in a wrestling ring.

    With the mantle of PHX Champion resting on his shoulders, the king of the hybrids knows that all eyes are on him, and he has something everyone wants. But the title belongs to him, and he plans to keep it across his waist. Of course, he also has a cautionary warning for the former PWR General Manager's supposed new ward, who he'll be facing.

    Tang ina, maling-mali ginawa mo. Una, di na bago sa akin ang pagiging mystery mo okay? Manhid na ko dyan sa mga biglang susulpot tapos biglang mawawala. Pangalawa, wala pa nanalong manok si Mr. Sy.

    With just two more shows before the granddaddy of them all, he faces the daunting task of Wrevolution X. The competition is always brutal. Only one man has ever been able to walk in as champion and leave with his belt: Main Maxx, a former PHX Champion, and also holder of the longest title reign in company history. It's another challenge that the now reigning king wants to beat. He's confident of his chances.

    Simple lang, tang ina niyo: Wag niyo ko i-challenge sa Wrevo X. Now that you mention it, wala pa rin ako panalo sa Wrevo X since my debut. But those were all tag team matches. For months PWR threw me everyone they could and I sent them crawling to the back . What makes Wrevo X any different? Dahil ba dapat ako kabahan dahil siya ang biggest show namin? Message ko lang: Puta, I nevah freeze.


    Who do you think is the mystery challenger for PWR Path of Gold? Will the PHX Champion retain the title before heading into Wrevolution X?

    Let us know your thoughts and see you at the show!


    PWR Path of Gold 2018 is happening on Sunday, March 11, at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati. The show starts at 2 PM. Tickets will be available at the gate for P400, but are extremely limited so we advise you to contact PWR directly via their official Facebook page for reservations and early-bird discounts.

    Disclosure: Smark Henry is independently owned and managed by a group of Filipino pro wrestling fans, but includes members affiliated with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.

    Photos by Hub Pacheco Forevah!
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