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    Wednesday, March 7, 2018

    #FlavorTheMoment: Ranking The Contenders For PWR Path of Gold 2018

    Even in the crazy, made-up world of professional wrestling, there aren't many things you could call a sure thing. One exception from the Philippine Wrestling Revolution? Winning the Path of Gold tournament to become a champion. 

    It's true—the two men to have taken home the prized golden cup in the past have gone on to become Kampeon ng Pilipinas at the following Wrevolution X, i.e. Jake De Leon in 2015 and Chris Panzer in 2017.

    With odds like that, it's no wonder that the 2018 edition of the Path of Gold match has everyone on the PWR roster locked and loaded. Winning this 20-man gauntlet practically guarantees immortality in the annals of Philippine wrestling.

    With 16 of the spots already officially announced, let's take a look at who has the best chances of winning the whole shebang and going on to main event Wrevolution X against whoever is PWR or PHX Champion at the time. In honor of the company landing its third major corporate sponsor in the form of Potato Corner, we'll be doing this in tiers based on how we rank their flavors.

    Ready to #FlavorTheMoment? We sure are.

    Wasabi Fries: The Outliers

    Kh3Ndrick & Mh4rckie of the Kakaibros, Revo-Ranger

    We're not saying we hate these guys—the KakaiBros have future tag champs written all over them, while Revo-Ranger certainly has the upside to be a major player in the future, but we just don't see any of them main-eventing Wrevolution X at this stage of their careers.

    In the same way that Potato Corner's wasabi fries can be great yet still have a very small cult following, we're saying these guys may have greatness in their futures, but maybe not today.

    Cheese Fries: The Entertainers 

    Robynn, Martivo, Trian Dela Torre, Evan Carleaux

    No knock on these guys either, but the rapidly-improving Carleaux, the always-entertaining Martivo, the ultra-intense Robynn, and the petite Dela Torre are probably six months away from truly inserting themselves into the singles championship scene, considering the mixed success they've had thus far in their respective careers.

    They'll have their fair share of highlights, and perhaps even a couple of eliminations to their names, but look for these talents to be just there—not blowing anyone's minds, not necessarily stealing the show, but not offending anyone either. Just like Potato Corner's cheese fries.

    BBQ Fries: The Dangerous Floaters

    Peter Versoza, Yohann & Logan Ollores, Dax Xaviera

    With the exception of the surging Dax Xaviera, all of these men are former company titleholders who've played near the top of the card on multiple occasions. They're all a lot more mature, polished, and capable of putting on solid matches when called upon. We're even betting on one or two of these making it to the fabled Final Four of the Path of Gold match!

    That's why they're just like Potato Corner's BBQ fries—dangerously good, occasionally main-event worthy, but falling just short of universal stardom.

    Sour Cream: The Ultimate Blue-Chippers

    Jake De Leon, SANDATA, Ken Warren, Miguel Rosales

    You haven't lived until you've had Potato Corner's version of sour cream fries. They're mighty tasty on their own, but blend well with any other combination of flavors. That's why we're equating these four men to the absolute (sour) cream of the crop of the french fries world.

    If there's one thing we've learned here at Smark Henry, it's that you don't bet against Jake De Leon. "Mr. Philippine Wrestling" is likely going to be the first name you mention when you talk about a future Philippine wrestling Hall of Fame, and has more credentials than you can shake a stick (or broom) at.

    SANDATA is a solid veteran who's been quietly honing his craft the past couple of years as a singles star, and has the flashy offense and ring awareness to sneak a win out over anyone. Just look at his accomplishments in the past few months: he's pinned both JDL and John Sebastian in one-on-one competition. Not a lot of other stars can say that.

    Ken Warren will always be a sentimental favorite here at the Smark Henry offices for his all-around game and his status as the pioneering PHX Champion. He may have shown some lingering after-effects of his recent concussion in his return match against Mike Madrigal, but when Warren is on, he's on.

    But ultimately, this match is Miguel Rosales' match to lose. PWR's resident Punisher has been red-hot the past few months, smashing his way through competition as the company's brightest hope against John Sebastian's tyrannical reign as company co-owner. It's time for him to step out of the shadows as a tag specialist, bust through that glass ceiling as 2018's biggest breakout star, and cement a Wrevolution X collision against his nemesis of late, the reigning two-time PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi.

    Our prediction: Miguel Rosales wins the Path of Gold and goes on to main-event Wrevolution X


    What do you think of our predictions, Revo-Nation? Do you think a dark horse like Martivo or Evan Carleaux is stealing this match, or is Miguel Rosales' pre-ordained path to stardom going to skyrocket this Sunday?

    Either way, let us know your thoughts, and we'll see you at the show!


    PWR Path of Gold 2018 is happening on Sunday, March 11, at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati. The show starts at 2 PM. Tickets will be available at the gate for P400, but are extremely limited so we advise you to contact PWR directly via their official Facebook page for reservations and early-bird discounts.

    Disclosure: Smark Henry is independently owned and managed by a group of Filipino pro wrestling fans, but includes members affiliated with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.

    Photos by "Hysterical" Hub Pacheco.
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