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    Thursday, February 15, 2018

    SmackDown RunDown Live (2/13/18): A Second Chance, Part 2

    Since RAW’s having a multi-man main event this month, I can see why Blue Brand doesn’t want to be left out and made next month’s main event a fatal five-way. I just wish they also added more pizzazz to it, you know? They should’ve made it a Championship Scramble! We revived the lame Punjabi Prison match, right? Why can’t they revive this TNA-ish type of stipulation? It’s actually a fun concept with lots of room for surprises and exciting moments. Just sayin’.

    Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin journey back to the top

    Hey, look who’s back to the main event scene. It’s Dolph Ziggler! And… Baron Corbin?

    Their comeback is pretty much the central story of this week’s episode as Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn failed to shake off both men from the Fastlane main event. The former best friends opened the show by beating up Corbin and Ziggler, only to end up biting off more than they can chew. The more the merrier, I guess? I don’t really mind Ziggler and Corbin being added to the WWE Championship match. What made things great was that both men punched their ticket the hard way.

    First up was Corbin facing off Owens in a slugfest of a match. It was a bit weird since both men are heels, so who exactly do we root for here? But that’s fine, you root for whoever you want and just enjoy the damn match. Corbin hits Owens with a clean End of Days, something I didn’t expect was possible. Meanwhile, Ziggler and Sami tore the house down in the main event. Ziggler became the pseudo-face since he’s the injured one, making the match easier to follow. If anything, this match proved Ziggler’s capabilities as a main eventer, something we’ve already known for years. If only WWE gives him one more chance at another solid title run...

    The confusion over the Top 10 System continues

    As a continuation of last week’s myriad of complaints about how this supposedly game-changing system works, let me add another rant because as much as I enjoyed the segment between Randy Orton, Bobby Roode, and Jinder Mahal (yes, I like him now, go figure), it made the Top 10 System more meaningless than it already is.

    First off, why isn’t there a new list this week? What I understood from the stupid personal video announcement back in January was that the list will be a weekly thing. So I guess the list is a monthly thing before a PPV? Even so, SmackDown Live doesn’t have a PPV for this month. Does that mean we’re getting a new list next month, days before Fastlane? What was the point of the current list, then? 

    To think all these questions would have easily been answered by a proper segment where the rules of the system were laid out.

    Second, being included on the Top 10 List means more opportunities, right? Yeah, tell that to Tye Dillinger, the literal Number 10. He wasn’t featured in a match, not even a single promo. If Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are using the list to choose who they want to feature next, why did they give a proper segment to boost his momentum when he wasn’t even part of the list? You know who made it on the list? Tye Dillinger. And he wasn’t even on the show. So much for being part of the freakin’ list.

    And here’s the clincher. Bobby Roode announced that he’ll continue the legacy of John Cena by hosting open challenges for his United States Championship. This decision further renders the Top 10 List useless now, is it? If champions can hand out opportunities left and right, people who aren’t part of the list can just provoke champions into giving them title matches. And Jinder Mahal is closer to the U.S. Championship chase than Tye Dillinger is. The Bludgeon Brothers weren’t part of the list. Why are they being slated as the Usos’ next challengers?

    Now let’s talk about the segment in question. I’m really enjoying how Jinder Mahal tried to stir the pot between Randy Orton and Bobby Roode. He came from being a mess of a character to a proper wrestling villain. Do you know that feeling when you start liking the thing you used to hate? That’s what I’m feeling for Jinder nowadays. Orton did great as always, hitting his quota of at least one RKO fraslrasrmanawer per week. And Roode, well, he’s basically my new 2017 Jinder. He’s so bland, I can almost taste it. I’m glad he got Khallased.

    So what’s the sitch, #NitPickRick? This week’s episode was explosive from start to finish. It’s amazing how they managed to do this with the Blue Brand’s top heels and no AJ Styles. Despite the confusing Top 10 System messing up the show, I still enjoyed the hard-hitting action and their huge Fastlane implications. And hey, Dolph Ziggler’s back on top (for the meantime). For not being a blatant Valentine’s episode, this week’s a surefire B.

    Some Blue Brand Thoughts That Didn’t Make It

    • As predicted, Charlotte Flair defeated Sarah Logan this week. The least they could do was produce a good match, just like last week with Liv Morgan, but they failed to do so. I got bored watching how green Logan was, which really puzzles me because she was one of my favorites in last year’s MYC. Was I remembering her match with Mia Yim wrong? I did enjoy her spike sell to Charlotte’s Natural Selection. That spot was great. Anyway, I was expecting Charlotte to face Ruby Riott next, but apparently, she already beat Riott last year. Welp, can you really blame me from forgetting these nonsensical Riott Squad matches?
    • Meanwhile, The New Day scored a win over Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin. The match was good for what it is. The pre-match promo though, I found a little unnecessary. I don’t know why, but seeing Big E shove those pancakes in his mouth made me uneasy. Do you have any idea how dry pancakes are?


    Ricky Jay Publico (@NitPickRick) is a wrestling fan who enjoys watching high flyers and brawlers battle it out in the ring. A known Botchamania binge-watcher, he claims to have memorized the chronological order of Royal Rumble winners, but fails to remember who won in 2004. He writes stories about life and nonsense.

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