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    Tuesday, February 20, 2018

    #SGQ: James Ellsworth's World Intergender Championship Is A Two-Toned Beauty

    As you're all pretty much aware, James Ellsworth was released by the WWE late last year. Before he was let go, though, the Chinless One's story was him taking on various women on the SmackDown women's division as Carmella's pet, most especially Becky Lynch.

    Now that he's in the indies, he's still banking on this gimmick, imitating Cody Rhodes's post-WWE dream match bucket list. (It's full of ladies, as you can imagine.) Today, he's taken it a step further by creating his own championship: the World Intergender Champion.

    As far as we know right now, it's not affiliated with any single promotion, so it makes the title more of a gimmick than a real championship. Despite that, though, you can tell that Jimmy Dream put in a lot of thought and effort into his own title. The photo above is all we've got so far of the new belt, but it already shows off a lot.

    First, the plates are pretty well-designed. The etchings on the centerplate and sideplates are all intricately etched, sparing no detail. The centerplate is a clear homage to the iconic Winged Eagle WWF Championship, with the art deco font of the word "World" and the globe in the middle. Points are subtracted, however, for using two different fonts for the words "intergender" and "champion," although we're willing to give it a pass for probably being done for a humorous effect.

    The gender symbols against white fields on the sideplates are also a nice minimalist touch, accentuating the two-tone paintjob of the leather strap. And boy, is that pretty—although you can tell the strap was painted by hand (the line in the middle doesn't run straight; it would've looked better if the two colors blended as a gradient) the baby shades of pink and blue are perfect.

    Pro wrestling is really all about rubbing things in your face, and this championship belt does a great job of driving the whole point—of being an intergender title and the fact that this is a gimmick—home. Even if it's all one big joke, it still looks like a title a wrestler would look credible carrying around. So we hope it isn't a joke, and an actual indy promotion picks it up as an exclusive title. Or whoever wins it from Ellsworth keeps the championship going strong.

    Photo from James Ellsworth's Facebook page
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