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    Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    #RoadToValentines: The 2018 PWR Valentine's Day Cards

    Happy Valentine's Day, wrestling fan! It's that time of the year once again when hearts come together, babies are made, and love fills the air!

    It isn't always easy—or cheap!—to find good V-Day swag for the smark you love. Good thing we've got you covered, thanks to the efforts and initiative of Philippine Wrestling Revolution superfan @BeeHeynah

    Because 2016's edition of PWR Valentine's Day cards went over so well (according to us), here we are with another batch of love missives you can send in lieu of roses and chocolates.

    First up, the Fil-Canadian king of the Air Canada 450 splash Zayden Trudeau has a message of utter honesty and devotion.

    PHX Champion Mike Madrigal may be a potty-mouthed sadist in the ring, but apparently takes his loverboy duties very seriously when needed.

    Former All Out War Champion The Apocalypse may be a monster in the ring, but he apparently has a bit of an emo side to him too.

    And if you're open-minded to new opportunities when it comes to the dating game, The Network may be a great option for you!

    Former PHX Champion "The Golden Boy" Chino Guinto may still be recovering from his ACL tear, but his heart is still in the right place.

    "The Social Media Sinister" Ken Warren knows all about trending topics, so you better let him into your #ValentinesDay too.

    Trian Dela Torre may be PWR's own Midget Among Men, but even little guys deserve some love too.

    In the meantime, his tag team partner "The Future" Evan Carleaux has something to show you too.

    Former PWR Champion "Beautiful" Billy Suede is currently making waves in the Malaysia-based super-fed Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE), but he's always down for a fairytale ending.

    "The Pinoy Tecnico" SANDATA is riding high after sneaking out a win against Jake De Leon at PWR Live: Holding Hands While Wrestling, but even proud warriors like him need a place to rest sometimes.

    "The Raging Gamer" Vintendo is always on the lookout for a potential Player Two. Could you be the one this year?

    "Mr. Philippine Wrestling" Jake De Leon is one of the most-decorated athletes in Pinoy pro wrestling history, but what he really wants is to move out of the amigo zone.

    The 300-pound "King of Schlong Style" Rederick Mahaba may be a mean, nasty mofo lately, but he apparently can be a fan of Taylor Swift serenades too.

    From out of the shadow (SHADOW!), Quatro could finally be finding his way to the light of true love.

    We're pretty sure real-life commercial model and two-time PWR Champion Chris Panzer has very little trouble getting noticed by the ladies, so what better choice than him to help score a date?

    The KakaiBros Mh4rckie & Kh3Ndrick promise to bring a different flavor (and smell, most likely) to your love life. Use this at your own risk.

    Whether you're talking to your soulmate or your queen, Crystal is never a bad way to break the ice—or your jaw.

    And finally, reigning PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi explains to all of us what MTNH really means. Anyone wanna be his partner?

    These are just some of our favorites, so check out the full Twitter feed of @BeeHeynah for the whole set.

    Happy Hearts Day, mga ka-smarkada! Don't blame us if you get no-sold. The cards are care of us, but the sincerity and good looks are all up to you.
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