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    Tuesday, January 9, 2018

    #ThemeSongTuesday: Totally Drew For the Better

    #ThemeSongTuesday is back, baybay! The column took a two-week break because of the holidays, but now that everybody's resumed work or school—or both—it's only right that TST returns on the first full week of 2018. This Tuesday, let's focus on one of my favorite WWE Superstars today and the two entrance themes he's had since first bursting onto the scene a couple of years ago.

    Drew Gulak has become one of the more compelling characters in all of WWE that it's a shame that he's barely featured on RAW, and only really gets significant airtime on 205 Live. His arc as the anti-highspots advocate has led to a spot on The Zo Train, where tensions have risen to the point where a feud with Enzo Amore has become inevitable.

    Since first appearing in WWE through the Cruiserweight Classic in 2016, Gulak's look has dramatically changed. He first showed up as a no-nonsense grappler who will fuck you up. He sported a semi-kalbo buzz cut and a full beard and looked like the kuya you didn't want your crush or girlfriend to have.

    But since his gimmick change, Drew grew out his hair and went for a clean-shaven look. Yes, he now looks like a dweeb, but it's aligned with what he's trying to present: an ultra-conservative who has no patience for the cool, flippy shit audiences want to see from the Cruiserweights.

    Strangely, his first entrance theme didn't reflect this at all.

    The opening riff sounds like it was taken straight out of a power ballad you'd hear at a patay-sindi (strip club). When the drums come in, it actually begins sounding like a J-rock theme. Think of the opening themes of some of your favorite anime like Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball Z, or GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka).

    Like most CFO$ themes, the song is a constant loop, alternating between the main hook, an interlude, a prechorus, and then back. The main hook is basically the opening riff with the drums and a really trippy synthesizer that takes you back to the days of Culture Club in the '80s. The prechorus is your generic rock drivel, with a sweet high-pitched guitar pluck. And then the keys and drums of the interlude feels like you're being taken on an aural journey to some boss' world in a video game.

    Overall, "Totally Drew" isn't as bad to listen to on its own as it is when you hear it being used as an entrance theme. Now that Gulak's stopped using it, I'm actually going to miss this song.

    With his gimmick change having taken on a life of its own through most of 2017, naturally, his entrance theme followed suit.

    Okay, as soon as I heard this song, there was only one other thing that came to mind.

    "Drew Gulak, nakatutok... 24 oras!"

    Right? Right?!

    Drew Gulak's theme could just as easily be used in the opening credits of a daily news show. Or it could very well be the walkout song for a politician about to deliver a campaign speech, which is exactly what they were going for with both the gimmick and theme music.

    With this song, I don't even mind that CFO$ went back to the synth well, instrument-wise. I actually like the way that the beat and the synths come together to bring an air of authority to the song. Ironically, this song sounds more no-nonsense than "Totally Drew," and yet, it's also equally campy that you can listen to it for a minute and laugh at how fucking silly it is. "For the Better" is a song that was made to be used in a political campaign, and CFO$ hit it out of the park by writing and producing this song for Senator Drew Gulak.

    For a better 205 Live!

    What do you think of Drew Gulak's entrance themes in WWE? Sound off in the comments section below!
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