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    Wednesday, January 17, 2018

    The Network vs. The YOLO Twins: The Final Chapter?

    August 26, 2017 is a date that surely has a special place in the hearts of James "Lodi" Martinez and Alexander Belmonte III.

    In front of a hot crowd during Day 2 of the AsiaPOP Comic Con, the Network tandem made history when they finally defeated the YOLO Twins, Yohann and Logan Ollores, to become the new PWR Tag Team Champions, the first time that the title changed hands. It was a historic moment for sure, and a satisfying moment for the long-time Top of the Pyramid and the Network enforcer. 

    But some may have noticed the one thing that flew over everyone's heads in the midst of the craziness of the tag team division as well as the whole Sy-Sebastian dilemma: the Twins never got their rematch.

    But all that's going to change at PWR's first show of 2018 as the Network will make their 4th defense of the championship against the YOLO Twins. And to make sure that there will be a definitive way to determine who is truly the top dog in the PWR tag team division, the match will be contested in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match. This tag team title match will most definitely set the tone for the division in the new year.

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    Staying on Top

    When it comes to being a fighting tag team, they've certainly proven their worth for the past number of months, from defending the titles in an open challenge a day after their win to their recent 4-way tag title match at Vendetta. Their wit-and-muscle dynamic has proven to be a huge success, with Lodi's ingenious tactics and AB3's dominating ways going hand in hand. And sure enough, they eventually earned the adoration of the fans without losing what made the Network such a hit in the first place.

    We've seen shades of their dynamic for a while now, moreso during the Network's rivalry with Ken Warren and the Twins. With Chino Guinto out due to injury, the duo stepped up their in-ring game more than ever, leading to this dominating title run. It turns out, it ain't a coincidence that they have been proving themselves to the fans and, more importantly, to themselves.

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    Prior to the win at APCC, the YOLO Twins had the duo's number, securing two wins against them in previous encounters. But despite the setbacks, the Network won when it mattered most: during PWR x APCC, when the Network finally won the big one under the stipulation that if the Network lost, they would no longer have a title opportunity in the future. Diamonds under pressure, indeed.

    As Lodi would tell us exclusively regarding the upcoming championship encounter: 

    "Tinalo namin sila once, at yun ay para sa tag team titles. Yes, this is not about sino ang may pinakamaraming panalo. This is about whose win is more impactful. Pero just to the silence those Twins, yes, we are going to prove na we can beat their class S team chemistry with class S preparation."

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    Mr. Financially Stable likewise followed up Lodi's sentiments:

    "May mga nagsasabi na comedy act or dependent sa assists ang Network, pero this time, we’ll prove that winning the title is not a fluke and that we’re more than a comedy act."

    You see, this match is no longer just about defending the titles against arguably the best duo in the company right now. This match is to finally prove that the Network is an in-ring force, much like how Chino Guinto became an in-ring revelation, leading to his PHX Championship win at last year's Wrevolution X

    Lodi also shared us a picture that would help convince new PWR owner John Sebastian to grant the Network's request:

    "In this photo, you can see 2 individuals marking out, and 2 professional wrestlers. This is how I negotiated to our Lord and Savior, John Sebastian, to grant us this 2-out-of-3 Falls Match."

    In this case, it certainly ain't bad to be the Top of the Pyramid.

    Back from the Dead?

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    The Twins from Katips may have lost their tag titles, but they certainly know how to get back in contention.

    Despite the devastating set-back at PWR x APCC, they managed to regain their momentum as 2017 drew near to a close. They managed to beat the Punk Dolls for the right to compete against Tengu and Dr. Hertz of Triple L's The Regime, and at Vendetta, they pulled off the victory against the London-based tandem in one of the show's many big highlights. Though these wins were not without controversy in the form of assists from their fellow DPT, Ken Warren, it doesn't change the fact that a win is a win.

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    These wins were more than sufficient enough to grant them the PWR Tag Team Title rematch they deserved in the first place, and true enough, the stage is set for Kingdom Come as they now have a chance to become the first-ever two-time tag team champions in history.

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    When asked for comment in regards to the match, they pointed to the direction of a recent post the Twins made on their official Facebook page:

    A short but sweet statement from the normally opinionated Yohann and Logan Ollores may be unusually uncharacteristic, but this does show how serious they are to not just underestimate their opponents, but also make history as two-time champs.


    If there is anything that this match promises to be, it's heated, and both teams certainly know each other well enough to capitalize on weaknesses and what to expect come Sunday. Remember, the Twins may have the advantage over wins in quantity, but the Network made sure to make it up in a big way in the form of a big title change.

    And while these two may have the familiarity aspect against one another, the difference maker may very well be what happens outside the ring, if history was of any indication.

    We all know how the Twins managed to secure their wins in recent shows with the timely assists of the Social Media Sinister himself, Ken Warren, but as James Martinez would tell you, messing with one member of the Network will mean dealing with the entire Network.

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    And by the entire Network, this includes his connections. Let's not forget how Lodi secured the assistance of Manila Wrestling Federation's Queens Worldwide (Gus Queens and Rex Lawin). So it won't be far fetched if the Network once again calls on the MWF faction (alonside new member Fabio Makisig) to counter Ken Warren's antics.

    Expect this match to become hotter by the fall, with the Network giving what would possibly be their best performance as a tandem, while the Twins impressing the fans once again with their daredevil tactics. But by hook or by crook, we expect the last fall to be determined by outside forces, leading to another successful defense by Lodi and Mr. Financially Stable.

    Winners: The Network with 2 out of 3 falls


    Will the Network continue their reign of dominance on the top, or will the YOLO Twins make history as the first-ever two-time tag team champs?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and we'll see you at the show!


    PWR Live: Kingdom Come is happening on Sunday, January 21, at the beautiful Power Mac Center Spotlight at Circuit Makati. Tickets sell for P400 and can be purchased at the gate, but early bird and barkada discounts can be secured if you message the Philippine Wrestling Revolution directly on their Facebook page.

    Disclosure: Smark Henry is independently run and managed by a group of Filipino wrestling fans and enthusiasts, but includes members affiliated with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.

    Photography by "Ho Ho" Hub Pacheco.
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