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    Saturday, January 20, 2018

    TDTxECX vs. SANDATA & Dax Xaviera: Shaping the Future of the PWR Tag Team Championship Scene?

    With a new year comes new beginnings.

    2017 may not have been exactly the best for TDTxECX, SANDATA, and Dax Xaviera, but let's face it, it's time to move on. Whether repeatedly coming up short in title matches, ownership opportunities, or literally shortening of shorts, there were a lot of opportunities that were wasted by all four wrestlers. They just couldn't get it done.

    However, it's time for a fresh start. With John Sebastian beating Mr. Sy again, he's managed to establish himself as the new man in charge. And with this change in management comes a tournament at PWR Live: Kingdom Come to challenge for the PWR Tag Team Championships currently held by The Network. This presents the perfect chance for two of the four wrestlers involved to get that badly needed reset in their respective slumps. It's time to kick ass.

    Dax ass, if TDTxECX had their way

    The Teams

    In a surprise pairing, SANDATA joins forces with Dax Xaviera against TDTxECX. This marks the first time since Renaissance 2015 that SANDATA would partner with someone in a traditional two-man tag team.

    "No, you're crying!"

    Dax Xaviera, as one half of what was formerly Delirium, has had a poor tag team record, despite those matches turning out to be decent performances. Both men took on a singles career that saw them propelled to title shots, but would still fall short on their respective chances. Despite all of that, this actually seems like a tag team that could work. SANDATA definitely has that veteran experience. Xaviera, with his youthful raw potential, needs a reliable ally to help bring out the best of his abilities. Don't sleep on them.

    Maybe they'll have a better result than their first time on the same side

    Awaiting them is the deceptively deadly duo of Trian Dela Torre and Evan Carleaux. Another product of a surprise pairing of two new talents, TDTxECX took PWR by storm, cutting a wide swathe across the competition. This streak of solid tag team performances led them to two shots at the tag titles.

    It could very well be argued that if it weren't for outside interference on both occasions, they could have been champs. But a loss is still a loss, no matter the circumstances. It doesn't change the fact that they're championship material though.

    The Match-up

    To say that TDTxECX has some ill will towards Dax Xaviera may be an understatement.
    Don't get us wrong: SANDATA and Dax are admittedly formidable competitors on their own, but they've never really had any success in tag team competition. They failed when teamed up with other people in their respective former tag teams Dual Shock and Delirium, and they failed when they teamed up with each other as part of Team Sy. I don't think they even really like each other, since nobody really likes Dax and his crappy shirt—sorry, I meant basahan—designs. It really sucks for SANDATA that he couldn't pair up with Chris Panzer, Miguel Rosales, or Tito Badang instead. (Trian Dela Torre)
    I have nothing but the utmost respect for SANDATA after he beat me fair and square. But Dax... Dax is a different story. Remember, once the match was announced, HE. FIRED. THE. FIRST. SHOT. Such a model citizen of Lakampati. (Evan Carleaux)

    Nothing says a good match-up like when emotions are involved. There's going to be some pretty loaded shots headed in Xaviera's direction when the festivities are underway.

    As a team, TDTxECX is very competent. They have great chemistry, are able to blend well to cover each other's weaknesses, and accentuate the other's strengths. Kap Tutan, GrabCamus and Jhehemerlyhnhnhn are always at ringside and have been tools to their success. These factors are what could very well spell victory for them.

    SANDATA and Dax Xaviera are by no means pushovers. As singles wrestlers, they're dangerous. But this will be their first true outing as a tag team. SANDATA has been too far away from tag team action to not show signs of rust in that aspect of his game. Xaviera, on the other hand, has not had the experience of having a reliable partner at the caliber of SANDATA. This will definitely be a true test for the two of them.

    The Fearless Forecast

    The inexperience of SANDATA and Xaviera working together will be their downfall. They have the foundation to be a great tag team, but they need time to get in sync. They could be a dominant force down the line, just not now.

    Also, GrabCamus will continue to shill his shirt.

    I still want that Yelleaux Cab shirt.

    Winners: TDTxECX will come out on top against Dual Shorts.


    Will the new chapter in SANDATA and Xaviera's pro wrestling career start strong or will the #MerchElite finally get their revenge against the Sagisag ng Sigasig (and by extension, SANDATA)?

    Only one way to find out. See you all tomorrow!


    PWR Live: Kingdom Come is happening on Sunday, January 21, at the beautiful Power Mac Center Spotlight at Circuit Makati. Tickets sell for P400 and can be purchased at the gate, but early bird and barkada discounts can be secured if you message the Philippine Wrestling Revolution directly on their Facebook page.

    Disclosure: Smark Henry is independently run and managed by a group of Filipino wrestling fans and enthusiasts, but includes members affiliated with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.

    Photography by "Hubadero" Hub Pacheco.
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