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    Sunday, January 21, 2018

    [FULL RESULTS] PWR Live: Kingdom Come

    The first local pro wrestling show for 2018 kicked off courtesy of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution, and it was fraught with implications for the calendar year.

    With the company in upheaval thanks to former General Manager Mr. Sy's firing and the ascension of John Sebastian as company overlord, how would the roster cope?

    Kingdom Come featured a fully-loaded card that answered just that. Announced matches were as follows:

    • PWR Championship Match: Ralph Imabayashi vs. Chris Panzer (c)
    • PHX Championship Open Challenge with Mike Madrigal (c)
    • PWR Tag Team Championship Match: The YOLO Twins (Yohann & Logan Ollores) vs. The Network (James "Lodi" Martinez & Alexander Belmonte III)
    • Unsanctioned Match: John Sebastian vs. Miguel Rosales
    • PWR Tag Team Championship #1 Contender Tournament: KakaiBros (Kh3Ndrick & Mh4rckie) vs. Bolt & Zayden Trudeau, TDTxECX vs. SANDATA & Dax Xaviera
    • Robynn vs. Crystal
    • "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon vs. Brad Cruz
    • McKata vs. The Apocalypse
    • Martivo vs. Peter Versoza
    • Mahabang Usapan featuring Rederick Mahaba & Team Sebastian

    Here's how the show went down!


    Match #1: Trabajador Tres vs. Revo-Ranger

    Energetic opener that saw both men dazzle the crowd with their fast-paced offense. Revo-Ranger took the win with a Revo-Kick.

    Winner: Revo-Ranger via pinfall

    Match #2: Quatro vs. Vintend∅

    Another high-octane match that saw the newly-free Quatro go up against the ever-improving Vintend∅. The Raging Gamer countered a Destino try into a High Score chokeslam attempt, only to fall to a second Destino for the loss.

    Winner: Quatro via pinfall

    Main Show

    Opening Segment: Mahabang Usapan with Team Sebastian

    Sebastian declares the start of Oplan: Sagip-Wrestling to cleanse PWR of the after-effects of "the communist menace" Mr. Sy, and running down all the opponents Team Sebastian would be facing later in the show.

    Most important highlight: Ralph Imabayashi getting down on one knee to ask Rederick Mahaba to be special guest referee for his PWR Championship Match against Chris Panzer later tonight.

    John Sebastian made it official, stacking the deck against the defending champ and his long-time nemesis.

    Match #1—PWR Championship #1 Contender Tournament: KakaiBros vs. Bolt & Zayden Trudeau

    Bolt may have been weak and ineffective with his soft strikes and multiple whiffs, but Zayden Trudeau did enough to carry his team against the boys from TriNoMa.

    A couple of DDTs DDSs by both Kh3Ndrick and Mh4rckie to Trudeau almost put him away, but the Canadian Dragon had too much. A Desolé ripcord knee to Mh4rckie put him away for the three.

    Winners: Bolt & Trudeau via pinfall

    Match #2: Robynn vs. Crystal

    Abbreviated match that saw Crystal walking out on her opponent after claiming not to get the respect she deserved as Queen of Philippine Wrestling.

    Winner: Double count-out

    Promo Segment: Mike Madrigal's PHXcellence Open Challenge

    Match #3—PHX Non-Title Match: Ken Warren vs. Mike Madrigal (c)

    Ken Warren made his long-awaited return from the concussion he suffered at APCC to resounding chants of "Welcome back!" from the Revo-Nation.

    Warren looked to be in great shape, and nearly had the match sewn up after setting up Madrigal for the Wi-Fi. Lingering symptoms from his concussion ended up getting the better of him however, allowing the PHX Champion to roll him up with his feet on the ropes for the win.

    Post-match, Madrigal laid out Warren with a vicious curb stomp.

    Winner: Mike Madrigal via pinfall

    Match #4: Jake De Leon vs. Brad Cruz

    Brad Cruz tried his hardest, but was absolutely outclassed by the smug Senyorito. 

    The wily two-time PWR Champion snared Cruz in the Inasal Lock as he was going for a senton, forcing him to tap out for the embarrassing loss.

    Winner: Jake De Leon via submission

    Match #5—Unsanctioned Match: John Sebastian vs. Miguel Rosales

    Only John Sebastian was allowed to wrestle under no- disqualification rules, with the stipulation being that if Rosales lost, he would lose his career with PWR.

    Sebastian flaunted his authority to try to steal every advantage—introducing his Singapore cane, a steel chair, a ladder, and even ordering all the PWR Young Boys to attack Rosales.

    Rosales couldn't be stopped, even by a handful of salt in his eyes. A Killshot was countered into a Castigo Brutal for the thrilling win—Team Sebastian's only fumble for the evening.

    Winner: Miguel Rosales via pinfall

    Match #6—PWR Championship #1 Contender Tournament: TDTxECX vs. SANDATA & Dax Xaviera

    This was an enthusiastic if short match that saw both teams unload with their greatest hits early, including a Pagbasag bodyscissor variant by SANDATA.

    SANDATA ended up getting tossed out of the ring, allowing TDT and ECX to trap Xaviera with the "Buy Our Shirts Special"—a neckbreaker-splash combo.

    I'll be honest: I didn't like the way we beat Dax Xaviera and SANDATA last night. Here you see me at the end of the match scared shitless at being way up on the 2nd rope and was about to descend to safer, lower ground. But then stupid Camus pushes me off and sends me crashing down into that dirty badjao. I call it a crying shame; Evan Carleaux calls it the BUY OUR SHIRTS SPECIAL. I know we won and advanced to the finals of the Tag Team Tournament against Zayden Trudeau - PWR and - who's he paired up with again? - but don't ever do this to me again guys. It's absolutely NOT NICE, you NAUGHTY BOYS. #TDTxECX #PUNIT #TMD #SmallTalk #CarleauxSheaux #Trianverse #MerchElite #NaughtyBoys #Nice #PWR #PWRLive #KingdomCome @evancarleaux @cavemancamus @hotstuffemcruz @tabitabbipo @baletedriver88 @shang_daddy
    A post shared by Trian Dela Torre (@trian_dela_torre) on

    A hooded JDL ambushed Xaviera after the match, seemingly putting him out of action with a pipe strike to his forearm.

    Winners: TDTxECX via pinfall

    Match #7: Martivo vs. Peter Versoza

    Both men went all out right from the start, with Martivo coming out on the short end after taking a nasty tumble on a slingshot suplex by Versoza.

    Versoza couldn't be stopped. A senton bomb followed by a Karne Norte gutbuster was enough to put the Man-Doll away.

    Winner: Peter Versoza via pinfall

    Match #8—PWR Tag Team Championship Match (2-out-of-3 Falls) YOLO Twins vs. The Network (c)

    The YOLO Twins executed their game plan to perfection, disabling AB3 on the outside with the steel stairs, and luring Lodi into a perfectly-timed Two Night Stand for the first fall.

    YOLO Twins leading 1-0

    AB3 fought back for the champs, destroying both Twins with a fireman's carry driver and running knee kick. A low blow by one of the Ollores twins in front of the ref earned them a disqualification.

    Both teams tied at 1-1

    The YOLO Twins spent much of the third fall dismantling AB3's leg to negate the power advantage of the Network enforcer. Martinez eventually made the hot tag, and used his trademark cunning to pull the match out for his side by spraying one of the Ollores brothers in the eyes with a can of disinfectant, and spinning him around until he got disoriented enough to lift his own partner into a Two Night Stand by Martinez.

    Winners AND STILL Tag Team Champions: The Network (2-1)

    Match #9: McKata vs. The Apocalypse

    Pure squash match for the former AOW Champion, who didn't even need his Six Feet Under double stomp for the finish. A clumsy Death Bell was enough to knock McKata out.

    Winner: Apocalypse via pinfall

    Match #10—PWR Championship Match: Ralph Imabayashi vs. Chris Panzer (c), Rederick Mahaba as special guest referee

    Panzer entered this match knowing impossible odds were facing him, but the two-time Kampeon ng Pilipinas gave it his all despite a clear bias against him by Mahaba as referee.

    This was outright robbery, with Mahaba eventually injecting himself into the action to help Imabayashi polish off Panzer with a Sonic Crusher-splash combo and a Senketsu to become a two-time PWR Champion himself.

    Miguel Rosales rushed the ring after the match to come to the aid of Panzer—his partner in Team Sy—and looked like he was positioning himself as Imabayashi's first challenger.

    After the show, a backstage brawl broke out between MTNH, Panzer, and Rosales.

    Winner AND NEW PWR Champion: Ralph Imabayashi via pinfall


    What do you think of the start of the John Sebastian Era, Revo-Nation? With Ralph Imabayashi as champ, JDL in renegade mode, and Miguel Rosales lurking as the biggest thorn in Sebastian's side, what does this do for the power balance within the company?

    Let us know your thoughts and we'll see you at the next show, PWR Live: Holding Hands While Wrestling in February!


    Disclosure: Smark Henry is independently run and managed by local pro wrestling fans and enthusiasts, but includes members affiliated with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.

    Photos by the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.
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