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    Monday, November 27, 2017

    Asian Wrestling Super-Promotion AWE Announced

    And just like that, the entire Asian pro wrestling industry looks like it could be entering a true renaissance.

    Rumors have been buzzing the last few months about a super-promotion in the works that would unite the various scenes across the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong with truly global stars from such markets as the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Japan. And now, with the birth of Asia Wrestling Entertainment (AWE), the gossip has come to fruition.

    AWE looks about as legit as it gets, with a top-shelf roster of Day 1 talents, stunning production values, regional talent scouting tours, official merchandise, and a massive kick-off show already announced.

    There's a lot to unpack, so let's get to it.

    Who's in Asia Wrestling Entertainment?

    We're glad you asked, grasshopper. It's a diverse mix of familiar faces from across the Southeast Asian scene, but let's start with the truly huge names.

    Stand back, there's a hurricane coming through!

    You read that right, jabronis. Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and monster fan favorite Gregory Shane "The Hurricane" Helms will be busting down doors in the main event of AWE's first show.

    But apart from cruiserweights, we've got a mean, surly Bruiserweight to think about too. Current WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne has also been signed to make waves in AWE.

    Joining him will be his British Strong Style compatriots Tyler Bate and Trent Seven, who are sure to bash some mouths in and stretch the hell out of an unfortunate foe or two.

    Joining them will be former WWE Cruiserweight Classic and NXT competitor Ho Ho Lun, the man who started the pro wrestling revolution in Hong Kong, and knows what it takes to shine on a global stage.

    Malaysia Pro-Wrestling (MyPW) is sending over their "Big Daddy" Shaukat as well—a damn talented powerhouse who's captured gold multiple times across multiple promotions in the region, including a legendary war against two-time Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) Champion Chris Panzer.

    Here's another shocker: former NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Champion and PWR Champion "Beautiful" Billy Suede is signed to the company too. Suede was last seen tearing down the house in the Philippines, where he's a one-time PWR Champion, and seems to be setting his sights on global domination.

    The ladies are coming out to play too, with the women's division getting spearheaded by "The Filipina Femme Fatale" Crystal, who will be competing to be crowned as Southeast Asia's wrestling queen this December in Singapore.

    There are tons more familiar faces on the roster, so you can click through to the official AWE talent page for additional signings.

    As to who will be behind all the training to ensure AWE's performers are capable of delivering A-grade performances each time out, we've got a nice little surprise. WWE and ECW veteran Al Snow has been officially appointed as the company's Head Trainer.

    When Is Their First Show?

    If there's one thing you can say about AWE, it's that they aren't taking their sweet time about getting their name out there.

    Their first show, AWE Adventus, is landing December 17 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with two world-class matches already booked for the main card. This by-invite-only show will be headlined by the Hurricane taking on Shaukat in what's sure to be a stellar match, while British Strong Style will also be in action against a trio of local stars in Radja Afiff, Khal Kalidi, and Mihal Buras, who all have held championship gold in the past.

    Tickets are free, so if you'd like the chance to earn an invite to Adventus, click through to the AWE page.

    How Can I Watch AWE?

    If you're cheapskates like us or can't afford to keep flying all over Asia to catch some graps, you're in luck. The company has an over-the-top subscription service in the works, which you can sign up for starting January 2018.

    Early subscribers are in for some sweet discounts, privileges, and goodies, so just click here to get on the waiting list.

    How Can I Wrestle For AWE?

    Thought you'd never ask.

    Even a roster as promising as this always needs a deep bench, and that's why AWE is conducting a series of scouting tours all over Southeast Asia to sign up some up-and-coming stars to the team.

    Full details will be released soon, but several stops are already scheduled for 2018.

    • February 2—Singapore
    • February 4—Jakarta, Indonesia
    • February 6—Manila, Philippines
    • February 8—Bangkok, Thailand

    For more updates, keep this page bookmarked!

    How Else Can I Support AWE?

    Getting the word out is one thing, but if you'd like to contribute some initial coin to the company's coffers, AWE has an official merchandise page lined up to take your orders.

    It's never easy getting a new venture of the ground, so every little bit helps. There's tons of cool, practical swag available for sale, so give it a look-see.


    What do you think about this huge news about Asia Wrestling Entertainment, fans? Are you excited about their initial roster? What kind of unique offering do you think this will provide fans across the region? And how badly do you want to see the first show this December?

    Let us know your thoughts, and we hope to see you all at Adventus!



    AWE unites some of the world's very best wrestlers with stars of pro wrestling from across the globe, including Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, the USA and many more.

    Watch its modern-day gladiators battle for crown and glory, creating a spectacular trail of drama and entertainment inside and outside the ring as they redefine the face of wrestling entertainment in Asia.

    Follow them on their official Facebook page for the latest news and updates.
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