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    Wednesday, October 11, 2017

    Basti No. 5: Who Will Be Team Sebastian's Fifth Man at PWR Vendetta?

    During the main event of PWR Live: Oktoberplex, SANDATA became the final member of Team Sy despite initial signs of joining Team Sebastian. He accepted the PWR General Manager's invite by giving Chris Panzer the opening he needed to retain his PWR Championship. John Sebastian, on the other hand, is still short one more member to fill out his ranks for the first-ever five-on-five Ubusan ng Lahi elimination match at Vendetta.


    Four may be good in some cases, but not when it comes to these kinds of battles. We, the good people here at Smark Henry, have come up with a list of wrestlers who could potentially join John Sebastian, Peter Versoza, Ralph Imabayashi, and Rederick Mahaba as the missing piece of Team Sebastian.

    Trabajador Quatro

    Undoubtedly the most impressive among the The Council of Trabajadores, Quatro gained infamy in the Council for his desire to stand out and shine.

    Of course, this is in direct conflict to the edict of Trabajador Supremo—"Stay in the shadow." The Council made sure to instill that idea into him by beating him up after a hard-fought loss against Kapitan PWR. In his latest post, he finally relented and accepted his "place."

    The problem is, you can't keep talent like that down forever. With Vendetta less than a month away, John Sebastian would have definitely already scouted this tough scrapper. What more can you offer to someone like Quatro than a chance to shine at the brightest stage of them all? It can be done.

    After all, what is a Supremo to a god?

    Ken Warren

    With his wards, The Yolo Twins, earning (I use that term loosely) the chance to face The Regime, that leaves the Social Media Sinister without a match for Vendetta. Coming back from an unfortunate injury suffered during the PHX Tournament at APCC, he's definitely got a lot of catching up to do.

    Will followback for match.

    If there's anyone who has a score to settle with the virtually the entire Team Sy roster after suffering defeat at the hands of all of them (save for Joey Bax), he's made his intent to reclaim the PHX Championship very clear.

    What better way to regain momentum he may have lost in the past few months than by taking down a slew of people who've beaten him in the past?

    Team Sebastian would also gain a massive pedigree boost with two former PHX Champions in Warren and Versoza to join the former PWR Champion all in one unit.

    Main Maxx

    Malay natin.

    Hold on to your hearts, bimbs.

    This would be the perfect setting for a Main Maxx return, to be honest. It's been quite some time since that horrific injury he suffered during PWR Live: Mainit—against none other than John Sebastian, ironically.

    Maxx, being the Silent Rage that he is, has shown he can be above all the politics and rivalries and merely focus on competing against the best. He may not get along with Sebastian and Versoza—his former Royal Flush running buddies—but who knows what may have transpired in the months that he's been away?

    Hay, memories.

    If you ask me who embodies the idea of respect more than anybody in the roster, it would have to be Main Maxx, easily. The guy just wants to be the best, and he can respect whoever faces him. Only the fight matters. Surely he can resonate with Ralph Imabayashi and Rederick Mahaba. It's only business.


    It's a short list, we know. It's a testament therefore to how much the PWR is able to maximize its active (and hopefully-active-again) roster. So many storylines have tied up and interconnected to bring us such a historic match. What's left now is to find out who the mystery 5th man (or woman) will be.


    Catch PWR Vendetta on November 5, 2017 at the Power Mac Center Spotlight at Circuit Makati! Pre-selling of tickets is now available at discounted prices. Gates open at 2pm

    Photo credits go to "Pron" Hub Pacheco & "Mrs. Ruthless" Jacky Rosales.
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