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    Sunday, October 8, 2017

    [FULL RESULTS] PWR Live: Oktoberplex

    Juicier than a Chris Panzer buttshot, it's the Smark Henry live coverage of PWR Live: Oktoberplex!

    The penultimate show of what's been an absolutely insane 2017 for the country's number one wrestling promotion was, as usual, stacked with some great matchups that should whet everyone's appetites for the year-end Vendetta show. Here's what was on tap.

    • PWR Championship Lumberjack Match: John Sebastian vs. Chris Panzer (c)
    • Bolt vs. Mike Madrigal
    • PWR Tag Team Championship Match: Trian Dela Torre & Evan Carleaux vs. The Network (James "Idol" Martinez & Alexander Belmonte III, c)
    • International Tag Team Showcase Qualifiers: Punk Dolls (Martivo & Robynn) vs. The YOLO Twins (Yohann & Logan Ollores)
    • SANDATA vs. Mh4rckie
    • "Beautiful" Billy Suede vs. Zayden Trudeau
    • Dax Xaviera vs. Peter Versoza
    • Fighters 4 Hire (Miguel Rosales & Joey Bax) vs. MTNH (Rederick Mahaba & Ralph Imabayashi)
    • Vlad Sinnsyk vs. Brad Cruz
    • The Apocalypse vs. Revo-Ranger

    So who rocked the body that rocks the party? Here we go.


    Match #1: Trabajador Quatro vs. Kapitan PWR

    Kapitan PWR made a rare non-APCC appearance to take on the mysterious Trabajador Quatro, accompanied by the full Secret Council of Trabajadores.

    Quatro impressed with an enzuigiri and Dragon Suplex early on, but missed a frog splash attempt from the top rope. Kapitan PWR capitalized with a top rope splash of his own for the win.

    The council laid a beatdown on the fallen Quatro for his failure, claiming to be hurting him to teach him a lesson.

    Winner: Kapitan PWR via pinfall

    Match #2: Vintendo vs. McKata

    This confrontation was billed as PWR's first rap battle in history.

    McKata engaged in a lengthy verbal smackdown of the Raging Gamer, running him down for his losing ways and how he isn't even seen as part of the PWR backstage brotherhood.

    A pissed Vintendo countered with a massive High Score chokeslam as his only response.

    Main Show

    Match #1: Revo-Ranger vs. The Apocalypse

    Apocalypse absolutely dominated Revo-Ranger from the start, manhandling him with an Old School and massive STO. Ranger fought out of a Death Bell attempt, and tried to take down the Pinoy Nightmare with a Revo Punch.

    Apocalypse came back with a huge Six Feet Under double stomp from the top for the victory.

    Vlad Sinnsyk ambushed the All Out War Champion as he was celebrating, laying him out with a Singapore cane and Muscle Buster before declaring his intentions to bring justice to PWR and take the All Out War Championship for himself.

    Winner: Apocalypse via pinfall

    Match #2: Mh4rckie (with Kh3Ndrick) vs. SANDATA

    SANDATA looked to be surging to an early win after a huge Exploder Suplex to set up his Kidlat knee kick. Kh3Ndrick interfered, dropping the Pinoy Tecnico with a reverse DDT while the ref was distracted.

    Mh4rckie tried to roll out of an eventual ankle lock attempt only to fall prey to a Kidlat for the loss.

    John Sebastian came to the ring to congratulate SANDATA and offer him a spot on Team Sebastian for Vendetta. The masked Huling Mandirigma appeared conflicted, asking for more time to consider the offer before exiting.

    Winner: SANDATA via pinfall

    Sebastian continued to run down PWR General Manager Mr. Sy and his team prior to their Ubusan ng Lahi match next month, calling him a Chinese lesbian and less gangsta than Yellow Cab's Charlie Chan pasta.

    Sebastian brought out his whole team, declaring them as the biggest bunch of ass-kickers in PWR: Rederick Mahaba, Ralph Imabayashi, and Peter Versoza. Most interestingly, they teased a supposed "secret weapon" as a fifth member.

    Dax Xaviera came out to interrupt the segment, and set up the next match of the card.

    Match #3: Peter Versoza vs. Dax Xaviera

    Versoza manhandled the young Xaviera from the opening bell, taking him down with an array of strikes and suplexes that had him reeling.

    Too much interference from Peter's teammates proved to be his undoing. Ralph Imabayashi and Rederick Mahaba got ejected from ringside, leading to a Balete Driver for the win—the second former PHX Champion Dax Xaviera has pinned this year.

    Winner: Dax Xaviera via pinfall

    Match #4: Vlad Sinnsyk vs. Brad Cruz

    Brad Cruz opened the match with a massive German Suplex on the Hand of Judgement, but that's about all he got at the start. Sinnsyk absolutely destroyed him a set of Yakuza kicks, a suplex, and a DDT that had Cruz seeing stars.

    Cruz fought back, nailing a sloppy backpack stunner that temporarily stopped the onslaught. But Sinnsyk was too much, taking his head off with a monster lariat for the pinfall.

    A post-match Muscle Buster attempt was staved off by a run-in from the Apocalypse. The masked Goliath switched places with a woozy Cruz on the top-rope and proceeded to lay out Sinnsyk with a flying belt shot followed by a God's Mercy step-up face plant right on the All Out War belt.

    Winner: Vlad Sinnsyk via pinfall

    Match #5: "Beautiful" Billy Suede vs. Zayden Trudeau

    Suede declared the match as an "All-Canadian Classic," refusing to wrestle unless the Filipino referee was replaced by a Canadian one. "The Canadian Dragon" Zayden Trudeau came out to interrupt the festivities and shut up the cocky Suede.

    Suede put on a master class early on, dismantling the young Trudeau with his all-around offense. Trudeau showed his stuff too, unleashing a top-rope body press, suicide dive, and deadlift German Suplex to rock the former PWR Champion.

    The two wrestled an intense match, exchanging enzuigiris and submissions to send the crowd into a frenzy. A missed shiranui spelled the end for Suede, with Trudeau rolling him up for the upset.

    Winner: Zayden Trudeau via pinfall

    Match #6: Punk Dolls vs. YOLO Twins

    The Punk Dolls brought out a backup to even the numbers game—Crystal, making her return to PWR after a long hiatus.

    This unfortunately backfired on the two rainbow warriors, with Crystal double-crossing them in the end, just when it seemed like she'd saved them from a Ken Warren foreign object. A vicious smacking of Robynn led to Martivo taking a Two Night Stand for the tainted 'L.'

    Winners: YOLO Twins via pinfall

    Match #7: Fighters 4 Hire vs. MTNH

    This was a long, evenly-fought match that saw Bax play face-in-peril for long stretches at a time.

    An F4H comeback fueled by a fresh, angry Rosales had Mahaba and Imabayashi on the defensive, with the two nearly walking out of the match. An over-the-top-rope plancha by Rosales had the crowd on their feet, and it seemed the two sluggers would find a way to will their way to a win.

    But MTNH had other plans. A Singapore cane attack behind the ref's back had Joey Bax out on his feet. A Sonic Crusher-splash combo was enough to secure the pin for the two Team Sebastian loyalists.

    Winners: Ralph Imabayashi & Rederick Mahaba via pinfall

    Match #8: Bolt vs. Mike Madrigal

    This was an electrifying match between two of PWR's New Breed.

    Bolt surprisingly put up a good fight, dazzling the Revo-Nation with an apron moonsault and countering all of Madrigal's best moves, including a pair of GTS attempts and a Near-Death Experience.

    Madrigal tried to put the match away, but fell to a surprise roll-up for the non-title loss.

    A frustrated Madrigal attempted to avenge himself post-match, but Zayden Trudeau made the save to potentially set up a PHX Championship three-way in the future.

    Winner: Bolt via pinfall

    Match #9—PWR Tag Team Championship: Evan Carleaux & Trian Dela Torre vs. The Network (c)

    This was a long, up-and-down match that saw more comedy spots than it did actual quality wrestling, but generally had the crowd entertained.

    TDT and Carleaux were a heartbeat away from pulling off the monumental upset after trapping Idol in their patented Darkest Noir submission finisher. The KakaiBros strutted out to ringside to distract everyone, however, allowing the Network to drop Carleaux with a double-team Pay-In for the successful title defense.

    Winners AND STILL PWR TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Network via pinfall

    Match #10—PWR Championship Lumberjack Match: John Sebastian vs. Chris Panzer (c)

    Chaos was the name of the game in this match that saw the complete teams of Mr. Sy and John Sebastian in close proximity all throughout, and taking every opportunity to take potshots at each other.

    John Sebastian thought he has the match sewn up after stealing Panzer's own Eagle Splash finisher, but could only get a two-count.

    Both teams streamed into the ring after a ref bump, with all members dishing out their respective finishers on each other. Just when it looked as though the smoke was about to clear, SANDATA ran in to join the fray as well. A handshake with Sebastian had the Wrestling Lord & Savior convinced he'd finally made a new ally, leaving him open to a Kidlat strike from the Pinoy Tecnico, who had apparently decided that Team Sy was his true calling. An Eagle Splash by Panzer sealed the deal.

    Winner AND STILL PWR CHAMPION: Chris Panzer via pinfall


    What did you think of the show, Revo-Nation? Do you think that Zayden Trudeau stole the show? Or did Bolt's performance impress you more? And more importantly, how do you think the long-running feud between Sebastian and Sy will play out at Vendetta next month?

    Let us know your thoughts, and we'll see you at the show!

    Photos by the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.
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