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    Wednesday, September 27, 2017

    The Smark Henry RAW Report (9/25/17): The One Where The Cruiserweights Closed The Show

    Some controversies arose at No Mercy and they got me excited to catch the RAW episode the day after. The go-home show sucked to say the least, but I knew they’d bounce back at the pay-per-view itself.

    A few questions I had in mind before watching:
    • Holy shit, is Cesaro going to be okay?
    • Will we find out who the next contender for the Universal Championship will be?
    • What happens next in the Cruiserweight division following Enzo Amore’s insane title win?
    • Can somebody take away the RAW Women’s Championship from Alexa Bliss already?

    God, that last segment to close the show was one of the best segments RAW has ever done with non-main eventers. The cruiserweight division came from being painfully stale to now being one of the most interesting storylines on the show.

    I’ve read so much hate for Enzo Amore, with people screaming that he doesn’t deserve the win. Well, clearly not, and WWE knew that from the start—and that’s exactly why they gave it to him. For weeks, they gave him that “punishment” treatment, leaving him destroyed after every show, whether it was physically or verbally. They made sure to let everyone know how undeserving and how annoying he is, to make people feel like killing themselves to the thought of him ever winning a championship. And then they freaking gave him one. It totally worked, didn’t it? Every single person who is beyond upset over his victory is feeling exactly how the WWE wants you to feel, and y’all are just simply biting into the story.

    It’s freaking genius! We now got ourselves a double turn for both Neville and Enzo as a means to spice up the entire division. Neville now seems like the hero and the spokesperson for almost everybody in the purple brand, whether heel or face, against Enzo. I know a lot of you guys still feel confused as to which side they’re really on... But to me, it doesn’t matter as much when the story’s made very clear here: everybody in the cruiserweight division doesn’t welcome Enzo because he is a disgrace to it. With that said, Enzo is the one to boo, and Neville and the rest of the division are the ones to cheer for.

    I promise I don’t do drugs and I’m thinking really straight when I say that this actually gets me excited to watch RAW next week to see what Enzo does next in this situation. It even makes me wanna take a peak at 205 Live! Ah yes, enjoy this storyline, you cuppa’ haters.

    Another turn we got on the show was from Goldust. So unexpected. I honestly thought we weren't going to hear from him again after his loss last week against Bray Wyatt, so I'm actually happy to see him stand up against Finn Bálor despite him turning face and heel again in only the span of 2 weeks. Imagine missing one episode of RAW? You’d be screwed and you wouldn’t know what the heck is going on. The now nicknamed "Extraordinary" Bálor announces he's now after the Universal Championship—freaking finally, after a million months—so we all know his mini-feud with Goldust will just be filler until Lesnar gets back from his rumored break. Unfortunately.

    Going back to the note of confusion, I'm not sure I like mixing different stories and feuds all at once, either. Picture this: Bálor fighting Goldust, but is after Brock Lesnar, but has to deal with Bray Wyatt all at the same time. Uhm, mindf*ck. There are so many other Superstars available to be used for compelling storylines—not just Finn Bálor. Okay, as a woman, I guess I shouldn't complain about seeing his a—I mean, him a lot on my screen every show. But wait… Where is Bray Wyatt? Is the feud over? I mean, I was expecting a trilogy because Bray needs his revenge, too… but I wasn’t hoping for it because I also just want it to end. It’s bittersweet, I guess.

    Roman Reigns is now after The Miz and his Intercontinental Championship. Notice how it made Reigns an instant babyface? People started cheering for him after that segment, and it just shows you that Miz officially possesses magical powers. Okay, not everyone was cheering for Reigns, and I still wish he would disappear from my screen, but he was booked and presented to look like a babyface. With that said, I can’t forget to mention: THE SHIELD. Is this it? Will we finally have a complete Shield reunion?! The Miz and his Miztourage mocked their pose and we now have a clue on where this entire storyline is going. They can’t drop the ball on this one, they already teased it. Wala na. They have to push through with it. There’s no going back!

    As much as I would die to see a Shield reunion, it’s crazy to see the lengths they’d go to make Reigns babyface again. Bakit napakalabo?! I know they’re trying out this new, innovative system for some of the Superstars, with Reigns being their greatest experiment, but you can only blur out the line so much. I’m getting so tired of seeing them try really hard to make Reigns look like the good guy when he often acts like the opposite. Which then makes me wonder: do people really hate Roman Reigns the character, or do they hate the weird character formula the writers are giving him?

    Anyway, we're getting a title match next week on free TV and I'm praying the Miztourage plays the tricks up their sleeves, but then this would mean they're stretching out this feud; Roman Reigns could then potentially become our next Intercontinental Champion, you guys. Joy…

    To summarize, the show started off alright. By the middle, I was doing my very best to stay awake and decided to make breakfast because I didn't care too much. The show picked up the pace in the end with the Cruiserweight division (nobody paid me to say this, I promise you) and closed the show with one of the funniest segments ever. It left everybody on a sweet note, so I'll give this episode a B-!

    Quick hitters:
    • Oh my God, when is Sasha Banks going to turn on Bayley? When? When I'm dead?! Seeing them as buddies nowadays makes me want to puke a little.
    • Mickie James, though! Finally, this is the kind of one-on-one feud the women division needs. It was a nice exchange, and it created a lot of buzz. Plus, she looked better than ever.
    • How the quack is Cesaro still on RAW, working, when his front teeth are pushed in his gums 4mm deep? I'll take the lip stitches, just not the teeth. Ow. I can't feel my legs.

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