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    Friday, September 29, 2017

    The Grapevine (9/29/17): Too Salty

    Good morning, and this is the Grapevine! This section of Smark Henry is where we round up all the founded and unfounded rumors abound the pro wrestling scene that you may have missed over the evening.

    Why did WWE threaten legal action over "Too Sweet," you ask?

    • WWE is claiming that the "Too Sweet" hand gesture is their intellectual property, after purchasing all of WCW's IPs. The WWE has actually registered ownership of the gesture back in 2015, during the bigger heyday of the Bullet Club in New Japan Pro Wrestling. A cease and desist letter was sent to the Young Bucks after the Bullet Club filmed a comedy skit for Being the Elite, in which they threatened to invade RAW this week at the Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario, California. It would be expensive for the Young Bucks to try and contest this in court, which led to them removing all references to it in their merchandise on YoungBucksMerch.com and Pro Wrestling Tees. (Source: WON)
    We say: Unfortunately, no matter how petty WWE comes off as, that's just the way the law works. It's easy to litigate over there, but it also seems that it was Bullet Club's own fault that led to their undoing in this case; it looks like the skit outside RAW was the straw that broke the Vince's back. You can only poke the bear too many times.
    • It was reportedly Vince McMahon's intention for Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar to go over clean at No Mercy. The two top stars are being built all the way up for their eventual WrestleMania 34 main event, and going over in WrestleMania-caliber matchups should ideally be the scenario for them. Meanwhile, it seems that we're getting Finn Balor vs. Brock Lesnar soon, but it's not clear when; Brock is not currently booked for Survivor Series, but he will be there for the RAW go-home show. (Source: WON)
    We say: The idea is nice, but nothing happens in a vacuum, and not being able to budge creatively on their top storyline will eventually prove to be a detriment to their plans. For all his genius, Vince should've called audibles (especially after proving he's able to do so with talents like Enzo Amore) with these matches, because everyone is tiring of his top two stars as they are.
    • Former WWE superstar Celeste Bonin, better known as Kaitlyn, seems to be looking to make a wrestling comeback. There is apparently some talk in WWE of bringing her back. Kaitlyn, who left the company back in 2013 due to personal issues and wanting to make her fitness career a priority, got back in the ring to train down in the Main Event Training Center in Florida, with former WWE and ECW wrestler Pablo Marquez. (Source: WON)
    We say: Hey, that's great news. Kaitlyn wasn't the best, but she would certainly be a good addition as a powerhouse female wrestler, perhaps to bolster SmackDown or NXT on that end. Let's hope this turns into something good for her.

    Let us know what you think of today's news in the comments!

    Photo from ROH
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