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    Monday, August 7, 2017

    The Grapevine (8/7/17): No Longer His Pueblo

    Good morning, and this is the Grapevine! This section of Smark Henry is where we round up all the founded and unfounded rumors abound the pro wrestling scene that you may have missed over the evening.

    It looks like Rey Mysterio isn't headed back home anytime soon:

    • Rey Mysterio is not likely to re-sign with WWE. According to a report by Sports Illustrated, WWE has apparently decided to pass on signing Rey due to Vince McMahon's personal issues with Mexican legend Konnan, who is also his manager. Their issues stem from Konnan's time in the WWE as Max Moon, something Vince heavily invested in before Konnan decided to go be a star in Mexico instead. Konnan visited a SmackDown show lately to see Chris Jericho, but it did not help his relationship with Vince at all. Now it's likely that Rey will be getting an offer from GFW, who is trying to veer away from Alberto El Patron as its top Latino star. (Source: Sports Illustrated)

    We say: If that's really the thing stopping WWE from getting Rey, then that's incredibly petty of Vince. Two things, however—you can't exactly blame Konnan for not wanting to be Max Moon, and this whole story doesn't make a lot of historical sense. Vince is known for mending broken relationships as long as enough time has passed and there's money to be made; that's the reason why we have Kurt Angle as our RAW GM, anyway. If Rey is indeed going to GFW, let's hope that they use him correctly.

    • At this rate, it looks like Bayley will really be out of the SummerSlam RAW Women's Championship match due to her injury. There is no official diagnosis yet as her shoulder is swollen, but it doesn't look good. Bayley sustained her injury during a match with Nia Jax last week on RAW, where she took a bad landing on her shoulder. (Source: Wrestling Inc)

    We say: We hope Bayley isn't hurt too bad, but maybe this might be the time off she needs as well.

    • There is no heat on Shinsuke Nakamura for John Cena's bad neck landing from last week's SmackDown match. It was generally considered a fluke, and even Cena himself let it slide after telling Nakamura to not be sorry for the spot. (Source: PWInsider)

    We say: As it should be. It was clear to everyone that it was an accident. However, maybe there should be some tighter rules on replaying such a nasty bump?

    Let us know what you think of today's news in the comments!

    Photo from WWE
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