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    Monday, August 14, 2017

    PWR Reveals Initial Card For APCC Day 1

    If you weren't hyped about the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's return to AsiaPOP Comicon this August 25-27, you'd better be now.

    While crowning a new PHX Champion remains to be the top priority of the company during the three-day 12-man tournament announced previously, the PWR Championship will be up for grabs as well in a scintillating rematch from last month's Bakbakan sa Bayanihan. That alone should be worth the full price of admission for three days of festivities!

    In any case, the initial Day 1 card has just been announced, to be headlined by that PWR Championship rematch. Here's a look at the four matches lined up so far for August 25.

    Main Event—PWR Championship Rematch: Chris Panzer vs. "Beautiful" Billy Suede

    There's truly no rest when you're king of the hill, and new PWR Champion Billy Suede is going to learn that first-hand in his inaugural title defense. Facing him will be the former champion Chris Panzer, who's out to prove that his loss last month was nothing more than a blip on his path to greatness.

    This third match between the two should be an absolute barn-burner, with both men having each other thoroughly scouted after their back-to-back encounters at #UnFathersDay and Bakbakan. If there is any match that can best show off the capabilities of the country's top wrestling promotion in front of a potential new audience of 13,000 fans, this would be it.

    Expect nothing less than pedal-to-the-metal fireworks between the two, with Panzer looking to land a Panzerschreck or three followed by his trademark Eagle Splash, and Suede hoping to knock Panzer out one more time with his trademark shiranui finisher.

    Prediction: Billy Suede retains the PWR Championship via pinfall

    PHX Championship Eliminations: Jake De Leon vs. Vlad Sinnsyk

    Vlad Sinnsyk isn't going to have time to bask in the afterglow of his win over SANDATA in a match that marked his return to singles competition last month. His next test: The fiery two-time former PWR Champion Jake De Leon, who's been having a rough 2017 with just one win so far and is looking to secure the PHX Championship to regain his footing in the company's upper crust. The Senyorito has plummeted to #17 on our PWR Power Rankings—his lowest ranking ever—but a solid showing here could return him to his previous lofty stature.

    Sinnsyk on the other hand may not have found the glory he was looking for in his Deadly Sinns tag team with Mike Madrigal, but owns the respect of the Revo-Nation for his career-opening win against another former PWR Champion in Ralph Imabayashi. Could JDL be the second champ he defeats in a one-on-one match? He's snuck up to #12 on our PWR Power Rankings, and knows that a couple of wins here could propel him into the top ten.

    Look for JDL to keep Sinnsyk off-balance with his helter-skelter offense, and try to cinch in the Inasal Lock for the submission. Vlad, on the other hand, is probably going to approach this match with his usual madman tactics, and find an opportunity to ring JDL's bell with his dangerous Muscle Buster.

    Prediction: JDL advances to the PHX Championship semifinals via submission

    PHX Championship Eliminations: John Sebastian vs. Martivo

    John Sebastian is still feeling salty over his PWR Championship loss, and looks to take his feelings out on "The Man-Doll" Martivo. At #6 on our Power Rankings, he's the highest-ranked competitor in the entire tournament, and should have no problem dispatching of his 13th-ranked foe.

    Martivo hasn't gotten to strut his stuff too often in the singles division, but has the unique talent of rallying even the most casual of fans around him with his rainbow-bright charisma and unquestionable talents. A single Grabe 'Tey (his patented double underhook atomic drop) is often enough to knock out an opponent for the three-count, while his One Last Chancery submission can make anyone tap out.

    Sebastian is going to come out of the gates fast and loose and is going to try to overwhelm Martivo with his strong-style-inspired offense. He's going to look for an early Killshot to end the night early, and hopefully earn him some rest for an expected second-round encounter with SANDATA.

    Prediction: John Sebastian advances to the PHX Championship semifinals via pinfall

    PHX Championship Eliminations: Mike Madrigal vs. Trian Dela Torre

    First things first: Do we even know if Trian Dela Torre can be found in time for his scheduled entry to the PHX Championship tournament? After being absolutely destroyed by All Out War Champion The Apocalypse at Bakbakan, the pint-sized powerhouse has gone MIA, spawning a nationwide search by his trusty Trianverse minions GrabCamus and Officer Tutan, AKA "Kap."

    Mike Madrigal doesn't care what kind of state TDT may be in; PWR's Pambansang Kupal is looking for the same kind of success his former partner Sinnsyk is after in the tourney, and wouldn't mind taking home the iconic white-and-gold belt as a trophy. His MMA-style offense can topple any foe, and his Go To Sleep has knocked out more than one PWR competitor—he'd easily be a favorite to advance, as long as he doesn't let over-confidence get the better of him.

    We want to root for the little guy, we really do, but so long as he's in absentia, we have no choice but to predict that he falls short.

    Prediction: Mike Madrigal advances to the PHX Championship semifinals via forfeit


    What do you think of our predictions, Revo-Nation? Think any of these dudes are ripe for an upset? And which Day 1 matchup excites you the most? Let us know your thoughts, and we'll see you at the show!


    The 2017 AsiaPOP Comicon Manila is happening on August 25-27 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. Tickets start at P600 for a one-day pass, and can be purchased exclusively through SM Tickets.

    Photography courtesy of "Heretical" Hub Pacheco.
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