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    Friday, August 25, 2017


    Rocking harder than a hurricane, the Philippine Wrestling Revolution stole the show on an action-packed Day 1 performance at this year's AsiaPOP Comicon at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

    The ongoing tournament to fill the vacant PHX Championship was the biggest highlight for the day, with massive shakeups that throw most predictions—including ours!—out the window.

    Here's a recap of all the action.


    Vlad Sinnsyk: Bracket-Buster

    In the day's biggest shocker, Vlad Sinnsyk proved why he could possibly be the most underrated star in PWR today with a shock first-round upset of two-time PWR Champion and tournament favorite Jake De Leon in a sensational back-and-forth match.

    De Leon looked to be coasting to victory as he attempted a springboard clothesline, only to fall to a perfectly-timed European uppercut that caused him to lose his footing on the ropes. A massive Muscle Buster on the stranded Senyorito was enough to send the bearded madman through to the semifinals.

    Winner: Vlad Sinnsyk via pinfall

    A Beautiful Defense

    Newly-crowned PWR Champion "Beautiful" Billy Suede showed that his Bakbakan sa Bayanihan win over former champ Chris Panzer was no fluke with a decisive pinfall victory in his first title defense.

    Panzer had the SMX crowd on their feet after landing a picture-perfect Eagle Splash off the top rope that garnered a 2.9-count.

    Suede fought back, nailing a thudding shiranui to secure the win, his second straight over his Detroit-bred foe, to go up 2-1 in their head-to-head series.

    Panzer fell to his second straight loss after a PWR-record eight-match winning streak.

    Winner: Billy Suede via pinfall

    The PHX Curse Strikes Again

    Former PHX Champions just can't seem to catch a break, with inaugural PHX Champion Ken Warren suffering a concussion in his six-man tag match with PWR Tag Team Champions The YOLO Twins Yohann & Logan Ollores against the unlikely team of Robynn, Bolt, and Crystal.

    The injury occurred after Warren took a clothesline over the top rope that ended with him banging his head on the ring apron.

    To add insult to injury, the Warren/YOLO squad took the embarrassing defeat after Robynn landed a Twist of Fate onto Logan for the fall.

    Winners: Robynn, Crystal, and Bolt via pinfall

    Chinese Jesus Rides High

    John Sebastian may have been absolutely disrespectful to his tournament first-round opponent Martivo in the lead-up to their clash, but he certainly brought the goods.

    The self-proclaimed Wrestling Lord and Savior secured the easy win with a Killshot to move on to the semifinals.

    Winner: John Sebastian via pinfall

    Trian Dela Torre Falls Short

    Heading into the first-round clash between Trian Dela Torre and "The Walking Death" Mike Madrigal, the most intriguing point was whether TDT, who had been missing in action since last month, would even make it to APCC.

    He probably shouldn't have bothered showing up, falling victim to Madrigal's deadly Go To Sleep.

    Vlad Sinnsyk ran in after the match to confront his former Deadly Sinns partner, but apparently took consolation in a "peace offering" of TDT cohort Officer Tutan, knocking him out with an awesome standing Muscle Buster.

    Madrigal and Sinnsyk will meet in the semis.

    Winner: Mike Madrigal via pinfall

    Apocalypse Now

    Newly-anointed All Out War Champion The Apocalypse was absolutely brutal against the rugged tag team specialist Joey Bax in a non-title match. The Pinoy Nightmare unveiled a new top-rope double stomp finisher to take home the easy W.

    Winner: The Apocalypse via pinfall

    Enter: The Dragon

    "The Canadian Dragon" Zayden Trudeau made a huge impact in a thrilling win over Trabajador Quatro that saw him unleash such great offense as a springboard missile dropkick that had his masked foe on his back.

    Trudeau eventually rode the momentum to victory with Desolé, his signature spin-out wrist-trap knee strike.

    The T-Rex did a post-match run-in, knocking out both men with a pair of Stone Cold Stunners that had the crowd in fits.

    PWR General Manager Mr. Sy announced later on via social media that due to Trudeau's emphatic showing, he will be stepping into the PHX Championship Tournament as an injury replacement for Ken Warren.

    Winner: Zayden Trudeau via pinfall

    Go Go Revo-Ranger!

    The mysterious Revo-Ranger showed us all the definition of truth, justice, and the Revo-Nation way by swatting down the spirited challenge of KakaiBro representative Mh4rckie in an entertaining battle.

    Winner: Revo-Ranger via pinfall


    Which match result surprised you the most from Day 1, Revo-Nation? Be honest, who still has their brackets intact after seeing two early favorites getting knocked out of the PHX Tournament?

    Let us know your thoughts, and we'll see you for some Day 2 action!


    Photos courtesy of "Historic" Hub Pacheco.
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