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    Wednesday, July 12, 2017

    PWR Stars Speak Up On Chino Guinto's Injury

    The whole PHX Championship scene has been thrown into disarray with the shocking announcement that the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's "Golden Boy" and current division champ Chino Guinto is on the shelf for possibly the rest of 2017 with a complete ACL tear.

    With PWR Live: Bakbakan sa Bayanihan less than two weeks away, we have no idea what the card will look like, knowing that Guinto will be unable to defend his treasured title. But that hasn't stopped the outpouring of support from his PWR colleagues.

    We've gathered some exclusive comments from various members of the roster as they send their thoughts out to their fallen brother.

    Real-life PWR President "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon had this to say:

    Well. It's a really bad break and my heart goes out to him. He's been one of the guys that has been on fire as of late and it sucks that his injury had to happen so suddenly, which is one of the dangers of this business.
    But I honestly believe Chino is the kind of guy who has the strength and tenacity to bounce back from this injury. I've been in the ring with that guy and I know he'll work his ass off to get better and get back at 100%. He's not called the Golden Boy for nothing.

    Heated rival Ralph Imabayashi was less sympathetic—no surprise, really, considering how he believes he should have been PHX Champion and not Guinto.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA this is what you get for trying to mold yourself into something you don't even fit in. Being a workhorse got you nothing but a broken body. No respect will be given to anyone who can't be themselves and fake their way.

    SANDATA may likewise have had some legendary wars against Guinto, but the Pinoy Tecnico was characteristically gentlemanly in offering his well-wishes.

    Matindi ang labanan na pinapasukan namin dito sa PWR, pero kailanma'y hindi ko hihilingin na masaktan ang isang kaaway nang tulad ng nangyari kay Chino. Sana nga'y bumilis ang kanyang paggaling.

    Former PHX Champion Main Maxx, who's going through rehabilitation for a similar injury himself, had nothing but support for the Golden Boy.

    Ayun, I really feel sad nung nalaman ko na Chino injured his knee. I considered him as one of the top faces of the company. As a former PHX Champ with the same injury, medyo masakit talaga mentally and physically. I remember when I injured my knee last March it was the worst two weeks of my life. Sobrang parusa nung mga panahon na 'yun and I was thinking of retirement na that time.
    But with the love and the support I got from the PWR Family and from the Revo-Nation, na-motivate ako na magpagaling at bumalik soon. Knowing Chino, he's a tough dude. He will heal up—or should I say #BlessedUp—and will come back stronger than ever! 
    It's sad to think that a year ago we were facing each other for the PHX Championship, and after a year we're both sidelined with the same injury. But I'm sure we will back as we promised to the Revo-Nation!

    Just don't expect the same level of sympathy from the man Guinto defeated to win the PHX Championship, Peter Versoza. Even in these dark times, the Bulacan Babe Magnet is still selling his agenda to reclaim the iconic white and gold belt.

    Here's a thought. Both Main Maxx and Chino Guinto blew out their knees. What do they have in common? They both faced me.
    Paging Mr. Sy, Peter Versoza is the only PHX Champion in history who never got injured or went on hiatus!

    Guinto's Network boss James "Idol" Martinez may have had a few rough patches with the Golden Boy over the latter's rise to singles success, but showed nothing but kindness in urging his top downline back to health.

    Yo Chino, dalawang sunod na casualty tinanggap mo ah. 'Yung sa mata mo nung Eastwood show, tapos 'yung tuhod mo naman ngayon. Di ko na sasabihin na 'pagaling ka agad' kasi kahit naman di ko sabihin 'yun, 'yun naman talaga ang direction mo. 
    Pakibilisan na lang agad kasi brand new pa yung dice mo pang DnD. Bibinyagan pa natin 'yan! Saka release tayo bagong merch ng Network 'pag balik mo, g? Everyone sa locker room will be waiting sa pagbalik mo. From your frenemy, Idol.

    Network enforcer Alexander Belmonte III was similarly supportive for his running mate.

    Nakakalungkot na nangyari 'to kay Chino, especially after ng lahat ng nagawa niya lately. No one deserves to be injured. Get well soon Chino!

    PWR General Manager Mr. Sy had to have the last word, of course, and with it, the promise of an imminent resolution to the PHX Championship arena.

    The Chino Guinto injury is absolutely unfortunate, and on behalf of the PWR roster, I wish him all the best as he recovers from it. I have no doubt in my mind that Chino will come back stronger than ever and I look forward to when that day comes. In the meantime, we are in the process of discussing how to resolve the situation with the PHX Championship.

    What are your thoughts on the Golden Boy's sad setback, Revo-Nation? Got any words of support to shoot out to the promising young stud? Leave us a comment below, and we'll make sure Chino Guinto reads every single damn one.

    Photos by "Healthy" Hub Pacheco
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