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    Thursday, June 22, 2017

    [WATCH] 13 Things We Learned From PWR's #UnFathersDay Show

    You'd be excused if you missed out on the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's #UnFathersDay show at Eastwood City last weekend—it's hard to drag the whole family along to watch pro wrestling on any given day, let alone the one holiday a year that fatherhood gets put in the spotlight.

    But if you did, let us tell you this: Before a jam-packed crowd of both new inductees and hardcore fans, the company sneakily pulled off one of its most refreshing shows yet, free of the burden of continuity and storyline progression built into its regular paid shows.

    Don't believe us? Check out this highlight reel from Sunday's action.

    While the company may have treated this as a house show, that doesn't mean the action was lean on interesting details to pique our interest. Here are the 13 most interesting things we picked up from the show:

    1. Kapitan PWR sighting! Seeing the masked yellow-and-black warrior in action may be as rare as catching a Ditto in Pokémon Go, but he's always worth the effort. Despite his heft, he's one of the springiest guys on the roster. Probably the best reason to catch a PWR house show, like at last year's AsiaPOP Comicon.
    2. Whoever he is, this Bootcamper Jan bumps pretty well in the ring. Someone needs to sponsor this dude pronto.
    3. SANDATA picked up some new DLC moves. We've always loved the Pinoy Tecnico's offense, but it was cool seeing him trying out new moves at this show such as a scissors kick and a tornado DDT. Sucks that he lost though in Koto Hiro's farewell match.
    4. Trian Dela Torre is hands down the funniest guy on the roster. Every Tower of Doom spot from now on needs a drop toehold in it, or we riot.
    5. Even on a family show, Mike Madrigal still isn't PG.
    6. Miguel Rosales is crazy good. Why isn't he competing for the PHX Championship again?
    7. Ken Warren is the best natural showman in the business. Even casual fans in the audience responded to his taunting and showboating.
    8. Jake De Leon is the real El Supremo of Philippine wrestling. He's just amazing in the ring. Shame that the kids watching behind us were so fixated on how he and Chino Guinto were just "naghahawakan ng dede" in what was an awesome match.
    9. Chino Guinto wrestles like a CAW. Daming special!
    10. John Sebastian is shockingly good in the midcard. He's a lot of fun in the ring, and his mouth just won't stop running.
    11. The Network would make amazing faces some day. No joke, James "Idol" Martinez had the crowd chanting his name all match.
    12. Why isn't Billy Suede on the WWE's radar? He's pure gold. We wish PWR had the balls to put the PWR Championship on him this close to Renaissance just to screw with everyone's minds. He makes everyone look like a star.
    13. Pogi pa rin si Panzer. Nakakainis na ha. Napabili tuloy kami ng chaleco.


    Here's hoping this sleeper show elevated PWR's stock in the mainstream and converted a few new fans to the product. If this is how good a house show can be, we're looking forward to how rockin' Renaissance this weekend will be.


    PWR Renaissance 2017 is happening on Sunday, June 25, at Playland in Fisher Mall, Quezon City. Doors open at 2 PM. Stay tuned for official announcements on the Facebook event page regarding ticket availability, pricing, and details.

    Cover photo courtesy of "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon.
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