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    Friday, June 23, 2017

    The Smark Henry Mailbag (6/23/17): Curiosity Killed The Cat

    More stylin' than the Fashion Police, more flippy than Jake De Leon, and more tear-jerking than the Enzo-Cass break-up, it's the Smark Henry Mailbag!

    This is a new semi-regular column we'll be running on the site to answer any questions you may have for the Philippines' longest-running website devoted completely to the crazy world of professional wrestling. Each week, we'll be featuring the most thought-provoking ones and tossing them out to the rest of you Henrinites to debate.

    If you'd like to join the fun on future editions, click here to submit a question.

    Ready? Let's roll.

    P.S. All questions are answered by a range of different writers on the Smark Henry staff.


    Push, Bury, Fire: Chris Panzer, Chino Guinto, Ken Warren.

    Push: Chris Panzer. PWR would be greatly helped by having someone with mainstream appeal like his—come on, dude is an actual real-life commercial model—to help sell the product to a wider audience.

    Bury: Ken Warren. Ridiculously talented guy, and pretty bulletproof in fan's eyes. Even without company support, he'd still fly.

    Fire: Chino Guinto. Great fundamentals and work ethic, he'd be marvelous in any other promotion to help uplift the skill level.

    Do you think they'll ever make Miguel Rosales or Mike Madrigal PWR Champions?

    Huge fans of both. Madrigal is maaaaybe a little bit more marketable, but only if he learns to stop cussing like a 14-year-old.

    On a scale of 1-10, how likely is the chance we'll get to see a PWR and MWF supershow?

    Honestly, we don't think it's an entirely fair comparison. PWR is a little bit more mature in terms of skills, since most of the roster has had a couple of years of experience already, and the benefit of performing to larger crowds.

    MWF is young and hungry, and we honestly dig some guys on the roster like Gigz Stryker and Robin Sane. But give them a bit more time to earn their confidence and seasoning. They don't need the pressure yet.

    If in the next 12 months: 1.

    In your opinion, should The Apocalypse stop using the Death Bell? Even my friends and I find it very odd, and it doesn't feel like a strong move for a monster.

    Here's the thing: We're all for innovation, and as far as we know, that's a move he invented all by himself. So, props to him for that.

    Where we think it gets confusing is that it's a move designed for someone who's either really strong, or consistently outweighs his opponent. And we suppose it's fairly obvious that he's nowhere near his billed weight of 280 pounds. Strength matters a lot in this move, and he's looked really wobbly lifting anyone from JDL's weight class and upwards, i.e. John Sebastian, Mark D. Manalo, etc.

    Another thing is that it doesn't seem clear to his opponents how they're supposed to take it. Early on, it looked like they were taking face bumps, like some sort of modified flapjack or facebuster. But other times, he doesn't seem to hold them in position well, so it turns into a sort of sideways sheer drop Samoan.

    We wouldn't mind him keeping the move—heck, it's his own creation—but he needs to (1) build up his hip extension and leg strength with explosive deadlifts and squats, and (2) have more consistency (or at least clarity) with his opponent on what he expects them to do for the move.

    We love the guy though. Hard worker with a massive pair of cojones.

    Who should we be watching from outside the WWE and why? Ro's really high on Matt Riddle and Jeff Cobb, but who else is worth a look? CC: Lance & Anthony

    We're really high (pun intended) on Riddle, and Cobb because he's a fucking monster. Three more off the top of our heads:

    Travis Banks. The next big thing coming out of the British wrestling scene, even though he's actually from New Zealand. Has the look of a main event player, in addition to just being really good at wrestling. Recently just won PROGRESS' big Super Strong Style 16 tournament.

    Flamita. A really, really good luchador out of Mexico who should be in the discussion for best high-flyer in the world today—even better than Ospreay, in our opinion! He was Nightclaw in Lucha Underground, Octagon Jr. in AAA (long story), and has been in such promotions as PROGRESS and Dragon Gate.

    Marty Scurll. In an age where reality and kayfabe often blurred, this guy stands out because he makes campy work. He's your Saturday morning cartoon villain: ludicrous outfit, evil laugh, and random evil acts (i.e. breaking fingers) just because. One sick fuck.

    There are obviously more than this, but that's going to take a long time to list down. There are a lot of good wrestlers outside the WWE right now; it's easy to find someone you like with all the talent out there.

    Choose three wrestlers that you like and one you dislike, separate answers for PWR and MWF, and why.

    Three PWR guys we like:

    Jake De Leon. His matches are the ones we look forward to the most, because you know they'll always be good. Great guy, and one of the reasons Philippine wrestling is surging forward.

    Trian Dela Torre. Fairly new, but I don't think anyone does social media better than this guy (sorry, Ken Warren!). He's also got a unique thing going for him, and is generally entertaining to watch because he finds a way around his supposed disadvantage. Also, he has his own assistant/taga-buhat/Grab.

    SANDATA. Si John Lloyd 'yan eh.

    The PWR guy we dislike:

    The Kakaibros: WHY GOD WHY DID YOU CREATE THIS? If Marlou is that mystery partner on Sunday...

    Three MWF guys we like:

    Robin Sane. We've seen both MWF shows, and this guy is pretty damn good. He has the most upside out of anyone on their roster right now.

    Gigz Stryker. The action star shtick works. He's got the perfect look for it, and comes in second only to Sane in terms of who has impressed on the roster so far.

    Moises Liwanag. His gimmick has huge potential, especially in a country where religion plays as fundamental a role like ours. This is the one we're excited to see play out, because there's a shot that it could be very, very fun.

    The MWF guy we dislike: 

    Rex Lawin. There's something about him that just hasn't clicked. Pinoy Strong Style, but he doesn't sound menacing at all, and has looked like a complete chump in their first two shows. Also, inputs from other trained wrestlers say that the way he moves in the ring is a bit unsafe, which is never a good thing.

    How do I get into being a wrestling writer? What are you looking for in contributors (if you are looking)?

    An original voice, a sense of humor, and a point of view.

    Sounds really basic, but that's the truth. In a sea of a million pro wrestling analysts and reporters, how can you help a fledgling site like ours stand out?

    Also, we love it when you're an absolute geek about things. That's how we end up with Stan doing Theme Song Tuesdays, or Anthony tirelessly hitting up Lucha Underground.

    Message us on Facebook and let's talk!


    Got any questions you'd like to throw to the big, happy smarkada over here at the Smark Henry Offices? Toss them over, and we'll be glad to shoot the shit with you.


    Disagree with any of our opinions? Think we're over-rating some flippy indie vanilla midget again? Drop us a line in the comments, and we'll see y'all again very soon.


    All PWR and MWF photos are by the beautiful and talented "Hogwarts" Hub Pacheco.
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