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    Wednesday, June 21, 2017

    John Sebastian: The Resurrection of a God

    Quick, try and think of a time John Sebastian wasn't in the main event picture of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.

    Hard, isn't it? The self-proclaimed "Wrestling Lord & Savior" may have reigned supreme as PWR Champion for just six short months, but it sure feels like he's been on top of the card much longer than that. Whether it was strutting to ringside with TV star KC Montero by his side, ascending to the role of Ace in the now-dead Royal Flush, or pummeling "Classical" Bryan Leo's ass out of the company altogether, imagining a local wrestling landscape without him at its core is pretty damn impossible.

    And yet here we are. After losing his prized PWR Championship to Chris Panzer in a legendary match at Wrevolution X then falling short in his rematch at last month's PWR Live: Resbak, Sebastian finds himself in an unusual role: an afterthought.

    Imagine that—a few days out from one of PWR's tentpole shows for the year, and the poor guy finds himself with no hype, no championship rematches, not even an announced opponent for Sunday.

    Of course, this could swing both ways for the Ayala Alabang Asshole; on the one hand, it must be refreshing to be able to step into a PWR ring for once without a target on his back. But on the other hand, it must be insulting to be taking this tumble from main eventing a show to being stuck in limbo.

    We caught up with the former PWR Champion to gather his thoughts on where he stands in the company today.

    "What I actually find most insulting is that the second I misstepped and lost the PWR Championship, [PWR General Manager] Stan [Sy] made sure to shove his favorites down the Revo-Nation's throat," he told us, a hungry gleam in his eye.

    "You see, people like Stan want people to be like him. He's the type of guy who shoves 'things' down his throat, and it makes him happy to see the people who bought his ugly maroon shirts are just like him now," he said, alluding to Sy's popular "Ginusto Mo 'Yan" licensed merchandise.

    It's a familiar refrain; long-time fans will of course remember that Sebastian actually cost Mr. Sy his job at Wrevolution X last year. Knowing his ego, he's probably still smarting over having to flip-flop and reinstate him as General Manager in exchange for a championship match just a few short months down the line after that.

    That doesn't mean he's about to bow down to PWR's head honcho. Even as a supposed lackey during his Royal Flush run, he's been known to call his own shots, even building up a reputation in the locker room as a bit of a loose cannon.

    "As for not having a pre-announced opponent, it's nothing I haven't encountered before," he sneers, seemingly oblivious to how inconsequential he's become in how the Renaissance card has shaped up. "I became a God before I became PWR Champion, and a God doesn't sweat the small stuff."

    We can't imagine though that it's easy for him to be standing by the sidelines as the bandwagon for his conquerer Chris Panzer keeps swelling its ranks.

    Publicly, he's keeping a game face, but his words belie some residual resentment over being overtaken by a man he was dominating twelve months ago.

    "Does the Panzer hype train surprise me?" he asked himself rhetorically. "No. I knew he was good, and as much as I hate to admit it, he pulled those victories off with everything he had."

    "It's not typical in our business, but I admire the fact that he managed to get to where he is despite of what he is," he smiled, a hint of condescension creeping into his voice. "Does it mean I like him? That I'll stand aside as he parades around with the PWR Championship in his little Panzer scooter? You know the answer to that as well as I do, and even Chris knows it too. The moment he shows an opening is the moment I take it from him."

    This doesn't mean Sebastian plans on crawling to PWR management, crying for yet another shot against Panzer. In his words, such an act is beneath his dignity.

    "Unlike the rest of the PWR roster, I will never get down on my knees and kiss Stan's un-athletic ass to get my opportunity," he stated simply. "A God never begs."

    Love him or hate him, he's assembled a remarkable resumé throughout his PWR career, and he really is as good as advertised.

    "Let me see. I've conquered the Heart & Soul of PWR. I've defeated poverty with a kendo stick. Hell, I've saved the Philippine professional wrestling industry time and time and time again. Unlike you non-achievers in life, I have done what those who claim to be above me can never replicate."

    So what can we expect from John Sebastian in the coming months? Pure chaos, if he has his way.

    "Being just another 'spoke in the wheel' is not something your Wrestling Lord & Savior is going to stoop to at any time in his life," he crows to us defiantly. "Never done it, and that's probably why Stan wants me out of the picture the way he does. I have never bowed down to Mr. Dimsum n' Dumplings 2017 like everyone else has. At Renaissance, John Sebastian will do whatever the hell John Sebastian wants to do, and there is nothing anyone can do about it."

    So there you have it, Revo-Nation. Don't count on John Sebastian taking a backseat to anyone on the roster, champion or not. Leave it to him to always have the last word—because in his mind, this is still his world, and we're all just living in it.

    Agent of chaos. Loose cannon. Irreverent to the core. We just may see a whole new incarnation of John Sebastian, and that's bad news for the whole PWR roster around him. When pressed, he did have some parting words for the fans who plan to be in attendance this Sunday.

    "What ever it is I do, trust me, IT IS 4... oh, wait. I'm waaaay too good to do that stupid catchphrase shit."

    Noted with thanks, Mr. Sebastian. We think you're a jerk, but you'll never fade gracefully into the background.

    Then again, that isn't what a God does.


    What do you think lies in store for John Sebastian at Renaissance this Sunday, Revo-Nation? Will he find a way to insinuate himself back into the title picture, or has he got something even more momentous planned? Let us know your thoughts, and we'll see you at the show!


    PWR Renaissance 2017 is happening on Sunday, June 25, at Playland in Fisher Mall, Quezon City. Doors open at 2 PM. Stay tuned for official announcements on the Facebook event page regarding ticket availability, pricing, and details.

    Photos courtesy of "Hold Me Close" Hub Pacheco.
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