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    Friday, June 9, 2017

    #FinisherFriday: The Ten Best Moves In Filipino Wrestling Today

    2017 could very well go down as the most momentous year in Filipino pro wrestling history. Not only is the flagship Philippine Wrestling Revolution chugging along on its third year—even meriting a scouting trip from WWE's talent development team!—we've also seen the long-awaited birth of the upstart Manila Wrestling Federation, with Art of War Wrestling making some rumblings of its own as a potential third local promotion.

    It's a young scene, that's for sure. But young doesn't mean raw; despite the steep learning curve that local talents are going through, we've seen a ton of spectacular highlights that have made even the most jaded rasslin' fans drop their jaws with awe. From high-flying dives (DIVE!) to hard-hitting strikes and slams, the overall skill level is higher than it's ever been.

    What better way to prove this than with the ultimate mixtape of our ten favorite wrestling moves from the Philippine wrestling scene?

    So in no particular order, #TaraLetsGo!


    Mr. Lucha—DVD X (Manila Wrestling Federation)

    Mr. Lucha may strike you initially as a comedy character with his bright primary hues and overall jovial demeanor. But as one of the Manila Wrestling Federation's premier talents, he clearly knows how to take care of business. Case in point: DVD X, his trademark powerbomb lift transitioned into a neck-crunching Death Valley Driver.

    It's a bad-ass move that shows off not just his brute strength, but some sophisticated timing and body control. We can't imagine anyone kicking out once Lucha bombs them down.

    Ken Warren—Wi-Fi (Philippine Wrestling Revolution)

    On the other end of the spectrum, we absolutely love former PHX Champion Ken Warren's Wi-Fi (Winning Finish) superkick. It's a move that displays pinpoint accuracy and technique by one of PWR's few remaining originals, and has taken down the likes of such world-class talents as former PHX Champion Bombay Suarez and current PWR Champion Chris Panzer.

    Superkicks are always great. But Warren's especially nasty variant to the back of the head of a groggy opponent is designed to cause maximum damage, causing rotational shearing to the brain from the whiplash, potentially leaving its victim with a concussion or vision-related problems.


    SANDATA—Ang Huling Bala (Philippine Wrestling Revolution)

    The Pinoy Tecnico may be more famous for his tendon-snapping Ankle Lock, but we've seen him bust out this gorgeous Busaiku Knee Kick variant when he catches his opponent napping. Dubbed "Ang Huling Bala," it's a lights-out move he delivers with both grace and downright mean-ness, floating through with the strike and leaving his opponent flat on his back for the three-count.

    SANDATA has had the chance to challenge for the PHX Championship in the past, but has always fallen short. Perhaps with this bullet in his chamber, things would have turned out differently for PWR's Huling Mandirigma.

    Robin Sane—The 450 (Manila Wrestling Federation)

    Whether you're part of #TeamDive or #TeamHeadlock, it isn't difficult to appreciate a good move when you see it. Robin Sane's beautiful 450 splash he calls "The 450" is one of those spectacles of agility and coordination that would make waves no matter what continent he hits it on.

    Sane is possibly one of absolute best aerial artists in the country today, and we look forward to seeing him growing his personal highlight reel even more. Rumor has it this isn't even the best high-flying move in his repertoire. Stay tuned, MWF aficionados.

    Jake De Leon—Hiptoss Armbar (Philippine Wrestling Revolution)

    Just looking at Jake De Leon's husky frame, you'd never guess he was the best all-around pro wrestler in the Philippines today. But the moment you catch him in the ring, be prepared to get your mind blown with his all-world mobility and springiness. With his boundless array of springboard clotheslines, slingshot splashes, and corner cannonballs, "The Senyorito" always finds new ways to delight onlookers. His latest special? This beautiful hiptoss-flying-armbar combo used to set up his dreaded Inasal Lock.

    That timing. That precision. That ring awareness. JDL is the total package, and we don't think we'll ever get tired of seeing him strut his stuff as El Supremo of the local wrestling industry.

    Logan Ollores—YOLOsault (Philippine Wrestling Revolution)

    With all their rule-breaking shenanigans, it's easy to forget that PWR Tag Team Champions the YOLO Twins (Yohann & Logan Ollores) are pretty damn great wrestlers. They might prefer to polish off foes with their patented superkick party or their 3D-inspired Two Night Stand tandem finisher, but they secretly pack one of the greatest moves in PWR in their arsenal: The high-wire crowd-pleaser known as the YOLOsault.

    It's a move they typically save for just the biggest occasions, but never fails to get a reaction. When Logan starts flipping, that's a sure sign they're elevating things to a higher gear.

    John Sebastian—Killshot (Philippine Wrestling Revolution)

    Early on in his career, former PWR Champion John Sebastian was derided as nothing more than a Shinsuke Nakamura wannabe, and his choice of finisher did nothing but reinforce that.

    We honestly don't care where wrestlers draw inspiration—hey, Sebastian is one of the most decorated local wrestlers, after all—and his Killshot knee strike is one of the best moves around.

    Countless opponents have fallen to the might of the self-proclaimed "Wrestling Lord & Savior"'s knee, and that isn't going to change any time in the future. With the full force of his 200-plus pound frame behind it, the Ayala Alabang Asshole will always be just one strike away from victory.

    Ralph Imabayashi—Sonic Crusher (Philippine Wrestling Revolution)

    Ralph Imabayashi may have broken all of our hearts with his recent turn to the dark side, but his Sonic Crusher is still one of the best moves going in Southeast Asia. It's a move he can literally hit from any position, and has taken down a murderer's row of high-profile victims, including "Classical" Bryan Leo, John Sebastian, and The Apocalypse.

    We don't know if the Fil-Japanese Sensation is permanently retiring the Crusher in favor of his new Senketsu finisher—a Gotch-style reverse piledriver he debuted against Jake De Leon—but we hope this isn't the case. In his crusade to make the whole Philippines #RespectProWrestling, this gorgeous jaw-jacking finish is one of the most potent tools he's got.

    Chino Guinto—Gold Digger (Philippine Wrestling Revolution)

    Say hello to a broken nose, a concussion, and a busted lip! Reigning PHX Champion Chino Guinto's Gold Digger is one of those moves that looks like it would be just as handy in an actual street fight as it would in the wrestling rim. From the height he gets when soaring in for the kill to the ring-shaking impact he creates as he curb stomps a helpless foe's face to the mat, "The Golden Boy" knows what winning is all about.

    After all, any move that's banned in the WWE has got to be a lethal one, right? As long as the Gold Digger is alive and kicking in the Hotshot Hustler's repertoire, ain't nobody taking the PHX gold away from him.

    Bombay Suarez—Flaming Chop (Philippine Wrestling Revolution)

    This list wouldn't be complete without the most legendary move in all of Philippine pro wrestling history, Bombay Suarez's mythical Flaming Chop. The man may be revered as "The Heart & Soul of PWR," but there's nothing heartwarming or soul-cleansing about this absolutely devastating strike to his opponent's chest with a handful of fire.

    It's a shame we don't get to see this move as often as we'd like due to Suarez's part-time status with PWR, but once the flames rise up, we know there's another bitch who's about get killed.


    Did we miss out on any of your favorites, fellow Filipino pro wrestling fans? What other moves did you think deserved to be on this list? Drop us a line (a video link or GIF would be appreciated) and we'll see if we can squeeze it in.

    Featured image by "Hasta La Vista" Hub Pacheco.
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