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    Tuesday, June 20, 2017

    Bastusan Na: Miguel Rosales To Face Former PHX Champion At Renaissance 2017

    He's been called many names: Ruthless. The Punisher. The Mayor of Barangay Suplex. A fighter for hire. Kuya. But no matter how he's known, one thing is clear: Miguel Rosales of the Fighters 4 Hire tag team is one of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's most dangerous talents.

    "Tag team" specialist may be a pejorative term among today's jaded fans, but let's not forget that once upon a time, Rosales was one of the singles division's hottest up-and-coming stars after his huge upset of former PHX Champion Ken Warren last year.

    That's pretty much why we're way hyped for his match this Sunday at Renaissance against another former PHX titleholder in Peter Versoza.

    Miguel Rosales: PWR's Yamashita Treasure?

    Hardcore fans have dubbed this match a sleeper pick for match of the night, and why not? Rosales is acknowledged in certain circles as PWR's "best-kept secret," a label the Ruthless One bears with great pride, especially after rumors circulated over how much he impressed WWE talent scouts in their recent visit.

    "It's truly an honor to be labeled as such," he confided to Smark Henry in an exclusive interview after an intensive training session at the Bombay Suarez Performance Center. "The last time I wrestled a singles match, I whooped a former PHX Champion's ass, and I intend to extend that 'streak' at Renaissance."

    Rosales certainly sounds confident in his own talents, especially with the in-ring history he's shared with his scheduled foe.

    "Peter and I are no strangers to each other," he continued over sips of Gatorade. "I know what he's capable of and he knows what I can do as well. The only difference is that I know how to beat him."

    We were curious as well how this one-on-one match could potentially affect the future of Fighters 4 Hire, PWR's pioneering tag team that fell just short of becoming the company's first tag team champions not that long ago. With their recent conquest of longtime archrivals The Deadly Sinns, has F4H lost its motivation to keep slugging it out in the tag division?

    "F4H focuses more on the task at hand, which is our goal of claiming what's rightfully ours," grunted the Mayor of Barangay Suplex. "If it weren't for Ken Warren, we would have been the inaugural tag team champs in the Philippines. I don't give a shit if I have to go through every single competitor in PWR to get to where we need to be."

    Miguel Rosales has heard the whispers however of how Peter Versoza considers it an insult to his stature as a former PHX Champion to have to go against a tag specialist like him. But rather than exploding in flames as we expected, he has a single quiet threat for the Bulacan Babe Magnet.

    "I think I need to remind Peter that he himself started as tag specialist in Dual Shock. And if you look back at the record books, Dual Shock never beat F4H. Let that serve as a reminder. Peter, you may not be the first, you definitely won't be last. You wanna know what's next? It won't be different this time, I'd still kick your ass!"

    Fighting words indeed from a man with the true heart of a fighter.

    Peter Versoza: Conspiracy Theorist

    But while Miguel Rosales may be fully focused on this upcoming slobberknocker, it's the total opposite in Peter Versoza's camp. He doesn't seem to have moved on from his devastating loss of the PHX Championship to Chino Guinto, and remains convinced there's a massive conspiracy against him by PWR Management—particularly its General Manager Mr. Sy. When asked to expound on his claims, the Bulacan Babe Magnet was incensed.

    "I wasn't claiming it, it's a fact," he stated testily when we caught up with him. "Do you not see the special treatment? Are you blind?"

    In Versoza's eyes, it comes down to possible bribery being used to line Sy's pockets, especially with Guinto being so beloved by the Revo-Nation.

    "This conspiracy, it may be about money. But I'm a money guy too, so maybe not. I cannot answer this; you should ask Stan directly why is he not being fair to me."

    When told of Rosales' promises to bring him the beating of his life however, Versoza appeared to backtrack on the allegations that he views his foe as an insult.

    "He's one tough SOB," he admitted. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but just like me, I don't think he's never been pinned in a tag match. That guy is legit. He's one of the guys who impressed [WWE VP for Talent Development] Canyon Ceman last January, so facing him is a great way to elevate my stock."

    Leave it to Peter to throw some shade Rosales' partner's way though. This dude just doesn't know how to be a good sport.

    "If it were Joey Bax I'd be fighting, it'd be a different story," he scoffed. "That guy is so tito he won't be able to keep up."

    Bitterness is clearly Versoza's MO at this point, refuting expert claims that his reign as PHX Champion was a flop.

    "No it wasn't," he snapped, his eyes bulging in disbelief. "It was only just beginning. But Mr. Sy happened, giving me pointless matches, matches that I didn't need. He never had anything for me. And look at him now, he's keeping all the good stuff for Chino!"

    He clearly never felt he was given a fair shake to establish himself as a true pillar of the Philippine Hybrid X division, and realizes that this high-profile match at Renaissance could be just what he needs to re-stake his reputation, his losing rematch against Guinto at PWR Live: Resbak notwithstanding.

    "I didn't even get to face most of the other guys in the PHX Division, and people are already judging. Can you imagine yourself fighting Big Daddy V, Kane, or Big Show, and having the best match of the night? But I don't care. I don't need the Revo-Nation's approval. I'm not here to please them, I'm here to get my title back. I've wanted it since day one, and I'll fight anyone to get it back again!"

    It sure sounds like P to the V has his sights set beyond his match this Sunday, and that could ultimately be his undoing. Even when pressed for more thoughts on the Rosales challenge, the PHX Championship was all he could keep in mind.

    "P.S. Stan, I can forgive you if you provide me with a new PHX Championship design after I win it back."

    Stay focused, Peter. You might be in for a one-way trip to Barangay Suplex if you aren't careful. Because let's be frank—the 2017 edition of Peter Versoza is nowhere near the calibre of who he was when he debuted in 2015.

    Conspiracy theories aside, let's not forget what he used to be: an electrifying high-flyer who would dazzle the Revo-Nation with his array of planchas to the outside and whirling top-rope senton bombs and legdrops. There's a reason he was hand-picked to join the now-defunct Royal Flush as its designated Jack of All Trades.

    But nowadays, he's transformed his game into that of a more plodding ground-bound wrestler who rarely pops off the aerial assault that endeared him to fans from the start. He's noticeably put on some weight. Whispers abound in the PWR locker room of his work ethic and dedication to the craft, and they all say one common thing: Peter Versoza is lazy.

    We haven't completely soured on the upside of the Bulacan Babe Magnet, but we will say this: If he keeps playing the long game, he's liable to end up flat on his back this Sunday as just another victim of Rosales' world-class skills.

    P.S. These conspiracy theories are getting old too.

    Our Prediction: Rosales Runs Wild

    So who do we think is coming out ahead? When all is said and done, we think Miguel Rosales has too much to prove and too much fire in his belly to swallow a loss. He'll likely be using this as an exhibit to show the YOLO Twins what kind of threat lies in store for their PWR Tag Team Championship reign.

    Versoza on the other hand has too many distractions and too many conspiracy theories to have us believe he'll be 100% locked and loaded against his opponent. He may have owned one of the flashiest, high-flying offensive arsenals in Philippine wrestling not that long ago, but he's slowed a beat and could be ripe for the picking.

    Kuya Migs will be in for a slugfest against Versoza, but he's too fast and too good to stay down for long. One Castigo Brutal should be enough to flatten the former PHX Champion, and show the world the massive star potential of Miguel Rosales.

    "Pare ko, humanda ka na," he barked as his parting words to his foe this Sunday. "Dahil sa Renaissance, oras mo na. Peter Versoza, BASTUSAN NA!"


    PWR Renaissance 2017 is happening on Sunday, June 25, at Playland in Fisher Mall, Quezon City. Doors open at 2 PM. Stay tuned for official announcements on the Facebook event page regarding ticket availability, pricing, and details.

    Photos courtesy of "Honky Tonk" Hub Pacheco.
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