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    Saturday, May 6, 2017

    Billy Suede vs. Jake De Leon: Full Match Now Available Online

    Is it too soon to award the 2017 Filipino match of the year? Former NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Champion "Beautiful" Billy Suede and two-time PWR Champion Jake De Leon sure as heck don't think so.

    Fresh off the two warriors' epic Wrevolution X contest that had social media buzzing and even made waves on both the North American and Southeast Asian indie scene, the Philippine Wrestling Revolution has made the full match video available online for everyone's repeat viewing.

    Fans in attendance were treated to a highly competitive, evenly-matched athletic exhibition between two world-class talents.

    From Suede's top-shelf moonsaults and Asai DDTs to JDL's helter-skelter offense that included springboard lariats, crushing cannonballs, and a perfectly-timed hiptoss-flying-armbar combo, it was critically-acclaimed as the single best match in PWR history. Hell, even the YOLO Twins' controversial PWR Tag Team Championship win and Chris Panzer's gratifying PWR Championship victory that same night got outshined, based on fan reactions.

    In the end, De Leon seized the pulsating win by ensnaring Suede mid-air with the Inasal Lock just as the Beautiful One was attempting a flipping handspring off the ropes.

    But enough with the hyperbole. We're pretty sure you just wanna see the damn match. Click below to watch the contest in full.

    What did you think of the match, Revo-Nation? Do you think a sequel is in store? Let us know your thoughts below.

    P.S. Stay tuned til the end for a blockbuster announcement from PWR!


    Photos by "Hostile" Hub Pacheco.
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