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    Monday, May 29, 2017

    MWF Republika: Full Card Shaping Up For June 10 Show

    What's more indie than Independence Day? Some good old-fashioned indie wrestling, that's what.

    Two months after the Manila Wrestling Federation formally made its promising debut, Commissioner Mike Shannon's gang of feisty upstarts has its sights locked onto the Independence Day weekend with its second show announced for June 10.

    Dubbed MWF Republika, it's another five-match card starring the company's lean but capable roster in a variety of confrontations.

    Let's go through the announced match-ups one by one.

    Ang Hamon Ni Gigz Stryker (1-0)

    Hot off his scintillating career-opening victory at MWF Live, the charismatic throwback Gigz Stryker has his sights set on some slightly better talent than the slow-witted goon dispatched against him by MWF's smarmy CFO Gus Queens in his maiden outing.

    On the one hand, he's got the high-flying daredevil Robin Sane, owner of one of the country's prettiest aerial offenses, and the only wrestler to have pulled off a 450 splash in local history.

    On the other, he's got the nimble powerhouse Mr. Lucha, who not only outlasted Sane in the Manila Rules main event last show, but also unveiled one of the most impressive finishing moves on the scene, DVD X—a swinging powerbomb into a Death Valley Driver.

    For all his formidable fighting skills, Stryker just may find himself outgunned and outmatched either way—especially if his open challenge evolves into a Triple Threat, a possibility raised by Robin Sane in a video response posted on Facebook.

    We can't wait to see who will rise to answer the challenge. At the very least, Stryker has some serious artillery up his sleeve, including his trademark Kalibre 3:16, a modified Ace Crusher he can slap on from a variety of positions.

    But let's not forget about the looming shadow of Gus Queens, MWF's primary investor who seems to have some sort of hidden agenda against the Action Hero. Don't expect this match to play out without Queens making his presence felt in some shape or form.

    Our fearless forecast: Mr. Lucha takes the bait, and reveals himself to be Gus Queens' new designated destroyer in his budding war against Stryker.

    Fabio Makisig (1-0) vs. ???

    The trash-talking loudmouth Fabio Makisig may have slightly underwhelmed in his debut performance, but the fact remains that he is one of the most impressive athletic specimens in Filipino pro wrestling.

    Against a tentative Ninja Ryujin, Makisig may have been unable to push the match to a gear more appropriate for his come-from-all-angles style; wouldn't it be something to see him square off against a foe who can go move-for-move with him in a high-altitude dogfight for the ages?

    That's why we're hoping for Robin Sane to fall his way.

    Not only would the two men be evenly-matched in terms of agility and motor, we'd be treated to a battle between the best aerial moves in the industry: Sane's insane 450 versus Makisig's effortless standing Shooting Star Press and patented moonsault.

    Frankly, we wouldn't care who won the match, or if it broke down into a car crash spotfest. Our jaws would be hanging every second of the way.

    Our fearless forecast: Robin Sane reveals himself as Fabio's opponent, and engages him in a battle of one-upsmanship to rule the skies of the Manila Wrestling Federation.

    Ninja Ryujin (0-1) vs. ???

    Ryujin may be green in more ways than one, but nobody has ever faulted him for a lack of effort. The hard-working Urban Ninja has some raw athletic gifts that could translate into success in MWF very soon.

    Armed with a springy array of headscissors and kicks, the winless Ryujin may have better luck competing against lesser foes in his quest to nail down his first career victory. A new face from MWF's House of Wrestling developmental program perhaps, or a debuting free agent from the Philippines' burgeoning wrestling talent pool?

    Here's an intriguing prospect though: we've seen glimpses of the athletic ability of Tala Haliya, MWF's mohawked woman wrestler who may not have had the chance to strut her stuff at the company's debut, but has discussed her ongoing training in prior media appearances for the company.

    A surprise intro against Ninja Ryujin could be beneficial for both, and possibly lead to an interesting program in the future.

    Our fearless forecast: Tala Haliya makes her much-anticipated debut and sends Ninja Ryujin to his second straight loss.

    Moises Liwanag (0-1) vs. Frankie Thurteen (1-0)

    Can the Son of Light finally find his way to victory in his second outing?

    Despite a genuinely fascinating character as an itinerant preacher armed with his Libro ng Liwanag, the bulky Moises couldn't power his way to a win against fellow House of Wrestling talent Hanzello Shilva his first time out. It's a shame, because the dude looks like he could be a real pug in the ring once he gets more seasoning under his belt.

    Unfortunately, MWF's resident "Daddy Long Legs" Frankie Thurteen won't be an easy out for him.

    The flannel-clad grunge rocker Thurteen was impressive in his inaugural victory against Morgan Vaughn, showing off some serious resilience in the ring and a pretty Angel's Bullet top-rope stomp as his finisher. He's talented, he's driven, and has started to build up some credibility in local wrestling circles as a voracious student of the game.

    Thurteen is reputedly like a sponge soaking up knowledge, and could potentially impress us all with some exponential improvement in his sophomore effort.

    We love Moises Liwanag, but we're willing to bet all his prayers fall short against the rock-out style of his gangly opponent.

    Our fearless forecast: Frankie Thurteen stands tall in more ways than one.

    Morgan Vaughn (0-1) vs. Hanzello Shilva (1-0)

    MWF's youth movement will be on full display in this match, with the infuriating millennial Morgan Vaughn trying to grate his way to success against the hard-nosed warrior Hanzello Shilva.

    Vaughn showed some potential as a natural heel in his narrow loss to Thurteen—remember that thunderous "We don't like you" chant he earned from the audience?—and could earn even more heat with a breakthrough win against the gritty Shilva, himself a victor in his own debut.

    We don't know if he'll ever live up to his incessant promises to show us all "something cool," but we'll be glad to boo him all the way. Unless perhaps Shilva has a Bel-Earth knee strike stored up specifically to bash his nose in.

    Our fearless forecast: Vaughn continues to trigger us all as the douchebag heel we love to hate, finally evening his win-loss record at 1-1.


    Which match are you most looking forward to, Manileños? And who do you think will answer Gigz Stryker's open challenge? Let us know your thoughts, and we'll see you at the show!


    MWF Republika is happening on Saturday, June 10, at the Makati Square Arena. Gates open at 3 PM, with the show starting at 4 PM.

    Stay tuned to the Manila Wrestling Federation Facebook page or the official Facebook  event page for more match details, pricing, and ticket availability.

    Match photography by "Headbangin'" Hub Pacheco.
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