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    Monday, May 29, 2017

    Third Filipino Pro Wrestling Promotion In The Works?

    And then there were three.

    Just when you thought the young Philippine wrestling scene couldn't get any hotter, we may be seeing the impending arrival of yet another player in the increasingly-crowded field, Art of War Wrestling.

    Little is known about the bombastic new company, but from the scant details we've seen on their Facebook page, they're shaping up to be a potential big-time player.

    Built around a simple manifesto to "restore Philippine wrestling" from the fragmentation, in-fighting, and politics keen insiders claim to have observed within certain other entities, we imagine a more purist flavor to AoW's in-ring product, as compared to the populist Philippine Wrestling Revolution or the Chikara-influenced Manila Wrestling Federation.

    Flashy new logo and stellar production values aside, the ambitious new company poses an intriguing sales pitch as the only "real" pro wrestling company in the country, leveraged on the credentials of ECW Original and long-time patron of Pinoy wrestling Chilly Willy as full-time Head Trainer—the only legitimate pro wrestling trainer in the Philippines, AoW claims.

    The decorated big man (William Jones in real life) could just be the core advantage AoW needs to get a leg up on its more-established competition, whether or not he actually participates as an active combatant.

    It's gratifying to see him move on from "performing" to "legacy-building," with this promotion potentially being his way of giving back to the pro wrestling scene in general. And it goes without saying that a core group built around him holds some serious credibility right off the bat on the international independent scene—even former NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Champion "Beautiful" Billy Suede has been seen fraternizing with the AoW crew, no doubt lending his breadth of knowledge and vision to its founders.

    Most excitingly, Art of War is also holding open tryouts to build its inaugural roster, inviting all interested wrestling fans to the Makati Square Arena along Chino Roces Avenue on Saturday, June 3, at 10 AM.

    (No spoiler here: A certain "Classical" talent seems to be the company pitchman, inviting everyone to learn from the rich experience of Chilly Willy.)

    If you're hooked by the thought of becoming a part of the Philippines' possible third active wrestling promotion, hit them up on their Facebook page to sign up.


    Disorder came from order.
    Fear came from courage.
    Weakness came from strength.

    This is the Art of War way, and we can't wait to see how it helps build up the Philippines as the most vibrant hotbed of pro wrestling in all of Southeast Asia.


    Art of War Wrestling tryouts will be held on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at the Makati Square Arena. Sessions begin at 10 AM, and will run all the way until 2 PM. We advise participants to bring plenty of water and a towel, as the venue can get excessively hot. Comfortable athletic wear, non-marking rubber-soled shoes, and knee pads are highly suggested.
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