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    Sunday, May 28, 2017

    Tanghalan Ng Kampeon: Brand-New PWR Championship Belt Officially Unveiled

    The rumors were true.

    Hot off the heels of a pair of cryptic tweets posted by PWR President Jake De Leon on social media last night, the pioneering brand behind the country's pro wrestling revival officially unveiled a completely new refresh of the iconic PWR Championship at PWR Live: Resbak.

    Currently worn by the popular Fil-Am warrior Chris Panzer, the entirely new belt design marks a clear signpost in the ongoing resurgence set off by Bagong Yugto earlier in 2017.

    "The belt represents the next step of PWR's evolution as we continue to leave our mark as the country's premier wrestling promotion," stated PWR General Manager Mr. Sy, in an exclusive interview with Smark Henry. "The PWR Championship symbolizes the best our country has to offer, so it's only right that it be reflected in the title."

    Sporting some intricate detailing paying homage to various Filipino cultural tropes, the new PWR Championship is both elegant and masculine. Its powerful black and gold colorway is immediately distinctive as the crown jewel of local pro wrestling, and finally dislodges the PHX Championship as the most handsome belt in the country.

    But this is a belt that goes beyond aesthetics. Internal design documents released by PWR management reveal some high-level thinking behind each element.

    The main plate is inspired by Filipino warriors and is designed to look like the belt is tattooed with the negative space revealing the sun in the middle. The belt disregards the use of banners but instead incorporates the words into the pattern.

    Even the side plates, which typically don't draw as much attention as the centerpiece, show some clever thinking in drawing from local iconography.

    The background pattern takes after the pattern of the main plate but with an element of traditional tribal Filipino shields. Each side plate features the words 'Kampeon ng Pilipinas' but has different symbols.  
    The left side features a Carabao which is the Philippines’ national animal and a symbol of hard work. The right side features a Rooster, which is born and bred for competition. In cockfights, roosters are willing to fight to the death. The Rooster is admired because of courage and perseverance. Both the carabao and the rooster are looking inwards to the main plate because these represent the characteristics of a champion.

    However you want to read it, the new PWR Championship is most definitely a massive step up from where it used to be, while still retaining and respecting core design elements from its original incarnation.

    What are your thoughts on the new belt, Revo-Nation? How do you think it compares to other belts in the company? Let us know your thoughts!


    Photos by "Ravishing" Ro Moran.
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