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    Thursday, April 27, 2017

    SmackDown RunDown Live (4/25/17): With Us or Against Us

    What’s your problem? It’s another edition of SmackDown RunDown Live, and well, you’re about to know what my problem is. So before you start your awesome long weekend, let’s share a few moments to discuss this week’s episode of SmackDown Live. Let’s get down to it.

    The Anti-Charlotte alliance makes their presence felt

    Urgh. This is the Divas Revolution all over again.

    First, let me say the positive. I really like how the women taking the main event spots on weekly shows is slowly becoming a norm. Normally, we’d be all over Charlotte vs. Naomi closing the show, but now, it didn’t feel any different than the usual main events we’re getting. That’s really saying something. After their encounter last week, I was really expecting another clinic of a match—an instant classic, if you will. And for a few minutes, they actually did have a good match until they ruined it with the whole anti-Charlotte movement that doesn’t really make sense to me.

    So the trio of Natalya, Carmella, and Tamina attacked Charlotte to end the match with a DQ. I get that they were trying to prevent Charlotte from winning because they see it as power play, but do they really have to be a team? It’s good that Becky Lynch said she didn’t want to help Charlotte and Naomi, but I bet after some weeks NCB will eventually team up to beat the alliance. But hey, this is just me. I just really hated the whole Divas Revolution storyline that I really hate seeing it unfold again. It gives all women something to do, I get it, but still. Not a fan.

    Breezango beats the clock to earn a title opportunity

    First off, Beat The Clock challenges are back, baby! I feel nostalgic just by hearing the phrase itself. It takes me back to a distant era when Teddy Long randomly set up tag matches (that’s right, I’m a millennial, fight me) and flirted with female talent. Anyway, back to this week’s tag team affair. We witnessed SmackDown Live’s tag team division try to beat the clock for a chance to face the Usos at Backlash. I thought the Alphas already had this one in the bag since they were the only face tag team in the division. I was so happy I was wrong.

    So who won? Breezango, of course! Who knew Fandango’s stupid Falcon Arrow would earn him and Breeze an opportunity for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships? And for some reason, they are now pseudo-faces. It doesn’t feel weird either, maybe because everyone’s tired of the Alphas and their quest for an interesting storyline week after week. It’s time to refresh the tag team title picture with a new rivalry to follow. I’m sure we’ll be getting lots of weird and funny segments from Breezango, their joke about beating different kinds of clocks on Talking Smack being a prime and hilarious example.

    If Jinder got a #DontHinderJinder, Breezango will get a #DontEmbargoBreezango. You heard it here first, folks.

    Some Blue Brand Vibes and Blues—Live!

    Vibe: Styles and Corbin had a rubber match this week and just like last week, Styles was able to outlast Corbin with a quick roll-up. Owens then planted Styles with a Pop-Up, but not before Sami Zayn planted his boot in the face of Corbin to save Styles from a possible beatdown. This would be the first time Owens and Styles interacted with each other to properly establish their rivalry, and it’s good for what it is. What’s more interesting is the Corbin/Zayn match that is bound to happen on Backlash. After dealing with a monster on RAW, Zayn is back to dealing with another monster on SamckDown Live. We should call this guy a giantslayer or something.

    Vibe: The Jinder Mahal experiment continues with Jinder stealing the WWE Championship from Randy Orton. Pretty convenient, if you ask me. Now we have a reason for Orton not to defend the belt against Bray Wyatt at Payback. Thanks, Jinder! I love how his gimmick changed from the guy who’s advocating for peace to the Indo-Canadian version of Alberto del Rio. Hey, I’m not hating, I’m just rolling with it. It’s just weird how Orton just lets Jinder speak when he can just RKO him from out of nowhere—you know, that thing he does all the time? Weird. Anyway, House of Horrors match, no freaking idea. As Orton eloquently said, I guess we’ll find out on Monday (Manila Time).

    Vibe: We had a nice little opener featuring Shinsuke Nakamura and Dolph Ziggler this week. I can appreciate the flow of the segment, but who the hell wrote Ziggler’s promo? No one knew how to react because why would you compare Shinsuke to Michael Jackson? Was MJ really that weird? Nonetheless, the promo was good enough to advance their storyline. Shinsuke’s getting comfortable on the mic week after week. This should be an awesome match come Backlash.

    Blue: Is it just me or was this week’s Talking Smack was weird? It’s weird enough that #FireJBL is the co-host, but he’s out there acting like an asshole telling kids to cheat and backstab people. I thought they were going to turn him face so he doesn’t get shit on, but okay. The only redeeming part of the show was the Corbin/Zayn beatdown. The way Corbin pushed that referee looked so legit, his face turned white afterwards. Either he’s the greatest facial actor in WWE, or he really did fudge that spot up. Who cares? I loved it!

    SMACKDOWN RUNDOWN: Overall, this was another solid show despite the crappy main event because we still got enough action to compensate for it. And hey, we witnessed another underrated team getting a major push. The Land of Opportunity is here to stay and it’s slowly becoming the norm. I really hope they can continue this momentum moving forward by highlighting other guys in the back who just need some good exposure (I’m looking at you, Luke Harper). So hey, this show still deserves an A. The A-Train continues! Wait...

    Did you enjoy this week’s SmackDown Live? Are you also missing Luke Harper’s awesome toupee? Build a snowman with me at the comments below.

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