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    Thursday, April 27, 2017

    Robynn: Come One, Come All

    "Bahala na si Batman"

    A popular saying among the Filipinos that loosely translates to "leave it to Batman" or "come what may." It signifies a submission to the will of fate, and leaving things to chance.

    The name of Robynn's high angle senton bomb to the outside.

    How to best describe her fighting style.

    Once the unicorn hoodie comes off, the Punk Rock Princess of the PWR knows all too well that excitement is the name of the game. She has no need for neither careful strategy nor a complicated gameplan. That's her Punk Dolls partner Martivo's area. What she does best is go crazy and go for broke.

    In her singles debut in the PWR, she took on Mike Madrigal, a wily and sinister fellow member of the company's New Breed, and a dude who quickly made a reputation for himself by being the candidate for top kupal in the company. He was brash, sly and, most importantly, dangerous. In other words, the perfect opponent for Robynn.

    Let's just say that things didn't go her way that night... or pretty much, most other nights. She's currently 0-1 as a singles competitor, and 1-2 as part of the Punk Dolls. She was quickly eliminated in the Path of Gold tournament after coming in at #15 via a Pay-In from James "Idol" Martinez before #17 even came out.

    What she did do, however, was shock the Revo-Nation by eliminating the fan-favorite, Crystal, who's making herself known as a tough opponent for anyone. The crowd expected Crystal to kick ass and take heads, but Robynn had other plans for her. A quick roll-up after a distraction was all it took to put away the first female to step foot in the PWR ring. Crystal wanted payback, and issued a challenge after saving Robynn from a Network attack in the following show. Mr. Sy quickly accepted and now the stage is officially set.

    For Robynn, following the path that Crystal opened is no big deal. Being number two does not bother her at all. After all, first doesn't always mean the best.

    It's not a matter of being the first or the last. It's a matter of making history everyone will remember.

    It's more of hitting the ground running. Doesn't make sense not to have fun while you're at it, either. That's likely why she showed no fear against Mike Madrigal. It's also probably why she took the opportunity to stun the crowd with that pin on Crystal. Maybe, that's also why she launched herself at The YOLO Twins with a Bahala Na Si Batman that seemed about to crash and burn.

    Some wrestlers talk disdainfully about "deserving" something, like a guaranteed reward once certain conditions are met. However, it's convincingly clear that Robynn deserves to be in the PWR ring. The other half of her tag team. Martivo, shares his thoughts on the matter:

    I've witnessed Robynn and Crystal shed blood and tears. I've seen them take bumps with bruises all over their body like it's nobody's biz. Both have gone through a grueling bootcamp program and still train every single week; all for the love of professional wrestling.

    I mean, they entered this biz knowing that it's mostly predominated by men and it still didn't matter. If that doesn't say anything to you at all, I don't know what does. 

    So, let's forget for now her 1-3 record. Let's forget for now that she barely lasted in the Path of Gold tournament. Let's forget for now that her team failed to advance to the PWR Tag Team finals. Because as of now, she's just looking for a fight where she can go crazy.


    Wrevolution X is happening on Sunday, April 30, at the Unilab Bayanihan Center on Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong. Gates open at 2 PM. Tickets may be purchased at the door for P400, but can be availed off at various pre-selling discounts by contacting the Philippine Wrestling Revolution directly.

    Click here for the official Wrevolution X Facebook event page.

    All photos by Hub Pacheco, Our Photography Lord and Savior.
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