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    Saturday, April 29, 2017

    Fighters, Twins & Kings: Who Will Be PWR's First Tag Team Champions?

    The Filipino tag wrestling scene finally gets its stamp of legitimacy at Wrevolution X this Sunday as the country's first ever tag team champions will be crowned.

    It's hard to believe it took two and a half years to get to this point, but we won't be short of worthy choices. After steamrolling their way through three other teams to get to the finals of the tag tournament, we're left with the three finest tandems in the country today.

    Three different teams, three different agendas. But one thing we know for sure is that every single man in this match is laying it all out in the ring for this historic shot at glory.

    First up are the proud veterans of the tag team division, Fighters 4 Hire, who see this match as their shot at stamping a legacy even greater than just being its pioneers.

    "We started everything in this division," says the rugged, compact Joey Bax, who not that long ago made an attempt at building a singles career while Miguel Rosales was out indefinitely with a concussion. "We built it, and if there's a team that should win, it's us. And at Wrevolution X, we're gonna prove it. We're gonna claim those gold things and secure our legacy."

    "For almost three years, we've been dominating the scene," chimes in Rosales, a man who owns the most feared suplex arsenal in the country today. "A lot of teams have come and gone, but we're still here. 'Matira matibay' so to speak, and putang ina, that's what we've been doing, that's how we are. This goes to show that what and where we are right now is earned, not given."

    The Revo-Nation fondly calls the two "Tito Joey" and "Kuya Migs," a sign not just of familial affection but of respect for their stature in the division. But over the past few months, they've gotten zero respect from the two other teams in the finals. The Deadly Sinns have made it their mission to make F4H's lives miserable, whether through sneak ambushes, out-of-the-ring altercations, or match interferences.

    It's shocking, but Bax and Rosales may actually have the deck stacked against them heading into the match.

    "We may have the odds stacked against us this Sunday, totoo 'yan," Rosales nods. "But we ain't going down without a fight. These four jackasses have been making our lives a living hell. But let me assure you, if we go to hell, we'll drag their asses down with us."

    Joey Bax agrees. "We're aware of the things that may happen in that match. But Migs and I have  a plan. We don't really mind the twins, all we care about is getting the heads of Deadly Sinns."

    One thing's for certain, the Fighters are sure to have the crowd in their corner. Both men are arguably two of the most beloved talents in the promotion, regularly getting pops at the level of a Jake De Leon or a Bombay Suarez. How important is the fan support?

    "We always make sure that the crowd goes home happy and that's something cash can never ever buy," says Rosales with a proud smile."Their energy fuels us to kick ass even harder. If they are on our side this Sunday, well and good, because it means they are fighting with us."

    But don't get them wrong. This match isn't just about fan service. At the end of the day, the Fighters 4 Hire are all about business, not pleasure. They may allow themselves a rare moment of R&R to celebrate if they do win, but it's back to the grind right after.

    "I don't think we got time to celebrate," asserts Bax. "We got clients to meet after the match. But we guaran-damn-tee you, we're gonna win the gold."

    "One thing's for sure, we'll celebrate it tito style!" finishes Rosales.

    The YOLO Twins have a completely different point of view.

    As the company's resident arrogant millennials, few have succeeded in riling up as much venom from the crowd as Yohann and Logan Ollores, the Katipunan-dwelling, frappe-sipping young bucks who have been known to tote their own private DJ around as they make wrestling appearances. In an exclusive interview Smark Henry secured with them at a bustling coffee shop near the Bombay Suarez Developmental Center, we learned that the twins feel nobody values being tag champs the way they do.

    "Imagine a team that could be a true standard for tag team wrestling," says Yohann as he sips on a venti Java Chip Frappuccino. "The premier tag team you could say. If the YOLO Twins become the first ever tag team champs, we will take care of those titles like they're a Starbucks in Katipunan. Other teams will take it as a fine achievement, and that's fine maybe to some people. But not to us. It's not just an achievement for us. DPT (dude pare tsong, the twins' term for their fanbase), the title belts are the ultimate high."

    For all their arrogance, the two have paid their dues in PWR. From wrestling anonymously under masks to mopping up after shows, the boys have done their time. So while it's easy to hate on them for their gimmick—which sometimes feel like it isn't a gimmick after all—they hate it when people call them nothing more than a couple of entitled, spoiled, lazy millennials.

    "Ugh, they're just a bunch of oldies," sneers Logan, while munching on a Caramel Waffle. "To be quite frank, if you're over 25 then you're already counted as old. We're young! You'll all die earlier because you're old, you'll go bald sooner because you're old, and yeah, you got old without realizing the dream you always wanted. Get on our level, please!"

    So while the Fighters 4 Hire may have founded the division and have developed some wonderful chemistry over the years, Yohann and Logan feel they have a one-of-a-kind advantage from having been tagging literally since the day they were born.

    "Complete synergy," says Yohann, a smug grin peeking out from behind his Wayfarers. "You know when people say twins have telepathic abilities or whatever? Well, DPT, None of that is true. Not one bit. If you think it's true, then you're stupid. You see, we know each others weaknesses and strengths. Whatever one lacks, the other covers for. Plus, we both use our strengths together, we stack them.  You could say our great minds definitely think alike."

    In fact, the twins already have their post-Laboracay tag team celebration planned out.

    "The YOLO Twins will celebrate with humility," says Logan, sounding anything but humble, "by going on a long, luxurious, and lucrative vacation. Since it's summer, the beach is the place for us."

    Good luck making it to Boracay though if the Deadly Sinns have it their way.

    While Fighters 4 Hire and the YOLO Twins have experience and a life-long bond in their corner, "The Walking Death" Mike Madrigal refuses to accept the conventional wisdom that their lack of longevity makes them the underdogs in the tag finals.

    "Thats exactly it, F4H has been tagging since the company started and what do they have to show for it? Wala. Sino na ba natalo nila na relevant as a tag team? To be frank Mike Madrigal and Vlad Sinnsyk are the best things that happened for them because we made them relevant again. As for the YOLO Twins, sure, they've been together since Day One, but they're just boys playing a man's game. Oh, and in case you don't know, you should know (yeah, I stole that line like that bald asshole stole our money), unlike F4H and the Homo twins the Deadly Sinns have never been pinned nor submitted as a tag team. Underdogs? 'Lul."

    "Longevity is not always a basis for success," concurs Sinnsyk. "The Deadly Sinns have something those other teams don't: clarity and a true sense of purpose. We are here to prove a point and to make a statement. Individually, we are as dangerous and menacing as they come. Together, we are unstoppable."

    He may be right. Individually, both men have some legitimate credentials, and could easily have funnelled their talents into chasing singles competition. But there's a higher vision for the Sinns, one that fuels them in their chase for tag team gold.

    "From the get-go, you've been made aware of what it is we are capable of as singles wrestlers. My first time out of my cell, I put down the youngest, most resilient, hardest-hitting former PWR Champion," reminisces Sinnsyk, reminding us of the time he convincingly defeated Ralph Imabayashi in his first career match ever. "We could choose to go that singles route at any time. However, we are here to stake our claim as the Kings of the Tag Division. We're here to prove everyone wrong. You can be a fighter, or you can be someone's twin. In the end, you still bow down and pay your dues to the Kings."

    "Tyaka isa pa, sayang naman ang angas ng finisher namin tapos di namin magagawa diba?" barks Madrigal in between bites of his burrito. If nothing else, the pair sports perhaps the deadliest finisher in PWR today: Sanus Mortem—a spectacular move that sees Sinnsyk hoist up one foe into his trademark Muscle Buster, finished with an inverted Back Stabber by Madrigal.

    Unlike the Fighters 4 Hire, Madrigal knows he isn't a popular guy in the locker room. Sinnsyk is literally the only man in the company who can stand him. There's a very good reason the crowd serenades him with chants of kupal throughout his matches.

    And yet, he doesn't seem to give a damn.

    "Cheer me, boo me, call me kupal. By the end of Wrevolution X, it will be etched in the record books that this kupal is one-half of the first ever PWR Tag Team Champions. So suck on that."

    "What we do best is produce results from opportunities given to us, be they big or small," chimes in Vlad, a manic gleam in his eyes. "Come the end of our match, we will be your PWR Tag Team Champions."

    And as for how they plan to celebrate their pre-ordained win? Madrigal has big plans.

    "I'm taking my shiny new belt," he winks, "and finding someone to take it Paige style."


    This match is going to be absolute madness, Revo-Nation, with non-stop action from the opening bell. Who do you think is going to make history as the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's inaugural Tag Team Champions? Leave us your predictions in the comments, and we'll see you at the show.


    Wrevolution X is happening on Sunday, April 30, at the Unilab Bayanihan Center on Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong. Gates open at 2 PM. Tickets may be purchased at the door for P400, but can be availed off at various pre-selling discounts by contacting the Philippine Wrestling Revolution directly.

    Click here for the official Wrevolution X Facebook event page.

    All photos by "Hotshot" Hub Pacheco.
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