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    Sunday, April 30, 2017

    [FULL RESULTS] PWR Wrevolution X 2017

    If the WWE has WrestleMania, then the Philippine Wrestling Revolution has Wrevolution X, its annual megashow where championships are won, wars are waged, feuds find their closure, and the company goes all out to cement its status as the country's premier wrestling promotion.

    On its third annual staging, PWR's show of shows featured a legendary lineup of matches from top to bottom.

    • PWR Championship Match: Chris Panzer vs. John Sebastian (c)
    • PHX Championship Match: SANDATA vs. ??? vs. Peter Versoza (c)
    • Tag Team Championship Finals: Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax & Miguel Rosales) vs. The YOLO Twins (Yohann & Logan Ollores) vs. The Deadly Sinns (Mike Madrigal & Vlad Sinnsyk)
    • PHX Championship Qualifier: Ralph Imabayashi vs. Chino Guinto
    • The Battle For Pride: "Beautiful" Billy Suede vs. "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon
    • All Out War: Rederick Mahaba vs. The Apocalypse
    • Women's Match: Crystal vs. Robynn
    • Grudge Match: Bombay Suarez vs. Ken Warren
    • Mistaken Identity Match: Martivo vs. James "Idol" Martinez
    • Tag Team Match: Evan Carleaux & Trian Dela Torre vs. Delirium (Dax Xaviera & Dan Ericson)

    Here are the full results from the evening, contested in front of a record crowd of 550 at the Unilab Bayanihan Center.


    Match #1: Nina vs. Bolt

    This was a match between two PWR newcomers—the weeaboo Bolt in his second match, and a debuting Nina, a scrappy PWR Boot Camp graduate with a Ramones jacket and a bad attitude.

    The two rookies seemed evenly matched, with Nina impressing the crowd with a Natural Selection and a lifting DDT that looked like it would be the finish. Bolt fought back, reversing a Rock n' Roll DDT with a gorgeous spin-out neckbreaker dubbed the Otaku Driver for the win.

    Winner: Bolt via pinfall

    Match #2: Alexander Belmonte III (The Network) vs. McKata

    This was a hard-hitting match between two of PWR's most promising hosses.

    Belmonte showed the craftiness he learned as a member of The Network, toppling the rapper McKata early on with a massive superkick and big boot early on. McKata fought back with a series of John Cena-inspired moves, including a nice flipping necksnap and a springboard Stunner. Belmonte took home the win with his wheelbarrow facebuster known as Money Down.

    Winner: Alexander Belmonte III via pinfall

    Match #3: Delirium (Dax Xaviera & Dan Ericson) vs. Evan Carleaux & Trian Dela Torre

    Carleaux and Dela Torre dominated early on, cutting the ring in half to pound Xaviera with some crisp double-team offense for over ten minutes.

    Delirium fought back to overwhelm their less-experienced foes, picking up the win with Southbound, a powerbomb into a neckbreaker on Dela Torre.

    Winners: Delirium via pinfall

    Main Show

    Match #1—All Out War: Rederick Mahaba vs. The Apocalypse

    This was a violent encounter between the two gladiators, with Singapore canes, chains, and even a strainer coming into play.

    Mahaba looked to have the match won after hurling the Apocalypse through a sheet of plywood propped up in the corner, spinning him out with It's More Slam In The Philippines, and locking in his famed Jaccolade. Apocalypse fought out of it, and rung up the Intimate Warrior with an awkward Death Bell for the win.

    Winner: The Apocalypse via pinfall

    Match #2—PHX Championship Qualifier: Ralph Imabayashi vs. "The Golden Boy" Chino Guinto (The Network)

    Red-hot start for both men, culminating in an early superplex attempt by Ralph Imabayashi. PHX Champion Peter Versoza ran in to interfere, downing both men with a pair of belt shots as they were perched on the top rope.

    Versoza's plan to eliminate both men from his  title defense later on in the eventing failed to pay off, however. PWR General Manager Mr. Sy called off the match and announced all four men—including SANDATA—would now be competing in the PHX Championship match later on.

    No-contest due to outside interference

    Match #3: James "Idol" Martinez (The Network) vs. Martivo

    Ultra-entertaining contest, with Martivo using mind games to defuse some of Idol's more potent moves, including a corner Bronco Buster.

    Martinez outwitted PWR's Rainbow Warrior, blasting him with a faceful​ of Idol Supplements while the referee was distracted, followed by a sternum-crushing Pay-In for the tainted win.

    Winner: James Martinez via pinfall

    Match #4: Bombay Suarez vs. Ken Warren

    Two of PWR's most beloved veterans returned to do battle for a third time.

    Suarez looked to have the match in hand early, cutting Warren down with a KOTD and the legendary Flaming Chop. Surprise interference from the YOLO Twins allowed Warren to pay Bombay back with a Flaming Low Blow for the victory.

    Winner: Ken Warren via pinfall

    Match #5—PWR Tag Team Championship Finals: YOLO Twins vs. Fighters 4 Hire vs. Deadly Sinns

    The tag team scene proved it's arguably the most competitive part of PWR, with all three teams showing a gear we've never seen before. A high-flying spotfest mid-match even saw one of the Ollores twins pull off a dazzling top-rope moonsault to the outside.

    Ken Warren made his presence felt, disrupting a Madrigal pin on one of the twins, bashing him senseless with a belt and allowing the YOLO Twins to make history as the country's first tag team champions.

    Winners: The YOLO Twins via pinfall after a Ken Warren assist

    Match #6—PHX Championship Four-Way: Ralph Imabayashi vs. Chino Guinto (The Network) vs. SANDATA vs. Peter Versoza (c)

    Chino Guinto finally completed his meteoric rise through the PWR ranks, squeezing his way through a chaotic contest against three of the company's finest competitors to claim the PHX Championship.

    A pair of Gold Digger stomps to both Versoza and Imabayashi were enough to claim gold for the first time.

    Post-match, James "Idol" Martinez came to the ring and demanded for the belt to be surrendered to him. A weary Guinto had no choice but to comply with his Network boss's orders.

    Winner AND THE NEW PHX CHAMPION: Chino Guinto via pinfall

    Match #7: "Beautiful" Billy Suede vs. "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon

    The two men put on what could possibly be the most polished, electrifying, and world-class match in a local promotion, going toe to toe with their best moves. Suede unleashed his incredible aerial arsenal of enzuigiris, moonsaults, and even his patented Asai DDT, only for JDL to keep kicking out at near-two after near-two.

    JDL proved why he's the most fundamentally-sound wrestler in the country today, snaring Suede off of a springboard attempt to get a tapout win with the Inasal Lock.

    Winner: Jake De Leon via submission

    Match #8: Crystal vs. Robynn

    Both ladies put on a well-meaning, energetic match as they made history with PWR's first women's match.

    Crystal looked to have the win sewn up after a Shining Crystal and Solemate had Robynn nearly out on her feet. The Punk Rock Maiden countered with the bodyscissor Dragon Sleeper she calls Robynnhood in the middle of the ring to steal the historic win.

    Winner: Robynn via submission

    Match #9—PWR Championship: Chris Panzer vs. John Sebastian (c)

    Both men were gunning on all cylinders in this battle for the highest prize in Filipino wrestling. A referee bump early on in the match thanks to both a Panzerschreck and a Killshot meant a whole new world of offense opening up.

    Panzer dazzled with an Eagle Splash from the scaffolding by the entrance ramp, while John Sebastian brought both a ladder and his Singapore cane into the game.

    A final Eagle Splash from the top of the ladder by Panzer brought and end to the half-hour match, as well as John Sebastian's championship reign.

    Winner AND THE NEW PWR CHAMPION: Chris Panzer via pinfall


    What do you think of a completely new set of champions for the Philippine Wrestling Revolution? How do you think Chris Panzer will do as PWR Champion? And what's next for John Sebastian?

    Let us know your thoughts, and we'll see you at the next show, Revo-Nation!

    Featured image by "Holy" Hub Pacheco.
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