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    Tuesday, April 18, 2017

    Joey Ryan Comic Book Project In The Works

    Forget strong style, dong style could be the next big thing in the comic book scene.

    Fresh off the cult hit Lucha Underground series, independent publisher Chido Comics is looking to bring the stylings of the "King of Sleaze" Joey Ryan to the printed page via a Kickstarter campaign. The project, "Joey Ryan: Big in Japan," has raised nearly $5,000 out of its $6,000 goal as of Tuesday morning with over two weeks to go.

    Based on the project pitch, it's a passion project of the best kind, with a talented writer-artist pairing that's pretty well-regarded among fans of the genre.

    The Production Team Behind the Lucha Underground Comics: Rey Mysterio, Mil Muertes, Vampiro/Pentagon Jr. and Dario Cueto; wants to take on "Joey Ryan: Big in Japan!" Comic Book Debut! Chido Comics is bringing sleazy back to comic books! 
    Writer Tres Dean (Dodger: A Western Saga of Mechs and Mayhem; Kill The Drug War) and artist Jamie Jones (Five Ghosts, Violent Love, Lucha Underground) join forces with Chido Comics to launch their first Kickstarter campaign which brings professional wrestler Joey Ryan to the world of comic books for the first time! 
    The goal amount we are looking to achieve will be used and distributed to pay our amazing creative team, licensing fees to be able to use Joey Ryan's name and likeness, printing of the book, shipping costs and Kickstarter rewards & fees. Any additional amount raised will be used to unlock more rewards! 
    We had so much fun adapting the Lucha Underground universe into comic books that we really want to keep pushing the envelope in that same genre! We want to bring you some of the best independent professional wrestlers personas that make sense to put in a comic book environment! What better way to start that trend than with the 'King of Dong Style' himself, JOEY RYAN!
    The duo has already completed the plot and script for the project, and has released a few pages as a teaser of what's to come—an origin story, perhaps, for wrestling's most notorious penis?

    Joey Ryan was pro wrestling's king of sleaze—until five years ago, when a match gone wrong left his tag team partner crippled and one of his opponents dead. Now he spends his days looking for answers at the bottom of bottles in Tokyo bars. But when he hears that his old nemesis is back in town, he decides it's time to get back in the ring. And there's only one way they can settle their score—in a Japanese Death Match!

    Backers have tons of great incentives in store, including kick-ass limited-edition prints, merchandise, and apparel.

    Seriously, what are you waiting for? If you've got a PayPal account and a few bucks to spare, why not toss something into the hat and help make this ambitious project a reality? At the very least, we're in for tons of gratuitous use of baby oil, neon, and dick flips.

    Joey is perfect for comics as a medium because the most notable things about his character have very little to do with in-ring stuff. He's the epitome of the adage in wrestling that the audience should know who you are by the time you're 3/4 down the entrance ramp. Look at this guy! If you're looking at his picture and you don't watch wrestling, I'm sure you can still figure out what kind of character he is. 
    Joey lends himself well to a variety of storytelling possibilities and we found what is, in my opinion, the perfect take. It's gonna get weird. But the result, as long as we get funded, is going to be a comic about a wrestler dragging himself back from the brink. He's just gonna do that by way of dick flips and a whole lot of sleaze, neon, baby oil, and one-liners. (Tres Dean, Writer)
    Joey Ryan: Big in Japan is aiming for a June publication date. Head on over to Kickstarter to learn more, and maybe throw a few dollars their way.
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