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    Tuesday, April 25, 2017

    Crystal: All Eyes On Me

    What seemed to be a cruel joke brought the house down.

    What was initially disregarded became much-anticipated.

    What many thought was just a dream became clear.

    Crystal clear.

    Looking back, very few people took the Philippines' leading woman wrestler's maiden challenge to Peter Versoza seriously.

    "What the hell just happened?" 

    "How did he go from Bombay Suarez to Crystal?" 

    "Who is she?"

    Truth be told, those were honest to goodness, legit questions. Who was this undersized announcer who thought she could hang with the likes of Versoza? Well, dear readers, she sure as hell answered those doubters.
    To be the first female wrestler to compete in that ring is truly an honor. There was pressure and a lot of difficulties. Barely any people believed in me at first, so I knew I had to prove them wrong.
    And prove them wrong she did.

    Despite a losing effort, she showed the Revo-Nation that she has exactly what it takes (and much more in spades) of why she deserves to be in the PWR ring. She forced Versoza to give his all in that match, lest he suffer a back-to-back loss in his record once again. Crystal pushed him to new heights, a feat that only a handful of wrestlers can claim.

    I worked hard and trained hard to show that I had a place in that ring and that whatever challenges go my way, I wouldn't back down from it.
    It would be someone else though, that would back down from a fight with her. A much awaited match in PWR history fizzled out when Scarlett of The Royal Flush abruptly retired from pro wrestling, never having debuted in-ring. The contract for their fight was left unsigned. But not for long.

    As fate would have it, The Royal Flush was in need of extra manpower after having their ranks gutted with the sudden departure of Scarlet and Classical Bryan Leo (pucha siya) being kicked out of the group. What is a Royal Flush without a Queen, right? They turned their eyes to someone who had shown potential. They turned their eyes towards Crystal.
    Because it just feels right to have a pretty girl walking you down the ring. It's not something beta males who have to settle for ugly fat chicks would understand. (John Sebastian, current PWR Champion)
    Hmmmmm... wonder why Crystal turned them down.

    Of course, this refusal did not sit well with the remaining members of The Royal Flush as they laid her out cold. Main Maxx would take the unsigned contract and put his PHX title on the line for the biggest, literally and figuratively, match of her career.

    Sad to say, Crystal was once again defeated. But just as with Peter Versoza, she made Main Maxx endure hell to earn that win. Numerous times during the match, she came a fraction of a second to clinching the title, but it would not be so. Something much more remarkable happened, though. She had made Maxx respect her. Her fighting spirit had softened the cold heart of the Silent Rage and made him realize that she was not one to ever take lightly.

    That seems to always be the case for Crystal. In her mind, she's always the challenger. She feels the weight of carrying women's wrestling in the local scene on her shoulders. She's managed to avenge her loss against Peter Versoza, defeated the Top of The Pyramid, James "Idol" Martinez, and even gave a bootcamper, Trian Dela Torre, a chance to strut his stuff in the big leagues. The goal was always to move forward. To keep pushing. To keep fighting. One match at a time, all towards busting the doors wide open for others like her to take their place among the rest.

    Recently, she's managed to catch the attention of Canyon Ceman, WWE VP of Talent Development during his scouting trip in the SEA region. He spoke to her after the show, the details of which are still unclear. Footage of her in action and in an interview were later uploaded on the official WWE site in the recap video for their trip. Could this be a sign? The WWE has just announced that they would have a Women's Tournament with 32 competitors from 17 countries participating. We can only keep our fingers crossed.

    As for Crystal, though, the goal still remains clear: paving the way for others to follow her footsteps.
    I've faced amazing strong men, from a champion to a leader and opponents twice my size. It was hard and exhausting but it's all worth it if I can pave the way for other women who want to be in that ring too.
    Right now, it's only Robynn and herself who are raising the banner, but she hopes and believes that the status quo will change soon. As of now, though, they were more than willing to sharpen their skills against one another. On Wrevolution X this coming Sunday, it will finally be time. PWR will have its much awaited and first ever Women's match. Robynn, the Punk Rock Princess, wants to prove that she has what it takes to be better than Crystal, who is just as eager to face another challenge.

    Despite Robynn being the cause of her elimination from the Path of Gold tournament, Crystal holds no grudge. After all, it's every woman for herself when the bell rings. What she wants, though, is for Robynn to put up her hands and never give up on their chance at greatness.
    I'll see you in that ring, girl. Let's go make history together.

    Wrevolution X is happening on Sunday, April 30, at the Unilab Bayanihan Center on Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong. Gates open at 2 PM. Tickets may be purchased at the door for P400, but can be availed off at various pre-selling discounts by contacting the Philippine Wrestling Revolution directly.

    Click here for the official Wrevolution X Facebook event page.

    All photos by "Hillbilly" Hub Pacheco.
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