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    Wednesday, March 15, 2017

    #PrayForTheNetwork: A Call for Unity...Through Song

    In a shocking moment in PWR history, one of the most tightly knit and well loved/hated factions, The Network, levied a suspension on its top Downline, "The Golden Boy" Chino Guinto. This was due to Guinto accidentally pinning his boss after he was Senyorito Kick'ed by Jake De Leon during the Path of Gold match. Needless to say, James "Idol" Martinez, did not take this kindly, issuing a memorandum through Mel From HR.

    And just like that, no Chino Guinto in PWR Live: Mainit.

    One distraught fan decided to message us how he felt about the whole situation. It was our solemn duty to let you, #ChinoFans or not, read his tear-jerking open letter for The Network.


    To Whom It May Concern,

    I have been a fan of The Network since that fateful event that The Network burst through the doors of the iAcademy auditorium. I have sorely wished to be a Downline ever since you announced the terms and conditions during your Product Orientation. I was willing to pay the joining fee. You sounded like a good investment to me. I've been a fan of you when not all the aspects of The Network were worthy of fandom. You know who I'm talking about.

    Your first assisted Pay-In. I treasured that moment.

    When you expanded to include "The Golden Boy", and eventually, "Mr. Financially Stable", you couldn't imagine how happy I was that The Network finally had reliable partners within their ranks. You guys rock as a unit. You became a complete and concrete core.

    Look at that: Brains, Brawn, and... whatever Chino is

    But then you hit a low in your performances. I can feel the frustrations that you guys have felt when Idol lost at PWR Live: Bagong Yugto, and AB3 was unable to secure a spot for the Path of Gold tournament. Chino was doing well for himself, with a great PoG showing, as well as hard-fought battles against SANDATA and Chris Panzer. But still, this was all for the glory of The Network.

    And then the pin happened.

    Idol, I can't blame you for feeling frustrated. Shit happens. Did Guinto mean to pin you? No he didn't. He was at the business end of a Senyorito Kick that laid him out cold. It just so happened that he fell on top of you, which caused the ref to count the pin. It was incredibly unfortunate, nobody's denying that. But isn't suspending Chino a bit extreme? Now that there are actual tag team titles on the line this Sunday, shouldn't team morale be up, instead of down? The suspension only proves to be divisive instead of disciplinary. I have no doubt that you and AB3 are more than enough to win the title, but having your Downline there to support you will definitely bring you good fortune.

    More than #FreeChino, let's #PrayForTheNetwork

    Please, don't go the way that Dualshock, The Royal Flush, and JDL/Imabayashi have gone down. You three are stronger together, much more than the sum of your parts.

    To end, I would like to share with you Parokya Ni Edgar's "The Yes Yes Show", with special attention given to Dindin's verse:

    Sandali lang, wag muna kayong maglaban

    Bago kayo magsuntukan,

    Bat di nyo muna pag-usapan

    ang di maunawaan

    Sige na kiss na, peace na please

    Ang bayad mo sa jeepney kulang pa ng diyes

    Kung ayaw mong mangyari ang nagyari sa iba

    Matuto tayo kung paano magpakumbaba

    Wag nating kalimutan kung saan nagsimula... 

    From your loyal Downline,


    Catch The Network's James "Idol" Martinez and "Mr. Financially Stable" Alexander Belmonte III as they take part in the inaugural PWR Tag Team Tournament, this coming Sunday at PWR Live: Mainit. Tickets are on sale at early bird prices and bundle promos. Contact the PWR page for more details.

    Photo Credits go to The Slickmaster's Files and Hub "Punta ka sa Sunday ah" Pacheco

    George Pastor writes our weekly #WTFWednesday column. He got into judo because it was the closest sport available where it was perfectly fine to slam someone without getting expelled.

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