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    Saturday, March 18, 2017

    PWR Live: Mainit—Tag Team Tournament Tactics (Part 2)

    Hello again, Smarks! We’re back for part 2 of the Tag Team Tournament Tactics to crown the inaugural PWR Tag Team Champions at PWR Live: Mainit. We’ve also gotten our hands on some very valuable information. 

    First off, the brackets for the tournament have been released, and there are some very interesting matchups indeed. Next, the announced teams will vie for a spot at a three-way tag team match which will serve as the finals at Wrevolution X. Lastly, no secret entries. This is part of the announcement that the winners of the first round will face each other for the titles.

    Anyhoo, let's get started!


    (Mel from HR said that this was the only acceptable font to be used in all Network headers)

    It’s pretty much a given that everyone has heard of the announcement regarding Chino “The Golden Boy” Quinto’s suspension. It sucks balls, but The Network can find a way to deal with it. James “Idol” Martinez and “Mr. Financially Stable” Alexander Belmonte III are no pushovers, that’s for sure. They’re definitely a cohesive unit with a plethora of dirty tricks up their sleeves that can get the job done. Let’s face it: it’s their core strength. Knowing how to use and abuse the ring is often misunderstood. It implies an attitude for lowbrow tactics, of cheap wins or underhandedness. Tough luck, kids. 

    The Network—Martinez especially—knows how to use the ring to their advantage. The squared circle is their weapon, be it for offense or defense, and they wield it pretty well.

    Patience is a virtue.

    Martinez has two main outstanding qualities. He’s surprisingly tough, and he’s incredibly crafty. He knows how to avoid damage by tagging out when needed, slipping out under the ropes to take a much needed breather and break the momentum, as well as to reset the pace. Idol can take hits, mind you. He’s gone up against the heavy hitters of the PWR and managed to come out victorious against the likes of Jake De Leon and Rederick Mahaba

    Belmonte, on his end, is quick. He’s got an interesting moveset for a guy his size and also carries that Network brand of stratagem. He complements his boss quite well, taking the licks until they can find an opening to strike and turn the tide. Truth be told, they’re one of the most annoying opponents that anyone may face. And also one of the toughest.

    Jojombagin ka nila.

    Smark Henry Fearless Forecast: The Network are up against F4H, and this is going to be a tough call for Martinez and Belmonte. It’s hard to call it, but I still have to give it to the Titos. This team-up of The Network is still fairly new, and they still have to get more acclimated with each other.

    Martivo and Robynn are another pair of rookies coming out of The New Breed. Having made quite a splash in his debut, Martivo wowed the crowd with his impassioned and deadly offense as he took out Trabajador Tres. Robynn, on the other hand, was immediately thrown against tough competition as she faced Mike Madrigal. She put up a remarkable fight, but the new kupal in town was simply better that night.

    "Beshie, payag kang may mas magaling sayo?"

    The Rocker Chick and the Flamboyant Fearless Fighter are currently rolling with a 1-1 record. What’s so significant of that win? Well, it comes at the hands of their first round opponent, The YOLO Twins. Right then and there, they've got a significant advantage over the Katipunan conyos. Martivo definitely shines a bit brighter between the two, with a more polished offense, but Robynn carries within her a big heart that has the potential to defy statistics. The punk's got spunk.

    The face people make when I still use the word "spunk"

    Smark Henry Fearless Forecast: The Pak! and Rak Connection have got their hands full in this rematch. The YOLO Twins are riding off a win's momentum against F4H. To be honest, this could go either way.

    Hands down, the most kupal team in PWR right now. That is one way to describe the Deadly Sinns—also popularly shipped as MadVlad. Another would be dangerous. The word tends to be thrown around a lot. But these two New Breed rookies have definitely laid claim to it, with clear justification

    During Shawdown, both men laid waste to their opponents, even if one of them didn't exactly win his match. Mike Madrigal made a statement that night, viciously attacking our beloved tito, Joey Bax, when he was offering a sign of sportsmanship to his beaten foe. As expected, Miguel Rosales did not take things lying down and the F4H issued a challenge against Madrigal. Being a kupal didn't help his case in finding a partner. But seeing as how one would have to be crazy to partner up with him...

    ...crazy is exactly what you will get. Enter Vlad Sinnsyk.

    As much as we pray to the sweet lords of TV series that Mike Madrigal does not spoil our favorite shows, one simply cannot help but begrudgingly respect the skills of these two. Madrigal throws out his deadly kicks and knees, while Sinnsyk is simply crazy made flesh. Both of them are incredibly capable of bringing the pain and the finish could easily come from either one. 

    The Deadly Sinns are an efficient mix of physical pain and mental torture all rolled into one dirty package. Which primarily means they're dicks. Downright dirty, dangerous dicks.

    They're also not very nice.

    Smark Henry Fearless Forecast: These two could very well be your first PWR Tag Team Champions. It's as simple as that.

    Like we've said before, forecasts and predictions can only go so far. There's no telling what future the ring holds. It's an unforgiving place, so any mistake could prove fatal to a team's chances of winning the highly coveted PWR Tag Team Titles. Statistics on paper mean squat when the bell rings. This Sunday, we'll get to see the three teams who want it a whole lot more. 


    PWR Live: Mainit is happening on Sunday, March 19, at the Unilab Bayanihan Center. Gates open at 2 PM. Pre-selling for tickets is ongoing via email or the official PWR Facebook page. Tickets are also available at the gate.

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