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    Friday, February 3, 2017

    #FinisherFriday (2/3/17): Five Tag Team Finishers That Deserve A Comeback

    It's Friyay!

    What better way to cap off an eventful week of pro wrestling, both locally and abroad, than with your daddy's favorite column on Smark Henry, #FinisherFriday?

    While we may be seeing a ton of really great tag team finishers these days, we can't help but remember some from yesteryear that we think would still fit in great in today's scene.

    Here's our top five tag finishers that deserve a comeback in the mainstream.


    1. Power & Glory's Powerplex

    The superplex may have fallen from grace over the past two decades as a feared wrestling finisher, but once upon a time it was the foundation of Hercules & Paul Roma's awe-inspiring Powerplex.

    This move demonstrated some nice timing by the otherwise-clunky duo, with the brawny Hercules delivering a second-rope superplex followed a split second later by Roma's flying splash. Anyone who took this double whammy to the spine and ribs was sure to be spending an uncomfortable night in their hotel room afterwards.

    While Power & Glory may be more famous for their nine-second loss to the Legion of Doom at WrestleMania 7, they at least left a nice little contribution to the lexicon of great tag team moves.

    2. The Beverly Brothers' Shaker Heights Spike

    Beau & Blake Beverly may have looked like a pair of pansies in their purple-and-silver sequinned gear, but that all went out the window the first time we saw their devastating Shaker Heights Spike.

    In an era when head spikes had yet to become all the rage, this was a uniquely vicious move that set them apart from the less impressive tag team finishers of the era like the Bushwhackers' Battering Ram or High Energy's double missile dropkick.

    3. The Steiner Brothers' Doomsday DDT

    Most fans today remember Scott Steiner as a weary, broken-down Big Poppa Pump. But before age and injuries robbed his brother Rick and him of their all-world athleticism, the two were legitimately two of the 25 best wrestlers in the world.

    They also clearly had a huge disdain for their opponents' necks, as evidenced by the Doomsday DDT they would bust out on occasion.

    We doubt today's wellness-obsessed WWE would welcome a move like this again, but just remember: the Steiners were American Alpha before American Alpha.

    4. MNM's Snapshot

    This move could probably be called a spiritual successor to the Steiners' Doomsday DDT. Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro were the sneering, entitled kings of the WWE tag division, and their version of the elevated assisted DDT was their prime weapon.

    Crunch. Definitely a move we'd love to see again.

    5. The Head Bangers' Stage Dive

    You may not have been a Head Bangers fan, but you most probably loved their gnarly, chaotic finisher known as the Stage Dive.

    The Bangers probably missed the move more often than they actually landed it cleanly, but for what it was, it pretty badass: a standing powerbomb chained with a legdrop just as the opponent was about to hit the mat.

    Mosh & Thrasher may be off the grid, but once upon a time, they had the prettiest move around.


    What other tag team finishers do you think should make a comeback? Would you love to see a revival of the Bushwhacker Battering Ram? Let us know your thoughts, and we'll see you again next week!

    Until then, consider this column #FINISHED.


    Mark De Joya (@MDJSuperstaris a brand strategist by day, but dreams of being the Vince McMahon of the Philippines by night. With 18" arms and a 385-pound raw deadlift, he is also the official bouncer of the Smark Henry offices.
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