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    Tuesday, February 7, 2017

    Be The First PWR Pro Wrestling BootCamp Scholar

    Becoming a talent for the Philippine Wrestling Revolution isn't easy. The country's premier pro wrestling promotion may have opened its doors to today's generation of aspiring professional wrestlers through its 2017 BootCamp, but it will come at a price.

    Not only will candidates have to prove their passion and commitment for the business, they need to be in superb cardiovascular condition with no pre-existing medical conditions that may impede their training. This isn't playtime, after all. And that's even before financial requirements come up; enrollment alone will cost PhP 2,000, while a per-session fee of PhP 200 for ring use and trainer's fee will apply. Ouch.

    Good thing the Smark Henry BootCamp 2017 Pro Wrestling Scholarship is here to help.

    Recent Boot Camp graduates show their stuff off in live competition.

    What is the Smark Henry BootCamp 2017 Pro Wrestling Scholarship?

    This is a financial program to help jumpstart the professional training of tomorrow's generation of Filipino wrestling superstars under the guidance of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.

    With this scholarship, not only will the full enrollment fee of one promising candidate be sponsored, we're springing for 15 weeks of training as well.

    All told, that's a scholarship worth PhP 5,000 broken down as follows:

    • PWR BootCamp Enrollment Fee: PhP 2,000
    • Weekly Training/Ring Fees @ PhP 200/week x 15 weeks: PhP 3,000

    Training gear, transportation, meal allowances, and all other miscellaneous expenses are not covered by this scholarship, and will be on the account of the beneficiary because come on, guys, this is a scholarship, not a charity program.

    What Kind Of Talent Are We Looking For?

    We are looking for one individual who does not only have the potential to be a star in PWR, but demonstrates long-term commitment, passion, and hunger to advance both the company and Filipino pro wrestling in general.

    James Martinez and Crystal are two more graduates from PWR BootCamp.
    In short, we're looking for someone with:

    • Great athletic potential
    • A decent look
    • His or her own brand of stand-out charisma and confidence
    • Coachability, team spirit, and humility
    • A healthy respect and knowledge for pro wrestling and its history
    • A strong hunger to succeed
    • Commitment and dedication; willing to participate in regular training sessions and to assist in logistics
    • A passion to help the Philippine wrestling scene grow

    If you fit the bill, then you're precisely the kind of person we need. Sorry, backyard bookers and cosplay-only daydreamers—this is going to be a grueling ride, and only those who are willing to grind with the men and women of PWR can make it.

    How Do I Apply?

    No free rides here. If you want to be a certified pro wrestling isko, you'll need to show us your commitment and ability first. After all, with the likes of former ECW star Chilly Willy lending their input and guidance to the training sessions, you know you're getting some world-class value here.

    Here's what you need to do:

    • Message the Philippine Wrestling Revolution directly via their official Facebook page indicating your interest in joining BootCamp 2017. Deadline: Friday, February 10, 2017.
    • If accepted, attend the first BootCamp 2017 on Sunday, February 12, for athletic evaluation by PWR trainers. You must pay the initial PhP 2,000 enrollment fee and PhP 200 ring/training fee at the session.
    • Like the official Facebook pages of both Smark Henry and the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.
    • Between Monday to Friday (February 13-17, 2017), you must make a public post on Facebook stating why (a) you should be the recipient of the Smark Henry scholarship, (b) why you believe you will be a star in PWR, and (c) how you will help save Filipino wrestling. Any format (including but not limited to video, photo, essay, song) will be accepted; the more creative, the better. Make sure to tag both Smark Henry and PWR in your post. Deadline: Friday, February 17, 2017.
    • Send a PM to the Smark Henry Facebook page with a link to your post. Smark Henry representatives will shortlist three candidates on Saturday, February 18, to be submitted to PWR trainers for vetting and approval.
    • Shortlisted candidates will be informed at the February 19 BootCamp, and will have a face-to-face screening with Smark Henry representatives immediately after the session for final deliberation and awarding.
    • The selected recipient of the Smark Henry PWR Boot Camp Scholarship will be announced on Monday, February 20, via social media. The winner will have his or her enrollment fee and ring/training fees refunded in full, with the remaining 13 sessions of training to be shouldered in full by Smark Henry.
    Complimentary chops from the YOLO Twins: Available upon request.

    What's the Catch?

    None whatsoever. We're just looking to help build the national talent pool for pro wrestling in small, simple ways.

    Having said that, we do expect the winning scholar to demonstrate the same sense of discipline and dedication as all other BootCampers and PWR talents.

    • Candidate must be physically present for weeks 1-3 of BootCamp. Absence at any of these sessions automatically invalidates his or her candidacy.
    • Candidate must strictly adhere to BootCamp attendance policies. Absences in excess of stipulated entitlements will entail being dropped from the program.
    • In the event that the winning scholar is unable to complete his or her 15-session training program for any reason, he or she will be obliged to return the pro-rated value of the scholarship to Smark Henry based on the actual number of sessions consumed.
    • Neither Smark Henry nor the Philippine Wrestling Revolution will be liable for any losses, injuries, or bodily harm that may be incurred throughout the training program.

    This is still a pretty sweet deal for anyone who wants to kick off a career as a Philippine Wrestling Revolution talent without having to worry about the financial investment it will take, at least for the first few months.

    So are you interested in becoming the first recipient of the Smark Henry PWR BootCamp Scholarship? Get the ball rolling by messaging PWR on Facebook, and let them know why you could be the next star of the local pro wrestling scene.


    PWR BootCamp 2017 kicks off on February 12, 2017, and can be joined by simply messaging the Philippine Wrestling Revolution on Facebook. For more information on PWR, you may visit their official website.

    All photos by "Handsome" Hub Pacheco.
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