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    Wednesday, February 1, 2017

    More Updates From The Manila Wrestling Federation

    How can you tell that a local wrestling scene is thriving? When people start to shift from simply consuming wrestling to creating it.  With the recent flood of support by local fans for the #SaveFilipinoWrestling movement, it seems like the time is right for the Philippine wrestling scene to diversify its field and welcome new wrestling promotions into the fold.

    The Manila Wrestling Federation has long been teasing its full-blown entry into the slowly-blooming Philippine pro wrestling scene, first with a sneak peek preview at last year’s HistoryCon, followed by the announcement of a training partnership with the Ninja Academy to build its roster. And while the young company may be taking its time in getting its ducks in a row—three years, in fact—we’ve certainly seen enough to tantalize local wrestling fandom.

    The company is comprised of life-long old-school wrestling fans with the dream of bringing more live wrestling experiences to local fans whose exposure has mostly been to foreign promotions on TV and online. We’ve long been wondering what their unique contribution to pro wrestling would be, and it seems we may finally be getting some answers.

    Thanks to a recent radio interview with Ron Delos Reyes of Aksyon Sports, we’re finally getting some insight into the men and women behind the MWF. Skip ahead to the 1:25:00 mark to see what we mean.

    Commissioner Mike Shannon may be a familiar face to long-time followers of the local pro wrestling scene, and it seems he hasn’t let go of his vision of democratizing the live wrestling experience. He’s clearly holding his cards close to his chest as far as the actual product is concerned, but hopes to decisively define what “Filipino wrestling” means as regards the trademark stylings of Mexican wrestling, Japanese wrestling, American wrestling, European wrestling, etc.

    Photo from the Manila Wrestling Federation Facebook page

    We’re also getting a more nuanced look into a few of the talents who will be stepping into a MWF ring, with a rich and varied roster of characters to attract fans of late 20th century WWE, and even off-beat indies like a friendlier CZW or CHIKARA. So far, we’re looking at the following:

    • The colorful masked marvel known as Mr. Lucha, a beefy dude with a legitimate background in amateur wrestling and a surprising interest in the faster-paced world of lucha libre. Don’t let his bulk fool you; he’s shockingly mobile in the ring, mixing such moves as spinning back elbows with a complex array of twisting powerbomb variants and slams.
    • 70s action hero-inspired Gigz Stryker, who pays homage to such cinematic luminaries as George Estregan, Philip Salvador, Fernando Poe Jr., and Robin Padilla with his pomade-slicked coif, vintage aviator shades, and leather jacket, and a martial arts background in muay thai, savate, wushu, arnis, and jeet kune do to match.
    • The high-flying Robin Sane, yet another potentially-familiar face to Filipino wrestling fans, who’s features a high-octane offensive repertoire consisting of top-rope Swanton Bombs and leaping huracanranas, and a Spider Driver finisher that looks like it could be the most dangerous move in the Philippine pro wrestling scene. He currently facilitates training for the roster.
    • The silent, enigmatic "Urban Ninja" Ryugin, who doesn’t say much, but promises lightning-quick skills reminiscent of how ninjas are presented in pop culture, and a lithe parkour-trained athleticism that should catch any opponent off guard.
    • The cocky, trash-talking “Fabulous” Fabio Makisig, whose street-honed brawling moves are punctuated by dazzling flips and spins that are sure to leave fans awestruck. His standing moonsault is a thing of beauty, and we're excited about how he'll blend his tricking background into his ring exploits.
    • The intriguing Tala Haliya, a proud, mohawked warrior who draws inspiration from Filipino mythology to shape her character as both the goddess of the stars and the moon.

    Photo from the Manila Wrestling Federation Facebook page.
    And while local wrestling fans may be quick to scream for a "Monday Night Wars" or brand invasion launch angle pitting "Yellow Wrestling" against their brand of "Red Wrestling," it seems there should be a more-than-healthy scene that will happily support both. The MWF product promises to be more character-driven, with a solid dusting of geek pop culture influences to make it accessible even to casual fans. Their "Manila Rules" format, which breaks matches into rounds, may be polarizing to some, but it certainly gives the company a unique flavor.

    Don’t expect the MWF to rush into action any time soon though. Shannon is very up-front as to the logistical and artistic challenges faced by an upstart Filipino wrestling promotion, from sourcing wrestling rings and identifying accessible venues to fine-tuning the creative product.

    All in all, Filipino wrestling fans should be excited about a more diversified local scene as 2017 hops into full gear. What matters now is whether MWF can finally put their money where their mouths are and actually deliver on their long-promised official launch show.

    What are you most looking forward to from the Manila Wrestling Federation? How do you think they can differentiate themselves in the market, and make a truly valuable contribution to the Asian wrestling scene? Let us know in the comments below!


    For more information and updates, check out the official Manila Wrestling Federation Facebook page.
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