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    Sunday, February 26, 2017

    [FULL RESULTS] PWR: Path of Gold 2017

    Couldn't make it to the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's second show of the year, PWR: Path of Gold 2017? That's why we're here! We've got you covered with live results from the beautiful Unilab Bayanihan Center in Mandaluyong City.

    Here's how the card stacked up:

    • PWR Championship Match—All Out War: Jake De Leon vs. The Apocalypse vs. John Sebastian (c)
    • PHX Championship Match: Main Maxx vs. Peter Versoza (c)
    • 20-Wrestler Path of Gold Match
    • Winner Enters The Path of Gold Match: Rederick Mahaba vs. Alexander Belmonte III of The Network
    • Special Attraction Match: "Beautiful" Billy Suede vs. Blackzilla
    • Tag Team Match: Delirium (Dax Xaviera & Dan Ericson) vs. Mystery Opponents

    Let's get to it.


    Match #1: Evan Carleaux vs. McKata

    Both men were fresh call-ups from PWR's Boot Camp program making their debut in a pro wrestling ring. This was a high-energy match that saw the cocky Carleaux steal his first win with a low blow followed by a unique submission he calls the Tech Noir.

    Winner: Evan Carleaux via submission

    Match #2: "Beautiful" Billy Suede vs. Blackzilla

    Short but intense battle that had the Fil-Canadian ECCW star squeeze by the hulking Blackzilla with an enzuigiri-flying splash combo.

    Blackzilla was reportedly hampered with a groin pull early on in the match—an advantage the "The Beautiful One" was more than happy to capitalize on to chalk up the dominant win.

    Winner: "Beautiful" Billy Suede via pinfall

    Main Show

    Match #1: Dan Ericson vs. Dax Xaviera

    The two Delirium members were booked for action at the show, but with no opponent initially announced. An absent Mr. Sy declared that both men would have to face each other in singles competition, with a slot in the 20-wrestler Path of Gold match at stake.

    The two friends put on a high-gear match that saw Xaviera impressing the crowd with a top-rope missile dropkick, only for Ericson to fight back with an HBK-esque flying elbow. Xaviera countered an O'Connor roll into a small package for the win and a slot in the PoG match.

    Winner: Dax Xaviera via pinfall

    Match #2—Path of Gold Spot at Stake: Alexander Belmonte III vs. Rederick Mahaba

    Two of the biggest tanks on the PWR roster collided in a rematch from last month's Bagong Yugto with even bigger stakes than last time: Rederick Mahaba's spot in the Path of Gold match.

    AB3 attempted to steal the advantage early on, ambushing Mahaba during his entrance. The Intimate Warrior fought back, locking in a sweet & sour Jaccolade for the submission win.

    Winner: Rederick Mahaba via submission

    Match #3—PHX Championship: Main Maxx vs. Peter Versoza (c)

    Main Maxx was a house on fire right from the opening bell, pulverizing the PHX Champion with a barrage of suplexes and clubbing blows. Versoza fought back on the outside, running Maxx into the ringpost and following up with a pair of DDTs in the ring.

    Maxx looked to be on his way to regaining the PHX Championship with a monster powerbomb out of the corner followed by an End of Days. The two traded high-impact moves, including a Versoza superplex, a Maxx Blitzkrieg, and a Karne Norte that looked like it would be enough to help P to the V retain the title. In the end, a single Petegree was enough to put away Silent Rage for the three-count.

    Winner AND STILL PHX Champion: Peter Versoza

    Match #4—PWR Championship: Jake De Leon vs. The Apocalypse vs. John Sebastian (c)

    The ring looked like the hardware aisle at Shopwise from the start, with baking pans, trash cans, canes, and kendo sticks all coming into play in the early going.

    JDL provided the match's first technical highlight, soaring high for a flying bodypress that laid out both his opponents followed by a rolling corner cannonball on the Apocalypse that shattered a trashcan. The three also dazzled with a Tower of Doom that saw Sebastian powerbomb JDL as he attempted a top-rope Alipin Drop on the Apocalypse.

    Sebastian capitalized on a Death Bell by the Apocalypse onto JDL, smashing the PWR Championship onto the masked monster to disrupt the pinfall, then nailing a dazed Senyorito with a belt-assisted Killshot to preserve his reign for another month.

    Winner AND STILL PWR Champion: John Sebastian

    Match #5—20-Wrestler Path of Gold Match

    This match will crown a #1 contender for either the PWR or PHX Championship at Wrevolution X. Two wrestlers will start the match, with a new competitor entering every two minutes. Eliminations may come either via pinfall or submission.

    • SANDATA and Chino Guinto are the first two men in the ring.
    • "The Walking Death" Mike Madrigal enters at #3, and promptly teams up with Guinto against SANDATA.
    • Joey Bax is in at #4.
    • Logan Ollores joins the party at #5.
    • Kanto Terror makes a surprise entry at #6 to a huge pop from the crowd, and goes straight for Ollores. 
    • Yohann Ollores comes it at #7 to complete the YOLO Twins.
    • Kanto Terror is eliminated by the YOLO Twins with a Two Night Stand.
    • Former PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi is in at #8 and promptly dishes out a Sonic Crusher buffet for all the heels in the ring.
    • At #9 is Chris Panzer.
    • #10 is Vlad Sinnsyk to complete the team of MadVlad with Madrigal.
    • Mike Madrigal eliminates Joey Bax with an assisted legsweep STO courtesy of Sinnsyk.
    • Martivo is in to add some color at #11.
    • And here comes former PHX Champion Ken Warren at #12!
    • Dax Xaviera makes an appearance at #13.
    • The #14 and #15 spots are all about PWR girl power, as Crystal and Robynn enter in quick succession. Both women clear the ring and have their own quick one-on-one spotlight against each other.

    • #16 is James "Idol" Martinez. Alexander Belmonte III is along for the ride to complete the Network.
    • Robynn rolls up a distracted Crystal for an elimination.
    • Martinez drops Robynn with a Pay-In for a quick elimination.
    • The Network drops Dax Xaviera with an assisted powerbomb to eliminate him.
    • #17 is Main Maxx, who's wrestling his second match of the night.
    • Jake De Leon enters at #18 to a huge pop, looking to repeat as Path of Gold winner.
    • Who's at #19? It's Rederick Mahaba! The Intimate Warrior is a steamroller, crushing seven men in a super avalanche in the corner.
    • Last man out at #20 is a cold-eyed Miguel Rosales, who destroys every man in the ring with a massive round tour of Barangay Suplex.
    • But here's a special entrant at #21, by special edict from Mr. Sy: Bombay Suarez. The Bitch Killer is back!
    • MadVlad destroys SANDATA with a Super Muscle Buster for an elimination.
    • Miguel Rosales blasts Mike Madrigal with the Castigo Brutal fireman's spin-out slam for an elimination.
    • Logan Ollores falls to Rederick Mahaba's It's More Slam In The Philippines.
    • Yohann Ollores' top rope dive gets caught in Ralph Imabayashi's Sonic Crusher for the pin.
    • The lights go out. When they return, The Apocalypse is in the ring to destroy Mahaba with a crowbar.
    • Ken Warren falls on top of an unconscious Mahaba for the elimination.
    • Miguel Rosales is eliminated after a furious Madrigal returns to the ring, lays him out with a Go To Sleep, and helps Sinnsyk bomb him with a double spinebuster.
    • Jake De Leon eliminates Sinnsyk with a roll-up.
    • Ken Warren eliminates Main Maxx with a Wi-Fi superkick on the apron.
    • Chino Guinto accidentally eliminates James Martinez after falling on top of him from a JDL superkick.
    • Guinto eliminates Martivo with the Gold Digger.
    • Another elimination for Guinto has after he nails Bombay with a low blow and Gold Digger combo.
    • Panzer and Imabayashi team up to eliminate Ken Warren with an assisted Panzerschreck from the second rope.
    • Chino Guinto absolutely plants JDL with a Gold Digger as he was attempting a Payroll, securing yet another shocking elimination.
    • The Golden Boy's golden run finally comes to a screeching halt after falling to Panzer's frog splash.
    • Panzer eliminates Ralph Imabayashi with a frog splash.

    Chris Panzer announces that he will be challenging for the PWR Championship at Wrevolution X.



    What was your favorite match of the show, Revo-Nation? Who do you think was the MVP of the show? Let us know your thoughts below, and we'll see you on March 19 for the next edition of PWR Live.
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