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    Tuesday, January 10, 2017

    Masked Mayhem Set For PWR Live: Bagong Yugto

    Were you left with blue balls after the unsatisfying first encounter between SANDATA and The Apocalypse at PWR Live: Manila Madness? Fear not, Revo-Nation, because it looks like we finally may be getting the match we all thought we deserved the first time around.

    PWR General Manager Mr. Sy just announced yet another match for a PWR Live: Bagong Yugto card that's looking even more stacked by the day.

    On one hand, we have the absolute force of destruction known as The Apocalypse. On the other, we have the fast-blossoming Pinoy Tecnico, SANDATA.

    Let's get the obvious out of the way: both men wear masks. But beyond that, they couldn't be further apart stylistically, philosophically, or athletically.

    SANDATA is a star on the rise in PWR whose last match was a scintillating PHX Championship challenge against the lumbering Main Maxx—a match he ultimately lost by the skin of his teeth, but one in which he gained the adoration of the fans in attendance for his fighting spirit and relentless drive for victory. He wrestles an aesthetically-pleasing style that combines high-flying flips and dives with a surgical striking game, before grinding his foes into submission with either his feared ankle lock or punishing Garrote mounted cobra clutch.

    Apocalypse on the other hand doesn't care one bit for pretty. He wrestles an ugly, destructive style devoted to ducking the very life out of everyone he faces—a Dementor of the squared cycle, if you will. Just ask his last two victims, Chris Panzer and Dax Xaviera, two pure athletes who walked out of their matches with the masked monster looking like they needed a trip to the emergency ward at Cardinal Santos. His Death Bell finisher, in particular, is a crushing move that nearly always gets him victory in a lethal manner.

    Now, we need to address the elephant in the room. We know SANDATA refuses to acknowledge his countout victory against Apocalypse at Manila Madness as a true win. His personal code of honor demands a clear-cut victory—no interference, no shenanigans, no controversy. But that's exactly where the problem lies. The man is one of Philippine wrestling's premier submission specialist; how does he hope to submit a monster who's never tapped out once in his PWR career?

    Us neither, Sandy. 

    Apocalypse, conversely, is an unforgiving force of nature who doesn't give a shit about the "how"—he'll take a decision any way he can, even if it involves attempted murder. And that's not a figure of speech either. His demonic countenance and hell-raising entrance aren't just for theater. Beneath the mask is a remorseless competitor who will literally kill for a win.

    SANDATA is an amazing warrior with heart beyond compare. But even his out-of-this-world offense pales when faced by an opponent who seemingly feels no pain. He'll put on his usual firecracker performance, and perhaps even slap a submission hold or two on Apocalypse. But it will all come to naught when the Death Bell tolls and darkness falls on PWR once again.

    Winner: Apocalypse via pinfall. 


    PWR Live: Bagong Yugto is happening on Sunday, January 29, 2017, at Venue 142 on Katipunan Road Extension in Quezon City. Bell time is at 5 PM. Tickets may be purchased at the gate for P400, but can be availed of with massive pre-selling discounts if you contact the company directly on its Facebook page, or drop by its official ticket partners, The Appraisery in Cubao Expo, and Playbook in BF Homes.
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