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    Sunday, January 29, 2017

    [FULL RESULTS] PWR Live: Bagong Yugto

    2017 looks like it's going to be a banner year for the Philippine Wrestling Revolution, if its first show for the year is any indication. PWR Live: Bagong Yugto was an all-around crowd-pleaser, with nearly all of the promotion's top stars in performance.

    In case you couldn't make it to Venue 142 in Quezon City, we've got full results for you.


    Match #1: Bombay Suarez vs. Dax Xaviera

    "The Heart & Soul of PWR" Bombay Suarez made a shocking one-night-only return to take on the uber-athletic Dax Xaviera of the tag team Delirium.

    Suarez won the short and energetic contest with a Bomb Shelter spinning side slam.

    Winner: Bombay Suarez via pinfall

    Main Show

    Match #1: MadVlad (Mike Madrigal & Vlad Sinnsyk) vs. Punk Dolls (Robynn & Martivo)

    Great opener to showcase the talents of some of the more promising members of PWR's New Breed. MadVlad take the win in a back-and-forth match with an assisted Muscle Buster on Robynn.

    Winners: MadVlad via pinfall

    Match #2: Rederick Mahaba vs. Alexander Belmonte III (with The Network)

    The green but talented Network big man Belmonte looked to be outmatched early on against the Intimate Warrior of PWR. A timely run-in by Chino Guinto allowed Belmonte to sneak out the upset after "The Golden Boy" blindsided Mahaba with the Gold Digger during a Jaccolade attempt on AB3.

    Winner: Alexander Belmonte III via pinfall

    Match #3: Chris Panzer vs. Ken Warren

    The returning Ken Warren couldn't shake off the rust from a six-month sabbatical, falling to "Papa Panzer" after a backdrop off the top rope followed by a ring-shaking frog splash.

    Winner: Chris Panzer via pinfall

    Match #4: Ralph Imabayashi vs. Chino Guinto (with The Network)

    For the second time this evening, Network shenanigans played a major role in a key match. Imabayashi looked to be on his way to victory, until interference from James "Idol" Martinez allowed Guinto to strike him with a low blow followed by a Gold Digger stomp for the underhanded win.

    Winner: Chino Guinto via pinfall

    Match #5–PHX Championship Match: Peter Versoza vs. Main Maxx (c)

    Main Maxx's historic PHX reign came to an unexpected and deflating close against his former Royal Flush teammate. Versoza used an exposed turnbuckle blow followed by a swift Petegree to claim the gold from the 320-pound Goliath in the biggest shocker of the night.

    Winner and NEW PHX CHAMPION: Peter Versoza via pinfall

    Match #6: James "Idol" Martinez vs. Crystal

    The Network failed to go 3-0 for the evening, as their leader James Martinez fell in decisive fashion to PWR's Bad-Ass Babe. A crisp Eat Defeat was enough for Crystal to take home the second consecutive win of her career.

    Winner: Crystal via pinfall

    Match #7: The Apocalypse vs. SANDATA

    "Ang Huling Mandirigma" SANDATA put forth a spirited effort against the fearsome Apocalypse, but couldn't do enough to get the win. A resounding Death Bell was enough for the most destructive force in PWR to claim yet another victim.

    Winner: The Apocalypse via pinfall

    Match #8: Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax & Miguel Rosales) vs. The YOLO Twins (Yohann & Logan Ollores)

    The talented but infuriating YOLO Twins successfully staked their claim to being the premier tag team in PWR with a devious win against the veteran Bax and Rosales pairing. A soaring Two Night Stand on Bax after Rosales was Pearl Harbored by MadVlad gave the twins the stunning victory.

    Winners: The YOLO Twins via pinfall

    Match #9–PWR Championship: Jake De Leon vs. John Sebastian (c)

    Jake De Leon looked to be on his way to making PWR history as the first three-time champion after trapping Sebastian in the middle of the ring with the Inasal Lock. The Apocalypse ran into the ring to destroy both men with Death Bells, forcing the referee to throw the match out.

    Winner: No-Contest (Apocalypse interference)


    What do you think of tonight's show, Revo-Nation? What was MOTN in your opinion? Let us know your thoughts, and we'll be back soon with a full review and analysis.

    Photos taken from the Philippine Wrestling Revolution Facebook page.
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