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    Friday, January 27, 2017

    #AceAdvice: The Keys to Victory at PWR Live: Bagong Yugto (Part 2)

    Two days to go until the Philippine Wrestling Revolution turns over a new leaf with PWR Live: Bagong Yugto on Sunday, January 29, at Venue 142 in Quezon City.

    It's going to be a jam-packed nine-match card featuring a nice mix of first-time match-ups, scintillating rematches, and the continuation of various feuds. Every PWR star in action has got to be feeling the pressure, especially with the company's General Manager Mr. Sy stating that he'll be watching closely to see who deserves to get into the Path of Gold match at PWR Vendetta.

    We've given our analysis for the first four matches on the card. Today, let's look at the remaining five.


    PWR Championship Match: Jake De Leon vs. John Sebastian (c)

    PWR's ultimate everyman crowd favorite Jake De Leon seeks to claim the PWR Championship for an unprecedented third time. But coming off of a concussion, will he have what it takes to topple the vicious self-proclaimed "Wrestling Lord & Savior"?

    Jake De Leon will win if: He can lock Sebastian in the Inasal Lock. Let's not forget that throughout the long, rage-filled history between both De Leon and Sebastian, "The Senyorito" has gotten the better of Sebastian at least twice now with his trademark Alipin Drop. But while it may have been Sebastian's Kryptonite early on, it's a move he's got extremely well-scouted by now, even kicking out of it at last November's Suplex Sunday. JDL's new submission hold may just be the new edge he needs to make history as PWR's first ever three-time champ.

    John Sebastian will win if: He can ring JDL's bell early. Let's not forget that De Leon was diagnosed with a concussion just two months ago, and even with medical clearance, has got to still be feeling the occasional side effects. A concussion is a direct injury to the brain, after all, and takes an extremely long time to heal. Sebastian needs to keep the heat on with this Strong Style-inspired offense, bashing the Son of a Haciendero's skull every chance he gets with piledrivers, strikes, and DDTs until it's time to nail him with one final decisive Killshot.

    PHX Championship Match: Peter Versoza vs. Main Maxx (c)

    Former brothers-in-arms collide when the noted party boy Peter Versoza chases his aspirations for PWR singles gold against the gargantuan Big Rocket from Ilocos Norte, Main Maxx. Can the "Bulacan Babe Magnet" break Maxx's record-breaking reign as PHX Champion?

    Peter Versoza will win if: Get Main Maxx running on fumes. While the near-300-pounder may have the motor of a man half his size, all the mass he carries on his burly frame has proven to be a liability in late-game situations. The few times that Maxx has shown vulnerability have been in long, drawn-out matches where his cardiovascular endurance has been worn down by his opponents. Versoza will need to wrestle like a whirlwind, striking Maxx from multiple angles, and making the big man chase him down. He may have to survive some serious punishment to get there, but if the match breaches the 20-minute mark, the PHX Champion may just be ripe for the picking.

    Main Maxx will win if: He can keep his opponent within arm's reach. Versoza is notorious as one of PWR's premier aerial artists, and Main Maxx certainly doesn't want to be on the receiving end of his soaring Swanton Bombs and top-rope legdrops. He'll want to ground P to the V as much as he can, grinding him down with torturous bearhugs and Maxximum Mutilations, keeping him from taking to the air with his daredevil dives. Silent Rage has some impressive mobility, but he'll want to conserve energy and make sure he doesn't get baited into a high-octane match that suits Versoza's style better.

    Crystal vs. James "Idol" Martinez

    PWR's Bad-Ass Babe Crystal gets to prove her worth against the loud-mouthed "Top of the Pyramid" in singles competition. Can she carry on the momentum from her stirring victory against Peter Versoza last November, or will James Martinez make her his bitch?

    Crystal will win if: She wrestles a big-man style. PWR's top female wrestler has never backed down from competition, even if she's outweighed by over twice as much. But her fluid, counter-punch style may not be the best way to win against the similarly diminutive Martinez, who's consistently faced with the same size disadvantage in his own matches. Crystal is proud of her hard work in the gym, and can reportedly deadlift more than her bodyweight; she'll need to make the most of her rare power advantage to beat "Idol" down early and often.

    James "Idol" Martinez will win if: He uses strength in numbers. The thing about wrestling anyone from The Network is that you're always at a numerical disadvantage. Martinez is not shy about calling in support from his downlines whenever he gets caught in a tight spot, and "The Golden Boy" Chino Guinto and "Mr. Financially-Stable" Alexander Belmonte III are about as good as it gets when it comes to resbak. Expect him to play mind games with both Crystal and the referee throughout the match, distracting them into creating openings for either Guinto or AB3 to interfere, until he can strike with his inside-out Pay-In finishing move.

    "The Golden Boy" Chino Guinto vs. Ralph Imabayashi

    And speaking of Chino Guinto, he finally has the chance to shine against his highest-profile singles opponent to date, former PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi. Can the Network's "Golden Boy" make himself famous against the Fil-Japanese Sensation, or will he be one more victim to the Sonic Crusher?

    Chino Guinto will win if: He can bait Imabayashi into high-risk situations. With such high-impact moves as turnbuckle bombs and powerbombs in his repertoire, outgunning an opponent has never been a concern for "The Golden Boy." But for all the hype, he doesn't have the same experience Imabayashi does. Guinto will have to wrestle a patient, cerebral match against his more decorated opponent, waiting for him to crash and burn with his all-out kamikaze attacks, and find a single opening to cave Imabayashi's face in with a single resounding Gold Digger stomp.

    Ralph Imabayashi will win if: He has his Sonic Crusher instincts tuned to full alert. The Pocket Rocket may be one of PWR's more compact talents, but that's never been a problem as long as he can land his feared finisher #FromOutOfNowhere. His Sonic Crusher has claimed countless victims throughout Imabayashi's celebrated career, including the fearsome Apocalypse and the recently-fired "Classical" Bryan Leo. He can literally hit it from any position or situation, so as long as he's got his ring awareness and spider sense tingling at all times, a win is as good as gold for Ralph.

    "Mr. Financially-Stable" Alexander Belmonte III vs. Rederick Mahaba

    Can the Network's new enforcer hit the jackpot against the popular, barge-sized Rederick Mahaba? This match between the two big men will be one hell of a slobberknocker, and the last man left standing will be the one who can hit harder.

    Alexander Belmonte III will win if: He can keep Mahaba horizontal. The "Intimate Warrior" is a master of throwing his weight around, and Belmonte most definitely wants to avoid the rib-shattering powerslams and splashes Mahaba dishes out so well. The only way AB3 can do that is to keep Mahaba flat on his back, where his weight advantage transforms into a hindrance, and where he's most vulnerable to well-placed stomps, elbows, and grapples. We have no idea if he has the strength to plant Mahaba with his Money Down inverted facebuster, but as long as he can avoid It's More Slam In The Philippines, he should survive just fine.

    Rederick Mahaba will win if: He can keep the match below five minutes. We've been impressed with what little we've seen from Belmonte thus far, but we also know he's never had to face the force of the walking avalanche known as Rederick Mahaba. The Afrodisiac wrestles the purest power style in PWR today, flattening his opponents with a variety of corner splashes, belly bombs, and full-bore slams that leave them gasping for air and wondering if they've broken a rib. He'll have to have his shock-and-awe game on point early and overwhelm the greenest member of the Network as fast as he can.


    Which match are you most excited about at PWR Live: Bagong Yugto? Do you think we'll be seeing a pair of all-new champions this Sunday, or will John Sebastian and Main Maxx find a way to hang on to their gold? Let us know your predictions, and we'll be seeing you at the show!


    PWR Live: Bagong Yugto is happening on Sunday, January 29, 2017, at Venue 142 on Katipunan Road Extension in Quezon City. Bell time is at 5 PM. 

    Tickets may be purchased at the gate for P400, but can be availed of with massive pre-selling discounts if you contact the company directly on its Facebook page, or drop by its official ticket partners, The Appraisery in Cubao Expo, and Playbook in BF Homes.

    Photos by "Hardcore" Hub Pacheco
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