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    Monday, January 23, 2017

    #AceAdvice: The Keys to Victory at PWR Live: Bagong Yugto (Part 1)

    In less than a week, the Philippine Wrestling Revolution turns over a new leaf at PWR Live: Bagong Yugto. This looks to be PWR's most stacked card to date, with nine matches featuring practically the entire roster announced as of today.

    Practically every bout looks to be evenly-matched, with every participant having a legitimate chance of stealing the win. So over the next two days, we'll be taking a look at each of the pairings, and breaking down what every competitor needs to do to go with the winner's purse.

    Today, we'll be analyzing the two tag team matches on tap, and two singles rematches that have the Revo-Nation licking their lips with anticipation.


    Fighters 4 Hire (Miguel Rosales & Joey Bax) vs. The YOLO Twins (Yohann & Logan Ollores)

    The rugged, punishing Fighters 4 Hire square off with the upstart Ollores twins, who are looking to prove they are the best tag team in Philippine wrestling today. Can they take Yohann and Logan on a one-way trip to #BarangaySuplex, or will they fall to the cunning ways (or some old-fashioned Twin Magic) of PWR’s most infuriating—albeit extremely talented—tag team? 

    F4H will win if: They establish dominance early. Once the two MMA-trained veterans are humming on all gears with their deadly repertoire of suplexes, strikes, and submissions, there’s no stopping them. The YOLO Twins may have youth, energy, and athletic ability on their sides, but the experience and savvy of one of PWR’s cornerstone tag teams should be enough to plod their way to a bruising victory.

    YOLO Twins will win if: They keep their cool. While both Ollores twins have marvelous athletic ability and a lifetime’s worth of chemistry between them both—perhaps the only team with a better rapport than F4H—they aren’t exactly the kings of EQ. Logan, in particular, has shown himself to be the more temperamental of the two, and if F4H can break him down like an MC Hammer record, they could disrupt the finely-honed connection of the Conyos of Katips. The twins need to focus and wrestle an absolutely perfect, cerebral match, and strike as soon as they can with their trademark double-team onslaught. The Two Night Stand is a beautiful finishing maneuver, and if they can land it early, it’ll be lights out for their veteran foes.

    The Punk Dolls (Martivo & Robynn) vs. MadVlad (“The Walking Death” Mike Madrigal & Vlad Sinnsyk) 

    PWR’s newest fine-fierce-fresh tag team the Punk Dolls strut their stuff against the company's resident Kings of Kupal. Will the colorful rooks have it on lock against two of the deadliest stars in local pro wrestling, or will they be going home in tears? 

    Punk Dolls will win if: They can engineer some friction between their foes. While both Martivo and Robynn are two of the greener talents in PWR, there's no denying that the two real-life besties have a genuine connection. They can't compete with either Madrigal or Sinnsyk on pure wrestling talent alone. But their foes are both grade-A alpha male asshole jerks, and you have to think that if the going gets rough (especially with Martivo being a master of mind games) the two could very well end up turning against each other.

    MadVlad will win if: They go for the kill early. Madrigal & Sinnsyk have the superior skill quotient in this match-up, and will need to go to town early on the greenies, locking in on one of them, cutting the ring in half, and pouring on a full onslaught of offense while keeping the other partner on a leash. They need to take advantage of the suspect conditioning and ring awareness of their flamboyant opponents to seal the win early. After all, the two bullies don't care about being the Cobra Kai of PWR as long as they can make a name for themselves.

    Ken Warren vs. Chris Panzer

    One of PWR’s most fabled rivalries revs back to life, as Ken Warren finally makes his return from a six-month sabbatical to take on PWR’s crowd darling, the Detroit-bred Chris Panzer.

    Ken Warren will win if: He can connect with the Wi-Fi. While Warren will be coming into this match-up fresh and hungry after a six-month lay-off, he’s been grinding at the gym to make sure all parts of his arsenal are as precise as before. He’s beaten Panzer twice before, both times with his Wi-Fi superkick to the head, and knows he needn’t panic in the ring. Panzer wrestles a high-risk, high-octane style, which puts him at risk for an eventual slip. Warren should let the game come to him and let Panzer wear himself down until it’s time to reconnect with an opportunistic Wi-FI.

    Chris Panzer will win if: He keeps Warren out of his head. Being in the ring with Ken Warren is both a physical and a mental game, with a non-stop barrage of trash-talking and verbal abuse to go with his in-ring assault. The D-Town Fight Machine has to keep 110% focused on the match, and not let himself get goaded into losing sight of his gameplan. In the two times he’s beaten Warren, it’s been due to crunch-time mental mistakes by the “Social Media Sinister.” He needs to bide his time until the brash former PHX Champion’s temper boils over, and strike with a quick Panzerschreck bicycle kick before he can recover.

    SANDATA vs. The Apocalypse

    Two of PWR’s most enigmatic talents re-ignite their rivalry in the ring, as the proud Pinoy Tecnico tries to get back on the winning track against local wrestling’s most destructive force of nature.

    SANDATA will win if: He can destroy Apocalypse's vertical base. PWR's premier submission specialist has secured nearly every single one of his career wins via tap-out, whether to its his dreaded Ankle Lock or his Garrote mounted cobra clutch. Never mind that the Apocalypse has never submitted in his life; SANDATA doesn't have a grapple equivalent to the moves that have pinned Apocalypse in the past, i.e. Ralph Imabayashi's top-rope Sonic Crusher, so he'll need to take Apocalypse off his feet early, soften up his limbs with surgical precision, and strike with whatever submission move he can slip on.

    The Apocalypse will win if: He can make SANDATA desperate. We've seen what happens when SANDATA can't get his foe to tap—his patient, methodical submission playbook goes out the window, and he starts to go to the well with high-desparation aerial moves. This is exactly what happened in his PHX Championship Match against Main Maxx last November; he took to the top rope to attempt an all-in Pagbasag huracanrana, and ended up eating a super sit-out powerbomb instead for the loss. The Apocalypse needs to goad the Pinoy Tecnico into these kinds of mistakes, leaving him stunned and vulnerable to a Death Bell.


    Stay tuned tomorrow as we bring you Part 2 of our pre-show analysis.

    How do you predict each match will play out, Revo-Nation? Which PWR talent do you think is going to surprise us the most? Let us know your thoughts, and we'll see you at PWR Live this Sunday!


    PWR Live: Bagong Yugto is happening on Sunday, January 29, 2017, at Venue 142 on Katipunan Road Extension in Quezon City. Bell time is at 5 PM. 

    Tickets may be purchased at the gate for P400, but can be availed of with massive pre-selling discounts if you contact the company directly on its Facebook page, or drop by its official ticket partners, The Appraisery in Cubao Expo, and Playbook in BF Homes.

    Photos by "Handsome" Hub Pacheco
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