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    Tuesday, December 20, 2016

    #SGQ (12/20/16): The New RAW Tag Team Championships

    Today on Monday Night RAW, the RAW Tag Team Champions got their Christmas present: a redesigned set of the tag title belts. It's undeniably a huge upgrade from the much-maligned penny belts:

    Look at those things. We'll talk about them in a moment, but let's take this time to appreciate them with some belt porn WWE has so kindly provided us right after the show.

    Let's point out the obvious—yes, like the RAW and SmackDown Women's Championships, the RAW Tag Team Championship is a direct palette swap of the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, which introduced silver plates and embossed features on the strap to the original WWE Unified Tag Team Championship belt design. 

    Although the silver on red looks a thousand times better than the bronze on black design, some of us can't help but feel that they should've gone with a different plate color, if only because SmackDown has already owned the silver for their belts. The look has now become somewhat more iconic for them in the few months it's been around, and we're curious to see if another color would work to distinguish RAW. What if it were bronze on red? Or gold on red, a la Iron Man? The gold wouldn't connote a sense of superiority as much as it would just establish that it's a RAW championship.

    But either way, it's a nice thing to have, a spot of new tinsel just in time for the holidays. Congrats, SheaSaro. You've earned it. Meanwhile, we'll also go into the new WWE United Kingdom Championship the closer we get to the United Kingdom Championship Tournament.

    Photos from WWE
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