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    Saturday, August 27, 2016

    PWR at APCC Day 1 Results (8/26/16)

    You wanted change? The Philippine Wrestling Revolution is bringing change all right, as it kicked off its unique brand of live sports entertainment in an all-new setting with a three-day wrestling extravaganza at the AsiaPOP Comic Con happening from August 26 to 28, 2016 at the 12,000-capacity SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

    The Day 1 card looked particularly interesting, headlined by a match between two of PWR's top stars in reigning PWR Champion "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon and former kingpin Ralph Imabayashi. Supporting them were various fresh faces from the next generation of PWR talent, including the intriguing Vlad Sinnsyk, who shocked Imabayashi in his spectacular debut at PWR Live: The ShawDown last month.

    The results are in, and it looks like we're lined up for a barnburning weekend from some of Philippine wrestling's finest.

    Match 1: The YOLO Twins (Yohann Ollores & Logan Ollores) vs. Kanto Terror & Kapitan PWR

    This marked the official debut of the YOLO Twins as a tag team, squaring off against the popular tomador Kanto Terror and his brand-new protege, Kapitan PWR.

    KT and the Captain.

    The YOLO twins clearly had the benefits of life-long chemistry on their side, dazzling the untested combo of KT and his masked partner with multiple double-team maneuvers, a #SAVAGE superkick game, and a surprisingly springy aerial repertoire. 

    Double-team city by way of Katipunan.

    The Conyos from Katips eventually won via pinfall through an assisted One Night Stand, with Logan setting up Kapitan PWR with a flapjack into Yohann's trademark reverse leaping STO finish.

    Winners: YOLO Twins via pinfall

    Match 2: James "Idol" Martinez (with The Network) vs. Robynn

    The next match featured the wildly polarizing James "Idol" Martinez of The Network taking on yet another PWR debutante, the flashy Robynn.

    With her electric hair, ripped arm sleeves, and an attempted Twist of Fate, Robynn clearly patterned herself after the (#BROKEN) Hardys, and looked like she had a fighting chance for a scintillating win despite some clear first-time jitters. Unfortunately, the numbers game of The Network prevailed, allowing Idol to pull of a convincing 1-2-3 after a bone-jarring Pay-In.

    Idol shows Robynn why he's the Top of the Pyramid.

    Winner: James "Idol" Martinez via pinfall

    Match 3: Keivan Skull vs. Joey Bax Trabajador Uno

    The parade of raw faces continued, with the spunky Keivan Skull graduating from PWR pre-shows to take on the crafty Trabajador Uno, a last-minute replacement for the MIA Joey Bax.

    Trabajador Uno may be winless in his PWR career, but he's always shown a clear willingness to take high risks. This match was no different, drawing appreciative applause from the SMX crowd after nailing the first moonsault in PWR history for a close two-count.

    Skull escaped with the win after dropping his hooded foe with a Skull-Crushing Finale.

    Winner: Keivan Skull via pinfall

    Match 4: Mike Madrigal vs. Chris Panzer

    Two of PWR's resident lions locked horns, with the bruising "Death Valle Verde" homeboy Mike Madrigal challenging the always-popular Chris Panzer.

    Madrigal showed hints of his riveting talent, grounding Panzer repeatedly with hard strikes, slams, and suplexes, and nearly pulling off yet another upset with a flipping fisherman's buster he calls the Near Death Experience.

    It just wasn't enough to put away the Leader of the Panzer Army, and one top-rope frog splash later, the charismatic Detriot native came away with yet another 'W.'

    Winner: Chris Panzer via pinfall

    Math 5: Vlad Sinnsyk vs. The Apocalypse

    The bearded Sinnsyk was on a mission to prove his career-opening win against Ralph Imabayashi was no fluke. Unfortunately, standing in his path was the terrifying Apocalypse.

    The Apocalypse was humming on all cylinders tonight, and despite the fearless insanity Vlad Sinnsyk unleashed in a manic attempt to add to his winning streak, put him away with a resounding Death Bell for the decisive victory.

    Match 5: Rederick Mahaba & Crystal vs. John Sebastian & Ken Warren

    Two of the biggest egos in PWR joined forces, as The Royal Flush's John Sebastian and former PHX Champion Ken Warren combined to take on the unlikely tandem of Rederick Mahaba and Crystal.

    Yes, Rederick, you're bagay.

    This match was undeniably fun, with the natural charisma of Mahaba and Warren helping keep the audience engaged, even as Sebastian ran wild with his strong style-inspired offense.

    But ultimately, the crowd-pleasing shenanigans of PWR's resident Intimate Warrior and Bad-Ass Babe came up just short against the wily big-match experience of their foes. 

    Winners: John Sebastian & Ken Warren via pinfall

    Match 7: "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon vs. Ralph Imabayashi

    This was a match that could main-event any card in Southeast Asia, with the two compadres throwing the gauntlet down against each other in another classic contest.

    Nobody looks better with the gold than The Senyorito.

    Even in a non-title context, this match still had a big-match feel, with each man bringing their respective A-games to prove who the true alpha dog of Philippine pro wrestling truly is.

    Imabayashi put up a fight worthy of his status as a former PWR Champion, coming tantalizingly close to getting JDL to tap to his painful submissions.

    Imabayashi making a statement.

    The Heir of Hacienda De Leon dug deep into his inner reserves, and brought home the bacon with a thunderous Alipin Drop that left Imabayashi stunned long enough for the three-count.

    Winner: Jake De Leon via pinfall


    The Philippine Wrestling Revolution will be taking center stage later on today with Day 2 of their APCC adventure with a lineup of matches that looks even more stacked than yesterday's.

    Do drop by the APCC center stage at SMX Convention Center from 2:00 to 3:00, 4:00 to 5:00, and 6:00 to 7:00 today, August 27, to catch all the hard-hitting action of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution.

    See you there, fellow smarks!


    All photos are by "Hot Stuff" Hub Pacheco.
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