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    Saturday, July 9, 2016

    Shoot Henry (7/9/16): Hunting The Beast

    Here we are, Smarks. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!

    "That's my line, punk."

    In a few days, Brock Lesnar makes his way back into the Octagon for the first time in four and a half years. A major draw both in the UFC and pro wrestling, Lesnar faces another crowd favourite, the highlight generator, Mark Hunt.

    With UFC 100 having the highest PPV buys in the company's history, it seems like the perfect opportunity for the Beast of the East to make a comeback fight in the next centennial event. For a brief period, the bout between Hunt and Lesnar became the main event due to certain changes. However, they have been relegated back to co-main status. Still, Lesnar is the only fighter to have fought in both centennial events.

    So, dear Smarks and MMA enthusiasts visiting our humble page, we bring to you our Shoot Henry preview for undoubtedly one of the most interesting main events in the history of the UFC.

    The Competitors

    Brock Lesnar

    Affiliation: Team DeathClutch
    MMA Record: 5-3
    Style: Wrestling and Ground and Pound Specialist


    • Currently has the largest hands in the UFC (has grown bigger than last UFC stint, passing Shane Carwin, used to be 4XL).
    • Once tried to spear an opponent. (vs. Heath Herring)
    • Became the UFC World Heavyweight Champion in his third UFC bout and defended it twice.
    • Only fighter to have participated in both of the UFC's centennial shoes (main event of UFC 100, main card of UFC 200)

    "The Super Samoan" Mark Hunt

    Affiliation: Oliver MMA
    Style: Boxing, Kickboxing


    • Known as the King of Walk-Offs for his habit of not following through on a downed opponent. Usually not needed anyway. Has never won by submission. 
    • Except for his UFC debut, his only losses in the promotion were to recently former or soon to be champs. 
    • Has an extensive record in kickboxing, with 43 fights and 30 wins. 
    • Has surprisingly good takedown defense. Was able to hold off Antonio Silva and Fabricio Werdum, both elite grapplers. 
    • Not related to The Rock. 

    Keys to Victory

    Brock Lesnar

    An elite-level wrestler, Lesnar has won numerous titles in his collegiate amateur wrestling career.

    With his surprising agility for a man of his bulk, he has overwhelmed his opponents with sheer strength coupled with excellent technique. Lesnar tends to smother his opponent as all wrestlers are wont to do, but coupled with his heavy hands, it makes the term "lay and pray" totally unrelatable to him. He has added a submission game to his repertoire, initially with his win over Shane Carwin via arm triangle, but also having recently received his blue belt in BJJ. His gameplan is simple. Takedown then ground and pound. Rinse and repeat.

    "Kneebar me now, bitch"

    Mark Hunt

    This man needs no complicated gameplan either. Don't let that seemingly doughy physique fool you. As The King of Walk Off Style, his hands are his weapons of choice, raining death and destruction with each blow.

    If any fight was an indication, it would have to be the one against Roy Nelson. With each swing these two KO artists threw, a small part of the crowd died due to the shockwaves that cut through the air. Okay, that was an exaggeration. But seeing Nelson's unconscious body sprawled on the floor should be a clear sign that Hunt is not one to take lightly.

    "Boom shaka-la-ka!"

    Fight Prediction

    This really boils down to who gets to impose their strength. Hunt will want to keep the fight standing as his opponent will definitely try to keep within shooting range, a big plus for the heavy-handed Samoan. However, Brock's wrestling will be the big question here. Will it still retain the same explosiveness it once had a few years ago? That will be his major strength. He needs to take down Hunt and smother him with punches and those devastating knees. This is a classic striker versus grappler match.

    Given the mystery surrounding Brock's fighting condition, I predict that the fight will go to The Super Samoan via count-out. Just kidding. Hunt will knock his head right off.

    "This is where Hunt will hit me pretty damn hard"

    But MMA is a fickle sport. There are no sureties in the ring, especially in the heavyweight division. If Brock is at least back to his former self, I may very well be mistaken in my prediction and that is perfectly fine. Come on, Brock. Prove me wrong.


    Although this wasn't what the general viewing public wanted to see, it will still be a fun match nonetheless. Lesnar once took on Alistair Overeem in a return match and was quickly dispatched. In short, he was impregnated via knee strike to the belly. His time away from the sport has somewhat helped him heal his body, and mentioned that he was now mentally fit to get back in the Octagon. Hunt on the other hand, is looking to get back into contendership status as he hopes to shake off the gatekeeper aura. His heavy hands were at one recent time close to UFC gold. Let's face it, this is Hunt's fight to lose with how little we know regarding Lesnar. However, it's always fun to be proven wrong in these matters, so let's let fate and the humongous hands of these two stellar heavyweights cap off a great UFC 200 card.

    You can catch UFC 200 on Hyper Channel with your Cignal TV subscription live this Sunday, July 10, beginning at 10 AM. Likewise, there are sure to be numerous viewing parties available in most sports bars around the Metro.

    Cheers, gents!


    George Pastor writes our weekly #WTFWednesday column. He got into judo because it was the closest sport available where it was perfectly fine to slam someone without getting expelled.
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